FRAD0101 The Mexico City Policy and PEPFAR: Estimating the impact on NGOs and fundingOral AbstractD84
FRAD0102 Understanding the global gag rule: How to sustain global health progress amidst the new U.S. policy environmentOral AbstractD84
FRAD0103 A model of dis-integration: Unpacking the impact of the global gag rule on HIV-SRHR linkagesOral AbstractD44
FRAD0104 Caught by ideology: HIV providers in the era of the protecting life in global health assistance policy (AKA Mexico City Policy)Oral AbstractD44
FRAD0105 The impact of the USG Policy Protecting Lives in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA) on Sida's SRHR-HIV partnershipsOral AbstractD91
FRAE0101 Implementation of appointment spacing model of differentiated care in Ethiopia-successes and challengesOral AbstractE47
FRAE0102 Quick & cheaper: A comparison of patient costs and distance to access care through differentiated models of antiretroviral treatment delivery in ZimbabweOral AbstractE16
FRAE0103 Decentralizing and differentiating HIV care for men who have sex with men living with HIV in Guatemala City: Acceptability and retention in careOral AbstractE47
FRAE0104 Urban adherence clubs in Zambia: Findings from model implementationOral AbstractE47
FRAE0105 The impact of community delivery of antiretroviral therapy on viral load suppression: Findings from a pragmatic randomized non-inferiority trial in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaOral AbstractE47
FRAE0108LB Empowerment clubs did not increase PrEP continuation among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa and Tanzania - Results from the EMPOWER randomised trialOral AbstractE35
LBPEA001 Surface signature of HIV latently-infected cells revealed using direct hybridization-based digital countingPoster ExhibitionA21
LBPEA002 Characterization of the HIV-1 reservoir in CD32+ CD4+ T cellsPoster ExhibitionA22
LBPEA003 ART does not inhibit antigen presenting cell-mediated HIV trans infectionPoster ExhibitionA22
LBPEA004 Evidence of HIV replication in tissue samples at autopsy from donors on cART with undetectable HIV RNA in bloodPoster ExhibitionA22
LBPEA005 Single-cell RNA-seq reveals a distinct transcriptomic signature of CD32+ CD4+ T cells from HIV+ individuals on suppressive therapyPoster ExhibitionA22
LBPEA006 FDA-approved chemotherapeutic drugs that inhibit VEGF, RAF-1, B-RAF and the proteosome reverse HIV latency without global T cell activationPoster ExhibitionA23
LBPEA007 Broadly neutralizing antibodies reduce latent HIV infection in a primary TCM model of latencyPoster ExhibitionA24
LBPEA008 Dendritic cells drive antigen-specific exposure and immune elimination of HIV latently infected CD4+ T cellsPoster ExhibitionA24
LBPEA009 ABX464, by binding the CBC 80/20 complex, enhances pre-mRNA splicing, resulting in the generation of novel HIV-derived RNA species and in increased expression of the anti-inflammatory miR124Poster ExhibitionA25
LBPEA010 Low CCR5 expression protects specific CD4+ T cells of HIV controllers from viral entryPoster ExhibitionA28
LBPEA011 Autophagy suppresses mucosal HIV-1 replication and improves clinical outcomes for HIV-1 infected individualsPoster ExhibitionA30
LBPEA012 Susceptibility to anti-HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies is concordant in plasma vRNA and PBMC proviral DNA compartments and supports potential utility of screening prior to therapyPoster ExhibitionA39
LBPEB013 Long-term immunologic responses to treatment among HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1/2 dually infected patients in Côte d'IvoirePoster ExhibitionB5
LBPEB014 Systematic empirical versus test-guided anti-tuberculosis treatment impact in severely immunosuppressed HIV-infected adults initiating antiretroviral therapy with CD4 cell counts < 100/mm3: Final results from the STATIS (ANRS 12290) randomized trialPoster ExhibitionB14
LBPEB015 Adherence to Bedaquiline and antiretroviral therapy predicts mortality in the treatment of multi- and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (M/XDR-TB) HIV co-infected patients in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionB14
LBPEB016 Trends in cancer risk in HIV-infected people in South Africa (2004 - 2014)Poster ExhibitionB22
LBPEB017 Doravirine (DOR) versus ritonavir-boosted darunavir (DRV+r): 96-week results of the randomized, double-blind, phase 3 DRIVE-FORWARD Noninferiority trialPoster ExhibitionB33
LBPEB018 The effect of delayed switch to second-line ART and confirmed failure monitoring on mortality among South African adultsPoster ExhibitionB33
LBPEB019 Preliminary virologic outcomes and prevalence of integrase strand transfer inhibitor resistance mutations among highly treatment experienced patients receiving dolutegravir in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionB34
LBPEB020 Preliminary virologic outcomes of patients switched to dolutegravir containing regimens for toxicities, treatment failures and regimen optimization at a large urban hospital in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionB35
LBPEB021 Administration of CC-11050, a phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor, is well tolerated but does not significantly decrease immune activation in treated HIV+ personsPoster ExhibitionB43
LBPEB022 Loss of detectable HIV CD4+ T cell RNA following single-dose brentuximab vedotin anti-CD30 therapy for Hodgkin lymphomaPoster ExhibitionB44
LBPEB023 Pharmacokinetic and 4-week safety/efficacy of dolutegravir (S/GSK1349572) dispersible tablets in HIV-infected children aged 4 weeks to < 6 years: Results from IMPAACT P1093Poster ExhibitionB54
LBPEC024 Prevalence and correlates of HIV infection among men who have sex with men in Hanoi, VietnamPoster ExhibitionC3
LBPEC025 High prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Vietnam and the need of STIs interventionsPoster ExhibitionC3
LBPEC026 Occupational hazards of traditional healers in rural South Africa: Bloodborne pathogen exposures and risk of HIV transmissionPoster ExhibitionC11
LBPEC027 Progress towards achieving HIV epidemic control among people who inject drugs in Myanmar: Findings from the 2017-18 bio-behavioral survey among PWIDPoster ExhibitionC11
LBPEC028 Progress towards UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals among people living with HIV in Tanzania: Results from Tanzania HIV Impact Survey (THIS) 2016-17Poster ExhibitionC17
LBPEC029 Factors associated with viral load suppression among PLHIV in Tanzania; Results from Tanzania HIV Impact Survey (THIS) 2016-17: Implications to the ART programsPoster ExhibitionC17
LBPEC030 Does faster service equal better retention: Assessing fast track services in Lusaka, ZambiaPoster ExhibitionC33
LBPEC031 Digital pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): Near real-time remote capture of medication ingestion for clinical use in trials and adherence supportPoster ExhibitionC38
LBPEC032 Use of geolocation-based push messaging from a social media platform to promote HIV testing among MSM - Beijing, China, 2015-2016Poster ExhibitionC39
LBPEC033 Impact of a digital HIV self-testing strategy on referrals, new infections and linkage to care: Results from a transition to scale cohort study in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC40
LBPEC034 Different PrEP modalities for different people: switches between daily and event-driven PrEP among MSM and TGPPoster ExhibitionC42
LBPEC035 Syphilis acquisition and dosing schedule for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) users in Taiwan PrEP demonstration projectPoster ExhibitionC42
LBPEC036 The impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis with TDF/FTC on HIV diagnoses, 2012-2016, United StatesPoster ExhibitionC43
LBPEC037 A cost-effective strategy to reach WHO hepatitis C virus elimination targets in men who have sex with men in the UK : 90% decrease in hepatitis C incidence by 2030Poster ExhibitionC44
LBPEC038 Three-fold increases in population-level HIV viral-load suppression among men and young adults in a mixed urban-rural Tanzania lake-zone community: Intervention outcomes of the Bukoba Combination Prevention Evaluation (BCPE)Poster ExhibitionC49
LBPED039 Ninajiamini (I have confidence): Understanding the transformative effects of a participatory intervention in the Maisha Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Trial in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD1
LBPED040 I have made friends with whom we remind and encourage each other: Youth perspectives on and access to a WhatsApp-based HIV treatment support tool in Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionD12
LBPED041 A comparison of clinical characteristics and behavioral risks between HIV-infected and non-infected older adults in Northern ThailandPoster ExhibitionD13
LBPED042 Treatment team model for HIV, aging and long-term survivorsPoster ExhibitionD13
LBPED044 Young female sex workers and men who have sex with men in Cameroon: Unmet need for HIV prevention and treatment servicesPoster ExhibitionD34
LBPED045 Bringing CSE in the era of #digitalization: Comprehensive sexuality education advocacy through innovative online evidence-based approachPoster ExhibitionD36
LBPED046 HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) roll out at the National Program in BrazilPoster ExhibitionD84
LBPED047 EQUIP Khethimpilo: Rapid scale up of viral load testing in an area previously challenged by access to viral lab support in Urban Setting in Zimbabwe: Lessons learntPoster ExhibitionD84
LBPEE048 HIV investment case report for Ukraine: Evaluation of program costs, service quality, and resource allocation for HIV expendituresPoster ExhibitionE7
LBPEE049 Same-day ART initiation without laboratory tests is safe and effective: Primary outcomes of the SLATE trial in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE24
LBPEE050 Effectiveness of a community-based model of HIV care in western KenyaPoster ExhibitionE28
LBPEE051 HIV testing in TB treatment clinic as an effective testing modality for identification of HIV positive individuals: Results from CDC supported health facilities, Nigeria, 2017Poster ExhibitionE33
LBPEE053 Right people in the right place: Aligning investments in health workers to achieving PEPFAR program targetsPoster ExhibitionE33
LBPEE054 I-Surge: Scale-up of HIV programs in Zambezia (ZM) province, Mozambique (MZ)Poster ExhibitionE33
LBPEE055 The implementation of Universal Test and Treat Programs: one-year experience from Test & Treat Project in Shinyanga and Simiyu Regions, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE36
LBPEE056 Identifying gaps in viral load monitoring: Results from an evaluation of viral load reporting at primary health care facilities in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE39
LBPEE057 Provision of comprehensive HIV/AIDS and TB services in protection of civilian (PoC) sites in South SudanPoster ExhibitionE43
LBPEE058 Establishing a digital OVC case management system in the DRC: New potential for innovation in OVC M&E systemsPoster ExhibitionE55
PUB001 Efficiency of two-drug combination of dolutegravir and rilpivirine when compared to triple and quadruple combinationsPublication OnlyA38
PUB002 Correlates of mortality among HIV patients following completion of standard Cryptococcal meningitis treatment in UgandaPublication OnlyB13
PUB003 Predictors of intention to use condom among adolescents living with HIV and AIDS in BotswanaPublication OnlyB61
PUB004 Detection of infectious agents of cervicitis among young & adolescent female sex workers by multiplex real time PCR in Dhaka, BangladeshPublication OnlyB67
PUB005 The factors associated with high-risk behavior among labor migrants, UzbekistanPublication OnlyD34
PUB006 Low risk perception about safe motherhood negatively impact on health seeking behaviour during antenatal period among female sex workers (FSWs) in BangladeshPublication OnlyD92
PUB007 Integration of HIV services for PWID and navigator involvement improves HIV cascade of care in PWID in Tajikistan clinicPublication OnlyE32
PUB008 The exploring the vulnerability of the deaf community in Ghana to HIV infectionsPoster ExhibitionD34
THAA0101 HIV genotyping and phylogenetics in the HPTN 071 (PopART) study: Validation of a high-throughput sequencing assay for viral load quantification, genotyping, resistance testing and high-resolution transmission networkingOral AbstractA52
THAA0102 High levels of adaptation to host cellular immunity in a concentrated North American HIV epidemicOral AbstractA1
THAA0103 HIV-1 exposure enhances sexual transmission of hepatitis C virus by human mucosal Langerhans cellsOral AbstractA48
THAA0104 Prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy of broadly neutralizing antibody PGDM1400 against HIV-1 in humanized miceOral AbstractA25
THAA0105 A single dose of anti-HIV‑1 antibodies can protect macaques from repeated mucosal SHIV exposures for 6 monthsOral AbstractA39
THAB0101 Low prevalence of calcified coronary plaque among Ugandans with and without HIV infection: Comparison with a United States cohort and associations with biomarkers of inflammationOral AbstractB23
THAB0102 Cardiac chamber abnormalities and left ventricular mass in people living with HIV and matched uninfected controls assessed by multidetector computed tomographyOral AbstractB23
THAB0103 HIV infection independently increases the risk of developing heart failure: The HIV HEART studyOral AbstractB23
THAB0104 Malignancy and all-cause mortality: Incidence in teenage young adults living with perinatally acquired HIVOral AbstractB22
THAB0105 Increased risk of both mortality and incident comorbidity among frail HIV-positive and HIV-negative participants in the AGEhIV Cohort Study, and increased risk of frailty progression in those with HIVOral AbstractB28
THAB0108LB Superiority of paclitaxel compared to either bleomycin/vincristine or etoposide as initial chemotherapy for advanced AIDS-KS in resource-limited settings: A multinational randomized trial of the ACTG and the AIDS Malignancy ConsortiumOral AbstractB22
THAB0201 Effectiveness of hepatitis A virus (HAV) vaccination among people living with HIV during an hepatitis A outbreak in Taiwan, 2015-2017Oral AbstractB18
THAB0202 Less severe but prolonged course of acute hepatitis A in HIV-positive patients than HIV-negative patients during an outbreak: A multicenter observational studyOral AbstractB18
THAB0203 Shared HCV transmission networks among HIV-1 positive and HIV-1 negative men having sex with men in ParisOral AbstractB65
THAB0204 Will hepatitis C transmission be eliminated by 2025 among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in Australia?Oral AbstractB17
THAB0205 HIV infection is an independent risk factor for liver steatosis: A study in HIV mono-infected patients compared to uninfected paired controls and associated risk factorsOral AbstractB27
THAB0301 High frequency of unintended pregnancy and predictors of contraceptive choice among HIV-infected African women on life-long antiretroviral therapy (ART). The US-PEPFAR PROMOTE Cohort StudyOral AbstractB49
THAB0302 Tenofovir alafenamide pharmacokinetics with and without cobicistat in pregnancyOral AbstractB48
THAB0303 Effect of pregnancy on raltegravir free concentrationsOral AbstractB36
THAB0304 Lack of viral load testing in pregnancy is a barrier to breastfeeding among HIV-infected women in BotswanaOral AbstractB48
THAB0305 Safety and nevirapine concentrations of 6-week triple antiretroviral prophylaxis in high risk HIV-exposed tnfantsOral AbstractB63
THAB0307LB DolPHIN-1: Randomised controlled trial of dolutegravir (DTG)- versus efavirenz (EFV)-based therapy in mothers initiating antiretroviral treatment in late pregnancyOral AbstractB48
THAC0101 The identification of a micro-epidemic in a hyper-endemic HIV setting using molecular epidemiologyOral AbstractC11
THAC0102 High prevalence fishing communities are not a major source of new HIV infections to the inland populations in Rakai District, Uganda: Implications for geo-spatially targeted HIV prevention interventionsOral AbstractC10
THAC0103 An RNA-seq gene expression signature identifies early HIV infection in rural MozambiqueOral AbstractC13
THAC0104 Size estimation of key populations for HIV in Singapore using the network scale-up methodOral AbstractC11
THAC0105 Demographic transitions and the future of the HIV epidemic for children and adolescentsOral AbstractC27
THAC0108LB Using a social networking “app” to establish an open cohort for assessing HIV incidence among men who have sex with men in Beijing, ChinaOral AbstractC16
THAC0201 Delivering a high-quality comprehensive package of HIV prevention, care, and treatment for key populations is possible: Experience from two years of the FHI 360 LINKAGES Malawi projectOral AbstractC45
THAC0202 Key population-led health services: Community-based organizations and lay health workers transform HIV testing in VietnamOral AbstractC40
THAC0203 Respondent-driven sampling more efficiently identifies undiagnosed HIV-infected people who inject drugs (PWID) than PWID-targeted community integrated care centers in IndiaOral AbstractC40
THAC0204 Integrated gender affirmative hormone treatment services improve access to and retention in HIV testing, syphilis testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) service uptake among transgender women in ThailandOral AbstractC45
THAC0205 Continuing structural barriers to HIV/STI testing for migrants attending a community-based HIV testing service in Melbourne, AustraliaOral AbstractC40
THAC0301 HIV and pregnancy outcomes from the Sakh'umndeni Safer Conception ClinicOral AbstractC49
THAC0302 HIV mother-to-child transmission in Cameroon: Early infant diagnosis positivity rates by entry point and key risk factorsOral AbstractC4
THAC0303 Prevention of mother to child transmission and early infant diagnosis in Malawi: Accomplishments of a mature Option B+ program in a resource-limited settingOral AbstractC18
THAC0304 Birth outcomes and HIV-free survival with Option B+ in Lesotho: Results from an observational prospective cohort studyOral AbstractC4
THAC0305 Cohort study of HIV+ children in Southern Africa returning to care after being lost to follow up: Effect of interrupting care on mortalityOral AbstractC4
THAC0401 Rapid ART initiation and index client testing outcomes of commlink, a community-based, HIV testing, mobile HIV care, and peer-delivered, Linkage Case Management Program - Swaziland, 2017Oral AbstractC41
THAC0402 Community-based HIV testing and assessment for same-day ART reaches men for HIV careOral AbstractC39
THAC0403 Same-day ART initiation in HIV/STI testing center in Bangkok, Thailand: Initial results from an implementation researchOral AbstractC41
THAC0404 Fast-track ART initiation in Botswana is associated with high rates of ART initiation, retention in care, and virological suppressionOral AbstractC41
THAC0405 Towards the third 90: Factors associated with adolescent antiretroviral adherence and viral suppressionOral AbstractC33
THAC0408LB Progress toward HIV epidemic control: Results from the Namibia Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (PHIA)Oral AbstractC19
THAC0501 The post-intervention effects of conditional cash transfers for HIV/STI prevention: A randomized trial in rural TanzaniaOral AbstractC50
THAC0502 Changes, patterns and predictors of sexually transmitted infections in gay and bisexual men using PrEP; interim analysis from the PrEPX demonstration studyOral AbstractC42
THAC0503 How can programmes better support female sex workers to avoid HIV infection in Zimbabwe? A prevention cascade analysisOral AbstractC49
THAC0504 HIV "condom cascade" to monitor prevention among female sex workers in UgandaOral AbstractC38
THAC0505 Making markets work for HIV prevention: A total market approach to condom security in VietnamOral AbstractC54
THAD0101 Police related correlates of client violence among female sex workers in a U.S. cityOral AbstractD32
THAD0102 “They should protect us because that is their job”: An assessment of sex workers' experiences with police abuse in Lusaka, ZambiaOral AbstractD54
THAD0103 Violence towards sex workers in the NetherlandsOral AbstractD32
THAD0104 The impact of end-demand legislation on sex workers' utilization of HIV care, health and community-led support services in a Canadian settingOral AbstractD32
THAD0105 "Ending demand" in France: The impact of the criminalisation of sexworkers´ clients on sexworkers´ health, security and exposure to HIVOral AbstractD89
THAD0201 Criminal justice involvement as a social determinant of sexual risk among male migrant and non-migrant market vendors in Kazakhstan: Implications for HIV prevention and human rightsOral AbstractD24
THAD0202 Harms of workplace inspections for im/migrant sex workers in indoor establishments: Enhanced barriers to health access in a Canadian settingOral AbstractD83
THAD0203 The influence of immigration law concerns on drug use and HIV riskOral AbstractD24
THAD0204 Ensuring access to primary care for undocumented migrants in EnglandOral AbstractD24
THAD0205 Migrant's perspective on TB and HIV in relation to healthcare services: A qualitative study in Stockholm, SwedenOral AbstractD83
THAD0301 Community monitoring in HIV prevention programs with sex workers in KyrgyzstanOral AbstractD72
THAD0302 When situations go from bad to worse: Strengthening collective action during periods of crisis through concrete guidance and principles for engagementOral AbstractD42
THAD0303 Monitoring and evaluating technical assistance to key populations and HIV projects in Russia: Removing legal barriers and community systems strengtheningOral AbstractD42
THAD0304 The Caribbean civil society shared incident database: A monitoring and reporting mechanism to strengthen community activism to address human rights violationsOral AbstractD42
THAD0305 Strengthening HIV-related community organizations: Evidence from a large-scale program in IndiaOral AbstractD74
THAD0308LB Let's Stick Together: community empowerment approach significantly impacts multiple HIV and sexual and reproductive health outcomes among female sex workers in TanzaniaOral AbstractD32
THAE0101 What do we know about interventions to prevent and reduce gender-based violence among young people living with, or most affected by, HIV in low- and middle-income countries? A systematic reviewOral AbstractE50
THAE0102 WINGS of hope: Evaluating effects of integrating a brief gender-based violence prevention intervention with HIV counseling and testing among women who use drugs in KyrgyzstanOral AbstractE50
THAE0103 Integrating gender-based violence screening and support into HIV counselling and testing for adolescent girls and young women accessing PrEP in South Africa and Tanzania - experiences from the EMPOWER studyOral AbstractE49
THAE0105 Group therapy for gender-based violence (GBV): Reducing HIV and GBV risk among adolescent girls and young women in Nairobi's informal settlementsOral AbstractE50
THAE0106LB Integration of GBV into HIV/STI services increases uptake of post GBV care services among key populations, lessons learned from Papua New Guinea, 2015-2017Oral AbstractE33
THPDA0102 Shorter cell subset telomeres in HIV slow progressors than in HIV non-slow progressor womenPoster Discussion AbstractA11
THPDA0103 Does HIV-seroconversion affect the serum N-glycans profile, one possible biomarker of ageing? Insights from a longitudinal studyPoster Discussion AbstractA13
THPDA0104 Association between gut microbiota and CD4 recovery in HIV-1 infected patientsPoster Discussion AbstractA12
THPDA0105 Polymorphism rs1385129 within Glut1 gene SLC2A1 is linked to poor CD4+ T cell recovery In antiretroviral-treated HIV+ individualsPoster Discussion AbstractA11
THPDB0101 Characterization of doravirine-selected resistance patterns from participants in treatment-naïve Phase 3 clinical trialsPoster Discussion AbstractB38
THPDB0102 Every site counts: Detecting low frequency variants in non-subtype B HIV-1 integrase associated with drug resistance in UgandaPoster Discussion AbstractB38
THPDB0103 Phenotypic assays of 5 integrase inhibitors on HIV-2 clinical isolates reveal a new resistance pathwayPoster Discussion AbstractB38
THPDB0104 Accumulation of mutations in vivo confer cross-resistance to new integrase inhibitorsPoster Discussion AbstractB38
THPDB0105 Baseline resistance testing in the current treatment era - no longer cost-effective?Poster Discussion AbstractB10
THPDC0101 Dispensing HIV self-tests in pharmacies in France: The pharmacists' point of viewPoster Discussion AbstractC40
THPDC0102 Linkage to HIV care following HIV self-testing: A cluster randomised trial of community-based distribution of oral HIV self-test kits nested in four HPTN 071 communities in ZambiaPoster Discussion AbstractC40
THPDC0103 Increasing knowledge of HIV status and demand for antiretroviral therapy using community-based HIV self-testing in rural communities: A cluster randomised trial in MalawiPoster Discussion AbstractC40
THPDC0104 Secondary distribution of HIV self-tests as a way to promote HIV testing among male partners of young women: Subgroup analysis from a randomized trialPoster Discussion AbstractC40
THPDC0105 Effective promotion of HIV Self-testing among MSM in Russia in the context of growing stigma and discriminationPoster Discussion AbstractC40
THPDC0106 An intervention to teach young MSM and transgender women of color how to HIV self-test with a friend: Lessons learned in project TRUSTPoster Discussion AbstractC50
THPDC0107LB Diagnostic accuracy, feasibility and acceptability of HIV oral fluid rapid tests among hard-to-reach key populations in Latvia, the country with highest infection rates in EuropePoster Discussion AbstractC39
THPDD0101 Social-structural correlates of HIV stigma among women living with HIV in Metro VancouverPoster Discussion AbstractD25
THPDD0102 HIV-related stigma and discrimination among health care personnel in Thailand: Results of the 2017 national surveillance surveyPoster Discussion AbstractD47
THPDD0103 Socio-structural protection from internalized HIV stigma among South African adolescents living with HIV: The potential of clinic-community collaborations for stigma reductionPoster Discussion AbstractD47
THPDD0104 Pathways from sexual stigma to incident HIV and sexually transmitted infections among Nigerian MSMPoster Discussion AbstractD46
THPDD0105 Project on HIV destigmatization in the marriage equality movement in TaiwanPoster Discussion AbstractD48
THPDD0106 Stigma as a barrier to obtaining quality VCT services: Monitoring outcomes from the Zaporizhzhia region of UkrainePoster Discussion AbstractD47
THPDD0108LB Reducing health worker stigma and discrimination is critical to reaching 90-90-90 targets and is possible: Evaluation results of a whole-facility approach in GhanaPoster Discussion AbstractD47
THPDD0201 Multi-level barriers to antiretroviral therapy initiation, retention, and adherence for female sex workers living with HIV in South AfricaPoster Discussion AbstractD19
THPDD0203 “They must understand us as sex workers”: Health service perspectives among female sex workers in the context of PrEP and early ART introduction in the TAPS Demonstration Project, South AfricaPoster Discussion AbstractD32
THPDD0204 Occupational barriers to antiretroviral therapy adherence, sources of support, and coping strategies for female sex workers living with HIV in South AfricaPoster Discussion AbstractD16
THPDD0205 The sociability of risk: Sex work, criminalization and HIV/AIDS in Kampala, UgandaPoster Discussion AbstractD32
THPDD0206 Differentiated ART delivery model for female sex workers in Uganda: Community client led ART delivery to improve outcomesPoster Discussion AbstractD32
THPDE0101 Integrated youth-friendly health services lead to substantial improvements in uptake of HIV testing, condoms, and hormonal contraception among adolescent girls and young women in MalawiPoster Discussion AbstractE21
THPDE0102 Meaningful engagement of schools and school-based advocates in promoting education on HIV and supporting adolescents living with HIV in KenyaPoster Discussion AbstractE21
THPDE0103 Cash+Care: Parenting support and violence reduction programme associated with reductions in adolescent HIV-risks in South Africa: A cluster randomized trial of a DREAMS and 4Children-implemented programme 'Parenting for Lifelong Health'Poster Discussion AbstractE41
THPDE0104 Improving timely linkage to care among newly diagnosed HIV-infected adolescents: Results of SMILEPoster Discussion AbstractE41
THPDE0105 90-90-48: The reality of viral suppression among ART-initiated adolescents in South AfricaPoster Discussion AbstractE41
THPDE0106 A randomized, controlled trial of a patient-centered disclosure counseling intervention for Kenyan children living with HIVPoster Discussion AbstractE23
THPDE0201 Empirical cost of community mobilization activities to support the scale-up of Universal Test and Treat in SwazilandPoster Discussion AbstractE7
THPDE0202 Increased domestic financing of key population-led health services (KP-LHS): Lessons from Thailand's transition planning and responsePoster Discussion AbstractE6
THPDE0203 Last to be funded, first to be cut: An analysis of current funding trends to local community organisations in the Positive Action NetworkPoster Discussion AbstractE3
THPDE0204 Post-global fund HIV financing: A promising transitioning model and the implementation of plan from the SHIFT (Sustainable HIV Financing in Transition) program in ThailandPoster Discussion AbstractE8
THPDE0205 A sustainable approach to providing HIV services and information at the community level: A longitudinal exploration of female community health entrepreneurs' performancesPoster Discussion AbstractE6
THPDE0206 Building a constituency of advocates for sustainability: Identifying the capacity needs of HIV CSOs and key populations to advocate for HIV financing and sustainability in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and ThailandPoster Discussion AbstractE6
THPEA001 The Mitochondrial Antiviral Signaling protein plays an essential role in the activity of several latency-reversing agentsPoster ExhibitionA24
THPEA002 Potency of latency-reversing agents and CTL exhaustion balance the killing of HIV inducible provirusPoster ExhibitionA24
THPEA003 Combinations of maraviroc with other latency reversing agents to activate latent HIV-1 in rCD4+ T lymphocytesPoster ExhibitionA24
THPEA004 Getting the ''kill'' into ''shock and kill'': The role of PI3K inhibitorsPoster ExhibitionA24
THPEA005 Use of the immunomodulatory activity of tyrosine kinase inhibitors to elicit cytotoxicity against HIV-1 infectionPoster ExhibitionA25
THPEA006 Administration of rhIL-15 in combination with anti-PDL1 (Avelumab) in SIV-infected RMPoster ExhibitionA25
THPEA007 Impact of a dendritic cell based therapeutic vaccine on microRNA expression profilePoster ExhibitionA26
THPEA008 Differences in antiviral efficacy and expression profile of anti-HIV RNAs expressed from the RNA polymerase III promoters U6, 7SK and H1Poster ExhibitionA27
THPEA009 Cell-based gene therapy to treat HIV-1/AIDSPoster ExhibitionA27
THPEA010 HLA-B*57+ HIV controllers demonstrate an efficient antibody profilePoster ExhibitionA28
THPEA011 Envelope biological properties of early and late HIV-1 variants issued from a same transmission clusterPoster ExhibitionA34
THPEA012 Chronic binge alcohol consumption influences the establishment of founder virus populations in rhesus macaques mucosally-inoculated with SIVmac251Poster ExhibitionA34
THPEA013 Pharmacokinetics of VM1500A long acting injectable formulations for HIV-1 infections treatment and prevention after repeat-dose administration in dogsPoster ExhibitionA37
THPEA014 Membrane cholesterol maintains structural stability of the HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins and their resistance to antibody neutralizationPoster ExhibitionA37
THPEA015 Release and safety profile of drug loaded innovative bioadhesive vaginal microbicide gels to prevent HIV and HSV infectionsPoster ExhibitionA37
THPEA016 Bovine monoclonal antibodies with human CDRH3 size neutralize heterologous HIV virusesPoster ExhibitionA39
THPEA017 IL-7 as an adjuvant for mucosal vaccine developmentPoster ExhibitionA41
THPEA018 A novel vaccine platform using Env-incorporated particles for induction of broader anti-HIV antibody responsesPoster ExhibitionA42
THPEA019 HIV-1 lineage envelope proteins based on viral sequences from elite neutralizersPoster ExhibitionA43
THPEA020 Characterization of serum- and colostrum-derived antibodies in dairy cows vaccinated with HIV-1 gp140 envelope proteinsPoster ExhibitionA43
THPEA021 Similar antibody responses elicited in BG505 SHIV infected and BG505 SOSIP trimer immunized non-human primatesPoster ExhibitionA43
THPEA022 Monoclonal antibodies from vaccinated rabbits reveal an immunodominant epitope at the gp41 subunit of soluble HIV-1 envelope trimersPoster ExhibitionA43
THPEA023 DNA+protein co-immunization regimens combined with TLR-4 based adjuvants induce immune responses controlling infection of tier 1 SIVsmE660Poster ExhibitionA44
THPEA024 Factors associated with the occurrence of deaths in patients co-infected with HIV and TB at the three health districts of Casamance (Senegal)Poster ExhibitionA47
THPEA025 HIV and hepatitis B virus (HBV) co-infection leads to an increase in intracellular hepatitis B surface antigen and HBV DNA in hepatocytes: A potential mechanism for adverse liver outcomesPoster ExhibitionA48
THPEA026 Could DBS specimens reduce overestimation of HIV incidence using BED CEIA assay?Poster ExhibitionA51
THPEA027 The clinical performance and diagnostic accuracy of an instrument-free low-cost point-of-care CD4 test (VISITECT® CD4) as performed by nurses, counsellors and laboratory staff among pregnant women in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionA51
THPEA028 Dried blood spots stored at room temperature should not be used for incidence testingPoster ExhibitionA51
THPEA029 Pooled nucleic acid testing strategy for monitoring HIV-1 treatment in resource limited settingsPoster ExhibitionA52
THPEA030 Diagnostic accuracy of Filtered Dried Plasma Spot (FDPS) for HIV viral load testing using a newly developed plasma separator devicePoster ExhibitionA52
THPEA031 A compelling alternative to dried blood spots - Pplasma separation card for the quantification of HIV-1 RNA viral loadPoster ExhibitionA52
THPEA032 Provision of a clinical HIV-1 drug-resistance service by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) - assay development and full validationPoster ExhibitionA52
THPEA033 Efficacy of a novel entry inhibitor in combination with neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 infectionPoster ExhibitionA56
THPEA034 Plasma, CSF and brain tissue concentrations of raltegravir in ABCB1 and/or ABCG2 knockout ratsPoster ExhibitionA57
THPEB035 Outcomes of expedited initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in individuals with acute HIV infection, British Columbia, CanadaPoster ExhibitionB32
THPEB036 Prezent - pilot study of darunavir boosted by cobicistat in combination with rilpivirine in HIV+ treatment naïve subjects - final 96 week resultsPoster ExhibitionB33
THPEB037 Substantial decline in virological failure after combination antiretroviral treatment (cART) initiation in treatment-naïve HIV-positive adults in the Netherlands from 1996 to 2016Poster ExhibitionB33
THPEB038 B/F/TAF versus ABC/DTG/3TC or DTG + F/TAF in treatment-naïve adults with high baseline viral load or low baseline CD4 count in 2 Phase 3 randomized, controlled clinical trialsPoster ExhibitionB33
THPEB039 Virologic outcomes among treatment naïve HIV+ patients initiating common first antiretroviral therapy core agents in the OPERA observational databasePoster ExhibitionB33
THPEB040 Superior efficacy of dolutegravir (DTG) plus 2 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) compared with lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r) plus 2 NRTIs in second-line treatment - 48-week data from the DAWNING StudyPoster ExhibitionB33
THPEB041 Virological failure through the R263K pathway to a first line Doluegravir containing regimenPoster ExhibitionB33
THPEB042 Patient satisfaction, tolerability and acceptability of Cabotegravir (CAB) and Rilpivirine (RPV) Long-Acting (LA) therapy in HIV-1 infected adults: LATTE-2 week 96 resultsPoster ExhibitionB33
THPEB043 Elsulfavirine-based antiretroviral treatment in combination with two NRTIs: 96 weeksPoster ExhibitionB33
THPEB044 Identifying heavily treatment experienced patients in the OPERA cohortPoster ExhibitionB34
THPEB045 Phase 3 study of fostemsavir in heavily treatment-experienced HIV-1-infected participants: BRIGHTE week 24 subgroup analysis in randomized cohort subjectsPoster ExhibitionB34
THPEB046 Impact of improved baseline immune status on early mortality after initiating anti-retroviral therapy among HIV-infected adults in UgandaPoster ExhibitionB34
THPEB047 Durable suppression 2 years after switch to DTG+RPV 2-drug regimen: SWORD 1&2 studiesPoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB048 Genital HIV-1 shedding with Dolutegravir (DTG) plus Lamivudine (3TC) dual therapyPoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB049 Renal function after switching to dolutegravir in an acute HIV cohort in ThailandPoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB050 Nevirapine plus Lamivudine maintain HIV-1 suppression through week 24Poster ExhibitionB35
THPEB051 Virological monitor of the switch from RAL-containing to DTG-containing regimens in Brazil: Data from a real-world cohortPoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB052 Uptake and effectiveness of two-drug compared to three-drug antiretroviral regimens among HIV-positive individuals in EuropePoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB053 Immediate vs. deferred switching from a boosted Protease Inhibitor (PI/r) to Dolutegravir (DTG) suppressed patients with high cardiovascular risk or age ≥50 years: Final 96 weeks results of NEAT 022Poster ExhibitionB35
THPEB054 Switching tenofovir/emtricitabine/efavirenz (TDF/FTC/EFV) to TDF/FTC/rilpivirine (RPV) versus continuing TDF/FTC/EFV in HIV-infected patients with complete virological suppression: A randomized controlled trialPoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB055 Antiretroviral treatment maintenance strategies and blood telomere length changePoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB056 Efficacy and safety of switching from boosted protease inhibitor-based regimens to darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide for treatment of HIV-1 infection: Subgroups analysis by baseline regimenPoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB057 Real-life impact of the onset of darunavir/cobicistat on estimated glomerular filtration ratePoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB058 Switching protease inhibitors to rilpivirine in HIV-infected patients with complete viral suppression and without prior HIV drug resistance: A randomized controlled trialPoster ExhibitionB35
THPEB059 Antiretroviral adverse drug reactions pharmacovigilance in Harare City, Zimbabwe 2017Poster ExhibitionB36
THPEB060 Single-dose fed bioequivalence study of Emtricitabine, Tenofovir Alafenamide and Dolutegravir Tablets (200mg/25mg/50mg) versus DESCOVY® tablets (200mg/25mg; Gilead Sciences) and TIVICAY® tablets (50mg; ViiV Healthcare) in healthy adult volunteersPoster ExhibitionB36
THPEB061 Point-of-care drug level testing for adherence assessment of first and second line antiretroviral treatment in resource-limited settingsPoster ExhibitionB36
THPEB062 Female genital tract efavirenz exposure negatively correlates with serum estradiol levels in Malawian womenPoster ExhibitionB36
THPEB063 Prevalence and management of drug-drug interactions in a rural Tanzanian HIV cohortPoster ExhibitionB37
THPEB064 The effect of multivitamins and polyvalent cations on virologic suppression with integrase strand transfer inhibitorsPoster ExhibitionB37
THPEB065 Predicted efficacy of raltegravir, elvitegravir and dolutegravir in patients harboring mutations associated with integrase inhibitor resistance in Argentina: First interim surveyPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB066 Long-term virological and immunological outcomes between HIV-infected patients with and without primary HIV drug resistancePoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB067 High levels of HIV drug resistance in Nicaragua: Results from the first nationally representative survey, 2016-2017Poster ExhibitionB38
THPEB068 Understanding the resistance profile of the HIV-1 NNRTI doravirine in combination with the novel NRTTI MK-8591Poster ExhibitionB38
THPEB069 HIV-1 subtype A1 and D polymorphisms associated with resistance to dolutegravir in INSTI-naïve individuals in UgandaPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB070 Comprehensive analysis of the antiviral activity of cabotegravir against HIV-2 isolates and INI-resistant HIV-2 mutantsPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB071 Resistance through week 48 in the DAWNING study comparing dolutegravir (DTG) plus 2 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) compared with lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r) plus 2 NRTIs in second-line treatmentPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB072 Good short-term outcomes despite extensive pre-3rd-line HIV drug resistance in KenyaPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB073 Antiretroviral drug resistance in cell-associated HIV-1 DNA during suppressive protease inhibitor (PI) - based second-line antiretroviral therapy (ART)Poster ExhibitionB38
THPEB074 Global registry of HIV-1 patients experiencing virological failure on dolutegravir containing antiviral regimensPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB075 Predicting in vitro resistance phenotypes for HIV protease and integrase inhibitors using sequences from treated and non-treated individualsPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB076 HIV antiretroviral treatment among 2+ drug class resistant patients in the USPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB077 HIV-1 subtype (B or non-B) had no impact on the efficacy of B/F/TAF or resistance development in five phase 3 treatment-naÏve or switch studiesPoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB078 Unrecognized protease inhibitor drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 subtype APoster ExhibitionB38
THPEB079 Assessing stability criteria for eligibility into differentiated ART delivery models: Predictive values of clinical and CD4 cell criteria for community ART refill groups in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB080 Predictors of ART Adherence in depressed pregnant women living with HIV in Tanzania. A cross-sectional studyPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB081 Engagement in bidirectional mobile messaging to support antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence among peripartum women in KenyaPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB082 Characterising mobile gamification-based adherence strategies to support adherence to antiretroviral prevention and treatment strategies among young men in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB083 Exploring pathways from violence and HIV disclosure without consent to depression, social support and HIV medication agency among women living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB084 Patient adherence to long-acting CAB and RPV injections through 96 weeks of maintenance therapy in LATTE-2Poster ExhibitionB40
THPEB085 Does food insecurity affect adherence to antiretroviral therapy among caregivers of orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania?Poster ExhibitionB40
THPEB086 South African mothers living with HIV (MLH) do not sustain HIV Care over 5 years post-birth, especially when problematic alcohol use occursPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB087 Quantifying the relationship between HIV patient and treatment characteristics, ART adherence and viral suppression using contemporary dataPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB088 Data-to-care program improves viral load suppressionPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB089 A social network platform helps maintain HIV viral load suppressionPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB090 Incomplete ART adherence is associated with higher interleukin-6 in individuals with HIV who achieved virologic suppression in the immediate arm of the Strategic Timing of Antiretroviral Treatment (START) studyPoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB091 Randomized trial of a 2-way cellphone intervention (CPI) to promote 3rd line antiretroviral (ART) adherencePoster ExhibitionB40
THPEB092 Factors associated with adherence to antiretroviral therapy in Brazil, in 2017Poster ExhibitionB40
THPEB093 Does burden associated with HIV explain preferences for several HIV Cure strategies? A French DCE survey among patients and physicians (ANRS-APSEC)Poster ExhibitionB41
THPEB094 Influence of experience with HIV and psychosocial factors on willingness to participate in HIV cure-related clinical trials - results from the ANRS APSEC acceptability studyPoster ExhibitionB41
THPEB095 Enhancement of adenosine signaling using dipyridamole to decrease inflammation in HIVPoster ExhibitionB43
THPEB096 How do participants experience analytical treatment interruption trails: Lessons learned from the HIV-STAR studyPoster ExhibitionB44
THPEB097 Two cases of hematopoietic malignancies complicated by HIV infection treated with allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in combination with a CCR5 inhibitorPoster ExhibitionB44
THPEB098 Two case reports on safety and impact of α4β7 integrin monoclonal antibody in treated primary HIV infection on HIV reservoirsPoster ExhibitionB44
THPEB099 Antiretroviral treatment interruptions in HIV clinical trials: A systematic reviewPoster ExhibitionB44
THPEB100 Statin use during effective ART is not associated with lower biomarkers of HIV persistence or immune activation/inflammationPoster ExhibitionB44
THPEB101 A qualitative analysis of the barriers and facilitators to adopting the Mediterranean diet with Portfolio cholesterol-lowering foods in those with HIV dyslipidaemia - interviews within a randomized controlled trialPoster ExhibitionB46
THPEB102 Community-based HIV-free survival in high prevalence settings after introduction of Option B+: Results from LesothoPoster ExhibitionB51
THPEB103 We have left the children behind in the 90- 90- 90 agenda. A case of Churches Health Association of ZambiaPoster ExhibitionB51
THPEB104 Western-blot negative for HIV as a marker of a low reservoir in vertically HIV-infected childrenPoster ExhibitionB51
THPEB105 Malnutrition, orphan hood, and TB diagnosis are strong predictors of HIV positivity among children less than 15 years in UgandaPoster ExhibitionB51
THPEB106 High HIV testing yield found in children attending or accompanying those attending TB, malnutrition and HIV clinics in Uganda, 2017Poster ExhibitionB51
THPEB107 Early infant diagnosis (EID) positivity and time of test, USAID Boresha Afya Southern Zone Tanzania experiencePoster ExhibitionB51
THPEB108 Screening tools to identify children and adolescents living with HIV: Increasing case finding in high HIV prevalence settingsPoster ExhibitionB51
THPEB109 Finding children and adolescents living with HIV in Johannesburg: Optimising HIV testing strategiesPoster ExhibitionB51
THPEB110 The impact of the family-centered approach on pediatric HIV in DRCPoster ExhibitionB51
THPEB111 Pharmacokinetics of intracellular stavudine-triphosphate in children after reduced-dose: Can we improve stavudine's safety profile?Poster ExhibitionB52
THPEB112 Implementing lopinavir/ritonavir pellets in Mbabane Swaziland: A better solution to the bitter solution?Poster ExhibitionB53
THPEB113 Medication errors with Retrovir oral solution in neonates and infants ≤ 23 monthsPoster ExhibitionB53
THPEB114 Emergence of resistance in HIV-1 Integrase (IN) following dolutegravir (DTG) treatment in 6 to 18 year old participants enrolled in the P1093 studyPoster ExhibitionB54
THPEB115 Association of maternal viral load and CD4 count with perinatal HIV-1 transmission risk during breastfeeding in the PROMISE postpartum componentPoster ExhibitionB54
THPEB116 Developmentally tailored adolescent HIV research: Perspectives from the National Institute of Mental HealthPoster ExhibitionB54
THPEB117 Immune activation in ART-naïve youth (ages 12-24) with acute or established HIV and high-risk seronegative populations from LA and New Orleans ATN cares: Preliminary resultsPoster ExhibitionB54
THPEB118 Culturally-relevant and personalized disclosure intervention improves pediatric HIV status disclosure in Ghana: The Sankofa randomised controlled trialPoster ExhibitionB54
THPEB119 Time to Switch? Outcomes of children and adolescents failing NNRTI regimensPoster ExhibitionB55
THPEB120 Who are the 10-year pediatric AIDS survivors on antiretroviral therapy in Haiti?Poster ExhibitionB55
THPEB121 Impact of anti-retroviral therapy on the immune status of HIV-infected childrenPoster ExhibitionB55
THPEB122 Improving ART initiation among HIV-infected infants in Manzini region of SwazilandPoster ExhibitionB55
THPEB123 Utilization of weekly short message service (SMS) surveys to identify vulnerable youth with acute HIV Infection: ATN CARES projectPoster ExhibitionB56
THPEB124 High level of circulating HIV-1 reservoirs in perinatally HIV-1 infected children with early effective antiretroviral therapy and sustained virological suppressionPoster ExhibitionB56
THPEB125 Characterizing adherence and drug level effects on viral outcomes in HIV-infected Kenyan childrenPoster ExhibitionB57
THPEB126 Video directly observed therapy to improve adherence of human immunodeficiency infected children and adolescents to combination antiretroviral therapy: A pilot studyPoster ExhibitionB57
THPEB127 Barriers and facilitators to retention in care for adolescents living with HIV in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionB57
THPEB128 Targeting the third “90”: Are children and adolescents slipping through the net?Poster ExhibitionB57
THPEB129 The paediatric continuum of HIV care in the Netherlands: From diagnosis in childhood to viral suppression in adulthoodPoster ExhibitionB57
THPEB130 An iPhone app improves medication adherence and viral load among youth living with HIV who are newly starting antiretroviral therapyPoster ExhibitionB57
THPEB131 Challenges to achieving and maintaining sustained viral suppression among HIV infected Canadian childrenPoster ExhibitionB57
THPEB132 Patterns of detectable viral load in a cohort of HIV-positive adolescents on HAART in Cape Town, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionB57
THPEB133 Health literacy as a predictor of biological markers of immune functioning in youth with HIVPoster ExhibitionB57
THPEB134 DTI-based tractographic alterations within functional networks in HIV infected children at age 7 yearsPoster ExhibitionB59
THPEB135 Prevalence and associated factors of proximal renal tubular dysfunction among perinatally HIV-infected Thai adolescentsPoster ExhibitionB59
THPEB136 Early clinical outcomes among Tanzanian children with HIV and severe acute malnutrition: A comparison between those starting ART and those starting anti-TB treatment firstPoster ExhibitionB59
THPEB137 Antiretroviral prophylaxis for infants of drug-resistant perinatally HIV infected (PHIV) womenPoster ExhibitionB59
THPEB138 HIV-infected patients in Shenzhen, China: Trends in mortality and cause of death from 2005 to 2017Poster ExhibitionB59
THPEB139 Catch-up growth after ART initiation for late-diagnosed perinatally-infected children and adolescentsPoster ExhibitionB59
THPEB140 Characteristics and outcomes of children, adolescents, and young adults with Kaposi sarcoma treated in a comprehensive care program in Mbeya, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionB60
THPEB141 Prevalence and risk factors for TB/HIV co-infection in children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in UgandaPoster ExhibitionB60
THPEB142 To study the status of HIV disclosure in children and adolescentsPoster ExhibitionB61
THPEB143 Toward improved IPT implementation for adolescents living with HIV in Swaziland: Elucidating the barriers through the theory of planned behaviorPoster ExhibitionB61
THPEB144 It´s like having a case manager in your pocket!: Mobile application with coach, key to addressing barriers to HIV and preventive carePoster ExhibitionB61
THPEB145 Loss of associations between basal ganglia volumes and neuropsychological scores in HIV-infected children at 5 yearsPoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB146 Increased risk of executive, working memory, and emotional-behavioral problems among virologically well-controlled perinatally HIV-infected adolescents in Thailand and CambodiaPoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB147 HIV-related stigma associated with high depressive symptom scores among perinatally HIV-infected youthsPoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB148 The impact of depression in HIV positive mothers on child development in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB149 Validation of an HIV/AIDS stigma measure for children living with HIV and their familiesPoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB150 Initiation of ART after 2 years of age affects CNS white matter microstrusture in adolescents living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB151 Neurocognitive outcomes among perinatally-HIV infected young adultsPoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB152 Effect of caregiver training on the neurocognition of school-age siblings of preschool HIV-exposed uninfected target children: A Ugandan cluster randomized controlled trialPoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB153 Neurodevelopmental and behavioral outcomes in perinatally HIV infected children who initiated antiretroviral therapy within 3 months of agePoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB154 Prevalence and cross-sectional correlates of cognitive difficulties among HIV-positive adolescents in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionB62
THPEB155 A population-based study of health outcomes of HIV-exposed uninfected children using Ontario's administrative health databasesPoster ExhibitionB63
THPEB156 24-month incidence of hiv infection, loss to follow-up and mortality among exposed infants at referral hospitals in UgandaPoster ExhibitionB63
THPEB157 Role of infant nutritional status (stunting) on early cognitive development: Cross sectional study in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionB63
THPEB158 HIV-exposure without infection impacts early language development: Outcomes from a South African birth cohort studyPoster ExhibitionB63
THPEB159 Post transition outcomes in young adults living with HIV: '90':99:80Poster ExhibitionB64
THPEB160 Increasing age predicts viral suppression in adolescents transitioning to adult HIV carePoster ExhibitionB64
THPEB161 Impact of a formal transition of care process on young adults living with HIV attending who are moving from a pediatric to adult clinic in Mwanza, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionB64
THPEB162 Ability to manage health after transition to adult care is associated with retention in care among young adults with perinatal HIV infectionPoster ExhibitionB64
THPEB163 Adolescent to Adult Patient-centered HIV Transition (ADAPT) study: Adolescents´ perspectives about transition from pediatric to adult HIV care setting in northern Nigeria - findings from a qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionB64
THPEC164 Do migrants acquire HIV before or after migration to Denmark? And can we determine the groups most in need of prevention?Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC165 Changing motives to test for HIV and for not using condoms - an analysis of pre-test questionnaires from clients of community-based voluntary testing sites in three large German cities, 2015-2017Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC166 Surveillance surveys of behavior with biological linkage in Haitian and Dominican-Haitian construction workers living in Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC167 Presentation with advanced HIV disease in a Southern US State, 1996-2013Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC168 HIV, HCV and syphilis prevalence among MSM in Tajikistan are stabilizedPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC169 Tuberculosis and HIV co-infection in the European Union: Epidemiology and tuberculosis treatment outcomesPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC170 Measuring late diagnosis in an era of frequent testing: Correcting for CD4 at seroconversionPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC171 Complex health issues experienced by people accessing HIV care in EnglandPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC172 Vulnerability, risk and HIV, Syphilis and other infections among female sex workers in Agadir, Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh, Rabat and Tangier, Morocco 2016Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC173 Persistent high burden of advanced HIV disease in South African children and adolescents at entry into care: Data from a longitudinal nationwide laboratory cohortPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC174 HIV dynamics in migrants from Central, Eastern and Western Europe in the Europe Union/Economic Area (EU/EEA)Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC175 An innovative vending machine-based HIV testing and intervention service: Anonymous urine collection kits distributed at universities in ChinaPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC176 Disparities in timely ART initiation among persons newly diagnosed with HIV in San Francisco, California, USA 2011-2016Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC177 High HIV and STI diagnosis rates in people without health insurance in community based HIV/STI testing services in large cities across Germany, 2015-2017Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC178 Recent HIV infection among newly diagnosed individuals in the Eastern European country of Georgia, 2015-2016Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC179 An explosive epidemic of HIV infection among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the PhilippinesPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC180 Trends in HIV and HCV seroprevalence among inmates entering the NYS department of corrections and community supervision system, 1988-2015Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC181 Definitions of homelessness - surveillance-based housing status compared to self-reported housing status, San Francisco, California, USA, 2012-2016Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC182 Misclassification of the male-to-male sexual mode of HIV transmission in HIV case reporting data in UkrainePoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC183 Estimating the number of men who have sex with men (MSM) and female sex workers (FSW) in Mozambique using a multiple methods approachPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC184 Results of a third round of HIV surveillance amongst female sex workers in Hargeisa, SomalilandPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC185 The impact of childhood sexual abuse on the HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men on a Western State in the U.S.Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC186 A population-based assessment of the HIV care cascade among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men and transgender women (MSM/TG) in JohannesburgPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC187 HIV prevalence and sexual behavior among transgender in Paraguay, 2017Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC188 Recent infection and repeat testing among MSM newly diagnosed with HIV at STI clinicsPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC189 Complacency is the new problem: Comparative analysis of recent outbreaks of HIV among persons who inject drugs in Europe and North AmericaPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC190 Size estimation of FSW population in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia via mapping and quantitative survey: Lessons and program recommendationsPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC191 The first HIV and hepatitis C prevalence and behavioral survey among crsytal methamphetamine (Sabu) users in IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC192 Changes in HIV and syphilis prevalence among female sex workers (FSW) in Brazil from 2009 to 2016Poster ExhibitionC11
THPEC193 Long-term trends of HIV-1 and HIV-2 prevalence in pregnant women in Guinea-Bissau, West AfricaPoster ExhibitionC11
THPEC194 Community-level HIV incidence in a hyper-endemic epidemic region in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC12
THPEC195 Estimating national HIV incidence, prevalence and the proportion diagnosed in Canada in 2016Poster ExhibitionC12
THPEC196 Diverging trends in incidence of HIV-1 versus other sexually transmitted infections in HIV-negative men who have sex with men (MSM) in AmsterdamPoster ExhibitionC12
THPEC197 Estimating HIV-1 infection recency: Viral diversity from next-generation sequencing is more informative than the fraction of ambiguous nucleotides from population sequencingPoster ExhibitionC13
THPEC198 Social network methods for HIV case-finding among people who inject drugs in TajikistanPoster ExhibitionC13
THPEC199 Interpreting diagnostic histories into HIV infection date estimates: An online toolPoster ExhibitionC13
THPEC200 Performance of a novel point-of-care HIV recency test among newly diagnosed pregnant adolescent girls and young women ? Malawi, 2017Poster ExhibitionC13
THPEC201 Acute HIV infection among newly diagnosed patients in Santo André Aids Program, São Paulo, BrazilPoster ExhibitionC15
THPEC202 New methods of HIV incidence estimation indicate a second wave of infections in BrazilPoster ExhibitionC16
THPEC203 Newly increasing HIV incidence among adults aged 50 years or older in UkrainePoster ExhibitionC16
THPEC204 Incidence of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review with implications for surveillance and prevention planningPoster ExhibitionC16
THPEC205 90-90-90 targets in Malawian men using results from MPHIAPoster ExhibitionC17
THPEC206 Late diagnosis of HIV among adults in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia: Risk factors and burden from three population-based HIV impact assessments (PHIAs)Poster ExhibitionC17
THPEC207 Who are the missing men? Characterizing men who have never tested for HIV from population-based surveys in six sub-Saharan African countriesPoster ExhibitionC17
THPEC208 Reasons for not HIV testing among sexually active men and women who have never tested for HIVPoster ExhibitionC17
THPEC209 The continuum of HIV care and population viral load (PVL) among a representative sample of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionC17
THPEC210 Characterizing the prevalence and determinants of newly HIV diagnosed female sex workers in urban centers across CameroonPoster ExhibitionC17
THPEC211 Hidden epidemic in Akwa Ibom State: Findings from the first AIDS Indicator Survey (AIS) in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC17
THPEC212 Knowledge of HIV-positive status among adult people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Swaziland: A population-based surveyPoster ExhibitionC17
THPEC213 Prevalence and correlates of active syphilis and HIV co-Infection among persons aged 15 - 59 in Zambia: Results from the Zambia population-based HIV impact assessment (ZAMPHIA) 2016Poster ExhibitionC17
THPEC214 Prevalence and factors associated with HIV infection among pregnant women attending ANC in Tanzania Mainland: Results from a National ANC Sentinel Surveillance 2017Poster ExhibitionC17
THPEC215 Prevalence and correlates of PrEP awareness and use among Black bisexual men in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionC18
THPEC216 Impact of Option B+ and maternal HIV RNA viral load on mother-to-child HIV transmission: Findings from an 18-month prospective cohort of a nationally representative sample of mother-infant pairs, Zimbabwe 2016-2017Poster ExhibitionC18
THPEC217 Population-level effectiveness of anteritroviral therapy (ART) to prevent early mother to child transmission of HIV in NamibiaPoster ExhibitionC18
THPEC218 Effectiveness of interventions for changing HIV related risk behaviours among key populations in low-income setting: A meta-analysis, 2001-2016Poster ExhibitionC18
THPEC219 Couple Oriented Counselling improves male partner involvement in sexual and reproductive health of the couple: Evidence from the ANRS 12127/12236 PRENAHTEST Cohort in CameroonPoster ExhibitionC18
THPEC220 Application of goal 90-90-90 (ONU / UNAIDS) in an infectious-contagious disease hospital for adult patients in Belo Horizonte, BrazilPoster ExhibitionC18
THPEC221 Closing the third 90 gap: Viral suppression in adults 15 years and older in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionC18
THPEC222 Antiretroviral therapy uptake among adults 15 years and older in Swaziland, 2016Poster ExhibitionC18
THPEC223 Earlier treatment initiation correlates with a decreased number of HIV-1 subtype A transmissions in GreecePoster ExhibitionC18
THPEC224 Trends in HIV diagnostic coverage & prevalence of undiagnosed infection in a high burden district with annual home-based HIV testing: Findings from the Chókwè Health Demographic Surveillance System, Mozambique, 2014-2017Poster ExhibitionC18
THPEC225 Earlier HIV diagnosis among men who have sex with men in Amsterdam following interventions to increase awareness of early HIV infectionPoster ExhibitionC18
THPEC226 Achieving >80% ART coverage in a high burden district with annual home-based HIV testing: Findings from the Chókwè Health Demographic Surveillance System (CHDSS), Mozambique, 2014-2017Poster ExhibitionC19
THPEC227 Improvements in the South African HIV care cascade: Findings on 90-90-90 targets from successive population-representative surveysPoster ExhibitionC19
THPEC228 HIV incidence trends by marital status in mature HIV epidemics: Evidence from two community cohort studies in UgandaPoster ExhibitionC19
THPEC229 Changes in time to ART initiation in adults with high CD4 count in Latin America, 2003-2016Poster ExhibitionC19
THPEC230 Trends and disparities in failure to achieve indicators of engagement in HIV care, San Francisco, CA, USA 2009-2014Poster ExhibitionC19
THPEC231 Who will be lost? A psychosocial review on loss to follow-up in people with HIVPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC232 Risk factors for loss to follow-up, transfer or death among people living with HIV on first ART regimen in MaliPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC233 Online MIS database to improve HIV case detection and case management tracking in Central AsiaPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC234 Treatment for all, implementation for most: Heterogeneous roll out of test and treat by clinics near Agincourt, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC235 Service utilization along the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV cascade and determinants of child HIV positivity in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC236 Progress towards UNAIDS goals by 2020 in Ukraine at 01.01.2017Poster ExhibitionC20
THPEC237 Higher CD4 count at ART initiation predicts increased viral suppression during universal test and treat in a South African clinicPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC238 Evaluation of attrition between HIV testing and initiation of antiretroviral therapy among the newly diagnosed people living in the “test and treat” strategyPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC239 Progress in achievement 90-90-90 in ArmeniaPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC240 Nepal's progress towards 90-90-90 targets by 2020: The case of HIV care cascadePoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC241 HIV treatment cascade among MSM in BrazilPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC242 Patterns of retention of mothers and their children in an HIV/ART clinic in Southern Mozambique: Evidence to support a family-centered care modelPoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC243 Second line ART switching in Mozambique: Coverage and time linePoster ExhibitionC20
THPEC244 Occupational blood exposure (OBE), seroconversion and coinfection HIV/HBV in CARPoster ExhibitionC21
THPEC245 Durability of viral suppression in the Eastern European country of GeorgiaPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC246 The role of access to HIV services at opioid antagonist treatment sites in reaching 90-90-90 in people who inject drugs in Ukraine: Country-level dataPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC247 HIV care cascade among adolescents in a ´test and treat´ community based intervention in Zambia and South Africa: HPTN071 (PopART) for Youth studyPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC248 Prior incarceration associated with missed HIV care visits among young people living with HIV in the USPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC249 HIV care cascade among transwomen living with HIV in São Paulo-BrazilPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC250 Community initiated treatment intervention (CITI) improves linkage to art for key populationsPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC251 Enhanced Peer Outreach Approach (EPOA): A quick way of reaching out to key populations, linkages project, MalawiPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC252 Higher HIV testing yield and lower linkage to treatment among selected key populations compared to general population in mixed epidemics: Evidence from PEPFAR program data Oct 2016 - Sep 2017Poster ExhibitionC22
THPEC253 Data from large electronic medical record dataset reveal significant improvements and gaps in HIV treatment cascade in UkrainePoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC254 “A way of escaping”: Exploring reasons for silently transferring between clinics among HIV-infected women enrolled in Option B+ in MalawiPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC255 Syndemic factors and HIV risk among men who have sex with me in TaiwanPoster ExhibitionC22
THPEC256 Patterns of HIV-1 acquired drug resistance in children and adolescents from Argentina in the period 2006-2015Poster ExhibitionC23
THPEC257 Increasing levels of pre-treatment HIV drug resistance in South Africa, 2000 - 2016Poster ExhibitionC23
THPEC258 HIV pretreatment drug resistance surveillance in eight sub-regions of Mexico: Time to change to first-line regimens without NNRTI?Poster ExhibitionC23
THPEC259 Emergence of the transmitted resistance of HIV-1 to antiretroviral drugs in Cuban patients during the period 2009-2016Poster ExhibitionC23
THPEC260 Trend and spatial analysis of the HIV epidemic among female adults in China, 2010 - 2016Poster ExhibitionC24
THPEC261 Geographical disparities in HIV seroprevalence among men who have sex with men and people who inject drugs in Nigeria: Mapping spatial clustering of HIV infection using GISPoster ExhibitionC24
THPEC262 Where to strengthen the prevention and HIV/AIDS health services: Identifying critical areas to reduce HIV/AIDS mortality in MexicoPoster ExhibitionC24
THPEC263 Towards UNAIDS 95-95-95 goal: Targeting priority geographic areas for HIV prevention and care in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionC24
THPEC264 Utilization of preconception care by HIV-infected women attending antenatal care in Kenyatta National HospitalPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC265 Sustained elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV and predictors of residual adverse outcomes at a large teaching and referral centre in Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC266 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messages and reminders increase completion of early infant diagnosis in a private sector PMTCT intervention in Southern IndiaPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC267 Formative research informs and guides intervention development for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV: Barriers and strategies to improve adherence to Option B+ in urban and rural UgandaPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC268 Evaluating the vertical HIV transmission risks among South African female sex workers. Have we forgotten PMTCT in FSW HIV programming?Poster ExhibitionC48
THPEC269 Virological suppression among pregnant and breastfeeding women in 105 clinics in Kinshasa: A baseline assessment for a data driven continuous quality improvement intervention trialPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC270 Pregnancy outcomes in women perinatally infected with HIV-1(PHIV) in Argentina: An emerging populationPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC271 Combating the challenges of women with disabilities in the uptake of EMTCT services in Ekiti State, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC272 Unintended pregnancy in women living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysisPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC273 Retention rate among pregnant women under Option B + and factors of the loss to follow up in 7 health institutions in HaitiPoster ExhibitionC48
THPEC274 Stop Vertical Transmission (SVeT) Program as effective approach for Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT)Poster ExhibitionC48
THPEC275 Factors influencing the uptake of safe male circumcision among Makerere University undergraduate students, Kampala - UgandaPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC276 Dramatic reductions in time to ART initiation among HIV+ individuals referred to HIV care following home-based testing services: Experiences from the HPTN071(PopART) trial between 2014 and 2017Poster ExhibitionC49
THPEC277 Making combination prevention packages work for adolescent girls and young women through PEPFARPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC278 Service workers in group (SWING): Addressing multi-level HIV risks associated with male sex workers through key population-Led comprehensive approach in Bangkok and PattayaPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC279 Differential trends in biomedical HIV prevention among younger and older men who have sex with men in a treatment as prevention environment: A 5-year prospective cohort studyPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC280 School attendance and sexual behavior among adolescent girls and young women living in high-burden settings and receiving conditional cash transfer: Description of the MP3 youth cohortPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC281 Mapping of key populations of Morocco: Empowering communityPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC282 New South Wales HIV strategy 2016-2020: Working towards ending HIV transmissionPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC283 HIV free testing services and distributions of incentives to indigent students in Orozo community, Nasarawa State Nigeria: Impact of incentives as a mobilization strategyPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC284 Combination Prevention among young people in key populations: A Brazilian experience through peer-to-peer educationPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC285 Depression and anxiety as risk factors for delayed care-seeking behavior in HIV positive individuals in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC286 HIV-positive women's perspectives on integrating a screening and brief intervention (SBI) for harmful alcohol use into HIV post-test counseling in Ugandan fishing villages: Assessing acceptability and barriers to implementationPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC287 High rates of linkage to care outside referral clinics in Botswana: Implications for accurate counting of PLHIV linked to carePoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC288 Implementing World Health Organization (WHO) recommended Linkage services: Methods, outcomes, and costs of the Bukoba Tanzania combination prevention evaluation peer-delivered linkage case management program, 2014-2017Poster ExhibitionC49
THPEC289 Achieving the first two UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets on completion of a three-year universal testing and treatment (UTT) intervention in the HPTN 071 (PopART) randomised trial in Zambia and South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC290 Reaching men and young adults: Methods and outcomes of a 2.5 year comprehensive facility-and community-based HIV testing intervention in Bukoba Municipal Council, Tanzania, 2014-2017Poster ExhibitionC49
THPEC291 Is it time to integrate innovative combination prevention approaches with conventional peer outreach to enhance HIV case-finding? An experience from IndiaPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC292 Community-based interventions as an entry point for men to access HIV testing servicesPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC293 Achieving HIV programming goals with male sex workers (MSW) and men who have sex with other men (MSM) through the innovative application of information, communication and technology platformsPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC294 Misunderstanding PrEP among rural Latino Immigrants: Likening PrEP to reproductive health strategiesPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC295 Optimizing the HIV yield through targeted community-based HIV testing strategies: Experience of resources towards elimination of child vulnerability in Côte d'IvoirePoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC296 HIV testing patterns in two community-based approaches to universal test and treat in the HPTN 071 (PopART) intervention in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC297 Integration of PrEP as combination prevention among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) in public health facilities in Kenya. A case of Mombasa CountyPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC298 Reaching more key and vulnerable population with HIV services through combination prevention campaignPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC299 HIV testing rates among young women aged 15 - 24 years in Nigeria: A situation analysisPoster ExhibitionC49
THPEC300 Sheroes: Feasibility and acceptability of a community-driven, group-level HIV intervention program for transgender womenPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC301 Outcome evaluation of HIV prevention interventions for people who use drugs in Ukraine based on a bottom-up common factors approachPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC303 Leveraging social networks and technology for HIV prevention and treatment with transgender womenPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC304 Repurposed technology: The process of integrating location-based alerts into an HIV testing app for young men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC305 Acceptability and feasibility of m-health application for young MSM/TGs using real time data: Lessons from end line assessment of cohort populationPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC306 A qualitative study of perceived barriers and facilitators to the implementation of social network testing for HIV among MSM with a non-Western migration backgroundPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC307 Addressing social support and social isolation in online interventions for young Black MSM and transgender women: Examining the role of peer-to-peer sharingPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC308 Coaching: Leveraging existing evidence-based interventions (EBI) to create a scalable, adaptable implementation model to increase uptake of the HIV prevention continuum among youthPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC309 Dance for hope, dance to the light: A school-based multimodal approach to address HIV epidemic among youth in Pasig City, PhilippinesPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC310 Radio as a tool used by girls in Gulu and Gomba-Uganda to broadcast their own created programs around gender roles and HIV preventionPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC311 GayOk Bangkok: Increasing PrEP awareness among young gay men in Bangkok with a scripted web seriesPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC312 Factors related to lack of HIV-screening in people attending French adult erotic industry showsPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC313 Improvement in HIV care continuum outcomes among young Black men who have sex with men: Results from forum engagement in in the HealthMPowerment interventionPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC314 A mobile app improves anti-retroviral therapy adherence in HIV-positive stimulant-using men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionC50
THPEC315 Impact of third party supports on increased access to condoms and outreach services amongst a community-based cohort of sex workers in Canada (2010-2016): Implications for HIV prevention and policy reformPoster ExhibitionC51
THPEC316 'Community Squad' a vehicle to address violence against female of sex workers (FSWs)Poster ExhibitionC51
THPEC317 Preventing HIV in Botswana through support networks of young womenPoster ExhibitionC51
THPEC318 Increasing trends in PrEP use in young men who have sex with men from 2014 - 2016: Interim findings from the P18 cohort studyPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC319 Attrition of HIV-exposed infants from early infant diagnosis services in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysisPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC320 Daily or event-driven PrEP? Interim results of “Be-PrEP-ared”, a PrEP demonstration project among men who have sex with men in BelgiumPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC321 HIV treatment outcomes among female sex workers and men who have sex with men in CameroonPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC322 Dapivirine vaginal ring-004: Male partner perceptions and experiencesPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC323 Retention on ART within the HPTN 071 (PopART) universal testing and treatment programme in Zambia and South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC324 On feasibility and effect of extended Integrated next step counseling on subjects' adherence to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in the Senegal PreP demonstration projectPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC325 Bi-directional communication in a text-messaging intervention with pregnant and postpartum women living with HIV in KenyaPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC326 Randomized controlled trial of daily text messages to support adherence to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW): PrEP Brasil pilot substudyPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC327 Retention-in-care after implementation of a phone-call tracing strategy, in HIV-infected individuals on antiretroviral treatment in GuineaPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC328 Acceptability of a mobile health intervention to improve retention in care among young adults living with HIV in Peru: A mixed-methods evaluationPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC329 Sports betting centres and mobile health engagement: How to find, link, and retain men for HIV prevention or treatmentPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC330 Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence in Black men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW) in a community setting in HarlemPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC331 Predictors of PrEP continuation among young men who have sex with men (YMSM) in the U.S. that participated in the EPIC studyPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC332 High postpartum retention in treatment among HIV positive women who were aware of their HIV status during pregnancy: Results from the Malawi population-based HIV Impact Assessment 2015-16Poster ExhibitionC52
THPEC333 Determinants of early retention in HIV care for newly diagnosed HIV-positive pregnant and lactating women in UgandaPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC334 A qualitative evaluation of women's experience receiving drug feedback in MTN-025/HOPE - an HIV prevention open-label trial of the dapivirine vaginal ringPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC335 Beyond the biomedical: PrEP failures in a cohort of young Black men who have sex with men in Atlanta, GAPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC336 Predictors of self-reported adherence to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), including barriers and facilitators, among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW): PrEP Brasil Demonstration StudyPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC337 Predictors of loss to follow-up among HIV-infected children in rural Kenya: A retrospective cohort analysisPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC338 Missed clinic appointments in the first six months of care and long term retention of HIV positive adults at a large Urban HIV clinic in UgandaPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC339 Why they get lost: Results of tracing of children lost to follow-up from an HIV programme in lower Eastern KenyaPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC340 Predictors of 1-month retention on PrEP for the general population in the public sector: A longitudinal study in routine care in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC341 Factors associated with loss to follow up among HIV patients with unsuppressed viral load in primary healthcare clinicsPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC342 Viral load outcomes in a cohort of alcohol consuming PLHIV receiving ART in Mumbai, IndiaPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC343 Understanding the uptake and retention patterns of PrEP users in Zimbabwe by sub populationPoster ExhibitionC52
THPEC344 Which MSM are most at risk of becoming HIV-infected in West Africa? (CohMSM ANRS 12324 - Expertise France)Poster ExhibitionC53
THPEC345 Health Messaging from by the people or FOR the people? A comparative visual content analysis of crowdsourced and government HIV postersPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC346 Social contexts as mediators of risks in Rwandan men who have sex with men (MSM): Implications for HIV infection and other STIsPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC347 Micro-planning, an effective tool for building the bridge and breaking barriers in HIV programming for female sex worker - Ekiti State experiencePoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC348 Social media for HIV/AIDS education among men who have sex with men with hearing impairment in Osogbo, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC349 Ensuring Linkage to care among key populations in high HIV burden townships in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC350 Towards increasing domestic financing for civil society organizations in the HIV response: Accreditation of HIV clinical services provided by key populationsPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC351 Mobile testing, ART enrollment and prescription refill may be linked to higher linkage to care and retention for men who have sex with men in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC352 Effectiveness of key population led HIV programmes in achieving the 90-90-90 for most-at-risk-populations in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC353 Low awareness of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for protection against HIV transmission among HIV-infected women in HIV-serodiscordant couples in Kenya: Results from a nationwide surveyPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC354 Harm Reduction Community Client Model (HRCCM) for follow up, recruit test and treatment of positive living People Who Inject Drugs (PWIDs)Poster ExhibitionC53
THPEC355 Escorted referral by peer navigators improved linkage to HIV care and treatment services for FSW in Mzuzu, MalawiPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC356 HIV prevention and linkage to care among female sex workers in Malawi: Results and lessons learned from the MSF Corridor ProjectPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC357 Does knowledge of HIV status affect sexual behaviors? A longitudinal analysis of female sex workers in Uganda and ZambiaPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC358 Differentiated service delivery models for HIV testing among female sex workers: Lessons from the LINKAGES project in Blantyre, MalawiPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC359 Factors associated with HIV non-testing among female sex workers in India: A roadmap to achieve the UNAIDS first 90-90-90 targetPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC360 Female sex workers as peer educators in HIV prevention program in Ibadan, Nigeria, foundation for family health experiencePoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC361 Creating collaborative, client-friendly health services for key populations in Zambia: Overcoming stigma, discrimination, and HIV with sensitivity training for health workersPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC362 PrEP implementation among gay and bisexual men in a policy vacuum: The power of cross-sector collaboration in New ZealandPoster ExhibitionC53
THPEC363 Driving innovation at the community level: How leveraging human resources for health in the private health sector can help scale and sustain HIV/AIDS prevention and treatmentPoster ExhibitionC54
THPEC364 Social franchising of community-based HIV testing and linkage to care services: An evaluation of a pilot study in Tshwane, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC54
THPEC365 Same-same but different: Expanding HIV testing and PrEP to new MSM subpopulations through the private-sector Pulse Clinic in ThailandPoster ExhibitionC54
THPEC366 Working with financial institutions to integrate sexual reproductive health promotion and HIV prevention into financial literacyPoster ExhibitionC54
THPED367 Making police officers allies in HIV prevention for adolescents using drugs in Kharkiv, UkrainePoster ExhibitionD59
THPED368 Barriers to condom use among young men who have sex with men in LebanonPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED369 Men's beliefs about likelihood of HIV seroconcordance in couples with an HIV-positive female partner: Evidence from rural UgandaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED370 Evaluating the reach of a prevention campaign for men who have sex with men in Quebec, CanadaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED371 Engaging youth in digital discussions about HIV and discrimination: How the initiative #UNAIDSChallenge caused a buzz in BrazilPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED372 Gaps in delivery and uptake of patient-centered HIV testing: Provider and community leader perspectives on HIV testing in fishing and non-fishing villages around Lake Victoria, KenyaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED373 HIV knowledge trends during an era of rapid antiretroviral therapy scale-up: An analysis of 35 sub-Saharan African countriesPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED374 Trends of people's HIV/AIDS knowledge and attitude in 42 sub-Saharan African countriesPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED375 Longitudinal studies of HIV risk perception and sexual risk behaviour in east Zimbabwe 2003-2013Poster ExhibitionD59
THPED376 HIV intervention using interactive voice response (IVR) for key populationsPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED377 Promoting HIV risk awareness among key population through tablet-based outreach risk screening in CambodiaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED378 Predicting sexual assertiveness among Black womenPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED379 Factors associated with HIV status disclosure to partners and its outcomes among HIV- positive women attending care and treatment clinics in Kilimanjaro region, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED380 Impact of workplace HIV interventions on HIV knowledge and risky sexual practices among key and priority populations in UgandaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED381 Should the permanent deferral for blood donation among MSM be revisited: A cross-sectional study in 3 metropolitan cities in China?Poster ExhibitionD59
THPED382 #WhatWomenWant: HIV prevention that works for adolescent girls and young women. Results of a consultation with adolescent girls and young women to operationalise UNAIDS HIV prevention guidancePoster ExhibitionD59
THPED383 Substance use, adherence to antiretroviral therapy, and sexual risk behaviors among people living with HIV in Guangxi, ChinaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED384 AHF Checkpoint Kyiv: Effective marketing to increase HIV testingPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED385 Following the WHO new global guidance on the use of hormonal contraceptives among people at a high risk: What next for women at a substantial risk?Poster ExhibitionD59
THPED386 Beliefs about HIV treatment-as-prevention among young adults in rural South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED387 Beyond clinicians' recommendations: Understanding the underlying reasons for infant feeding choices among HIV-infected women in the Eastern Cape, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED388 Shaping policy with science and stakeholders: Development and administration of a survey on U=U messaging in New York StatePoster ExhibitionD59
THPED389 Egocentric networks, HIV knowledge and status disclosure: Case of St. PetersburgPoster ExhibitionD59
THPED390 I will give you medicine but your behavior is not worthy? ?!” Exploring access to health services by transgender women, female sex workers and people who inject drugs in MalawiPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED391 Expanding access - saving the future: Taking HIV testing to village health facilities increased the access to pregnant women. Results from Global Fund supported AHANA project in 9 states of IndiaPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED392 Reasons for failed linkage to care across four facilities in Lusaka, ZambiaPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED393 Experiences of patients on the quality of service delivery influencing the uptake of antiretroviral treatment in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED394 Healthy Mothers, safe babies: EMTCT through strengthening public health system: Result from plan India's Global fund supported Ahana project in 9 state of IndiaPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED395 Improving pediatric HIV testing and counseling and linkage to care: A pilot in UgandaPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED396 Improved utilization of the national pediatric and adolescent HIV/AIDS/TB call center through targeted marketing: Lessons from Baylor-UgandaPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED397 Understanding the experiences of adolescents living with HIV in the context of lay health worker service delivery in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED398 Preventing loss to follow up at health facilities during transitioning from pediatric to adult clinic by adolescents living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED399 Identification of barriers and potential strategies to improve the performance of publicly-funded healthcare facilities for people living with HIV in Mexico: A mixed methods and user-centered approachPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED400 Healthcare providers' attitudes and willingness to prioritize HIV prevention and treatment for gay and transgender communities in Manila, Philippines: An opportunity for provider-focused interventionsPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED401 “There's More to HIV than a Pill”: Operationalizing and measuring a harm reduction approach to HIV clinical carePoster ExhibitionD60
THPED402 The effect of differentiated care interventions on the workload of facilities providing ART in Onandjokwe district in Northern NamibiaPoster ExhibitionD60
THPED403 Community-based HIV care and treatment: Differential care among stable key population positives in GhanaPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED404 Outsiders, Insiders and Intermediaries: Village Health Teams' negotiation of roles to provide high quality HIV care in Nakaseke, UgandaPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED405 Bridging the gap: Reaching men for HIV testing through religious congregations in rural South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED406 Using m-counseling to increase linkage into care among HIV positive men who self test. A TASO Masindi experiencePoster ExhibitionD61
THPED407 Index partner testing in the community key to identifying new people living with HIV (PLHIV)Poster ExhibitionD61
THPED408 Food security and nutrition vulnerability assessment among people living with HIV in South SudanPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED409 Improving referrals from health facilities to community based structures: Strategies used to improve referrals in the Rwenzori Region in UgandaPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED410 Improving linkages and retention for TB clients through community health workers: A case study of Rwenzori, UgandaPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED411 Pathway to improved health outcomes and graduation of orphans and vulnerable children in the context of a generalized HIV/AIDS epidemic. Experience from Swaziland Umliba Loya Embili projectPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED412 Achieving viral load suppression for men who sell sex to men (MSM/MSW) in Nairobi: A community led and centered approachPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED413 Virtual outreach finds hard-to-reach HIV+ MSM in CambodiaPoster ExhibitionD61
THPED414 What are socio-demographic characteristics associated with uncollected HIV test results among caregivers of orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania?Poster ExhibitionD61
THPED415 HIV serostatus disclosure to sexual partners and HIV sexual risk behavior among people living with HIV in Botswana: Population-based household surveyPoster ExhibitionD63
THPED416 Tetanus toxoid vaccination-PrePex active surveillance cascade in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionD65
THPED417 The remaining 37%: How male circumcision (MC) in Zambia is contributing to the first 90Poster ExhibitionD65
THPED418 A public-private partnership approach to expand VMMC uptake in Khomas Region, NamibiaPoster ExhibitionD65
THPED419 The factors that affect the low uptake of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision amoung adult malea (20-39 years of age) in Gauteng Province, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD65
THPED420 Drug resistance mutations in patients enrolled in Rapid Start: Experiences from a New York City community health centerPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED421 HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy usage are negatively associated with belief in supernatural determinants of health: A nationwide survey from ChinaPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED422 'Treat All Policy' in Ghana: Unique approaches for HIV positivity and ART initiation among key population in fast tracking the 90/90/90 targetsPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED423 Mobile application for PLHIVPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED424 Reasons for true loss to follow ups in patients on anti retro viral treatment in Maharashtra State, IndiaPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED425 Responding to ART non-adherence by strengthening youth resiliency in an under-resourced setting using TI_CTBTe youth leader modelPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED426 Factors associated with late presentation of paediatrics on anti-retro-viral therapy in Mashonaland East province, ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionD66
THPED427 Why young African American MSM (YAAMSM) ages 18-29 who are living with HIV in the Southern region of the United States do or do not take HIV treatment regularlyPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED428 Poor rates of linkage to HIV care and treatment uptake after home-based HIV testing among 15-49 year-old men and women in a high HIV prevalence setting in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED429 Changes in disclosure, adherence and patient experiences of communication following the 'Early access to ART for all' intervention in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED430 Factors affecting linkage to HIV care and ART initiation following referral for ART by a mobile health clinic in South Africa: Evidence from a mixed-methods studyPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED431 HIV-positive women's attitudes towards and willingness to use long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy (ART): A qualitative study in San Francisco, New York and ChicagoPoster ExhibitionD66
THPED432 Women's attitudes and perceived barriers towards long-acting injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) versus long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy (ART): Results from a mixed-methods study in Chicago, New York and San FranciscoPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED433 Predictors of non-use of PrEP among gay and bisexual menPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED434 Considering bias in the provision of PrEP: Reflections from early-adopting prescribersPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED435 Factors associated with condomless sex without PrEP among men who have sex with men enrolled in the ANRS-IPERGAY OLEPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED436 Experiences of pill-taking and attitudinal covariates of PrEP adherence among men who have sex with men - findings from the VicPrEP implementation project, MelbournePoster ExhibitionD67
THPED437 PrEP acceptability and preferences among a respondent-driven sample of MSM at high-risk in India: A discrete choice experimentPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED438 Bypassing policy inertia: How a collaborative, multi-channel advocacy campaign secured PrEP funding in New ZealandPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED439 Preparing for PrEP: Community-level challenges on PrEP uptake and use among Hijras and transgender women in Mumbai, IndiaPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED440 Is willingness enough? Exploring physician perspectives on pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention and discriminatory attitudes towards key affected populations in UkrainePoster ExhibitionD67
THPED441 Community preparedness for HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among transgender women (TGW) in India: A cross sectional surveyPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED442 Limited PrEP awareness and use among young men who have sex with men and transgender women in Metro DetroitPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED443 Community-led assessment of awareness and willingness to use HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the PhilippinesPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED444 Acceptability of PrEP-based HIV prevention options among men who have sex with men in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED445 A missing perspective: Injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for people who inject drugsPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED446 Comparative acceptability and preferences for oral, injectable, and ring-based PrEP: A project Shikamana mixed-methods study among Tanzanian female sex workersPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED447 PrEP uptake among female sex workers in Kenya: Issues and challengesPoster ExhibitionD67
THPED448 What would it be for? The potential impact of HIV prevention technologies on young people's sexual lives in environments of inhibited hopePoster ExhibitionD67
THPED449 Reality vs. perception: Differences in self-reported behavioral risk compensation between PrEP users and non-users in a large sample of American MSMPoster ExhibitionD69
THPED450 Vaginal health and HIV prevention: Improving HIV programming for adolescent girls and young women by addressing vaginal practicesPoster ExhibitionD70
THPED451 Community based response to stop HIV in Guatemala: Combined prevention for and from the gay community in Guatemala cityPoster ExhibitionD70
THPED452 How to develop effective comprehensive sex education? The 'Long Live Love' program - an example from the NetherlandsPoster ExhibitionD71
THPED453 Footprints of school based sexuality education in Uganda: Straight talk foundation's experiencePoster ExhibitionD71
THPED454 High school students' knowledge and attitudes towards HIV/AIDS: Baseline measures and the effectiveness of a nationwide, school-based program for HIV prevention and stigma reduction in GreecePoster ExhibitionD71
THPED455 The evidence on out of school Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)Poster ExhibitionD71
THPED456 Finding them where they are: The potential of online social networking service for adolescent sexual health promotionPoster ExhibitionD71
THPED457 Access to comprehensive sexuality education and information by young people in schools and linkages to HIV/STI servicesPoster ExhibitionD71
THPED458 The whole school approach for sexuality education: A model for improving the implementation of school-based sexuality education?Poster ExhibitionD71
THPED459 Supporting HIV treatment retention and adherence through community mobilizationPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED460 Developing the Y+ South Africa NetworkPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED461 Capacity development for improved performance of organizations serving key populations with HIV servicesPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED462 Barriers to vaccine delivery: Polling mothers to determine best practice for vaccine trials and vaccination campaigns in Bamako, MaliPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED463 Better together? A systematic review examining the effectiveness of HIV prevention interventions that involve building or strengthening social ties in low- and middle-income countriesPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED464 MSM and TG/Hijra CBOs contribution to achieve SDGs: Promising practices and community system strengtheningPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED465 Strengthening the identification and diagnosis of disability among children and adolescents living with HIV - a peer-led responsePoster ExhibitionD72
THPED466 Using an engendered, integrated community-based approach to HIV prevention among adolescent boys in peri-urban SwazilandPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED467 Center for friendly testing - network of people with HIV / AIDS Mar del Plata accessibility to HIV prevention, diagnosis and care in HsH, trans, sex workersPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED468 Communities in the lead: The Botswana experience with community-led health improvement to achieve epidemic HIV controlPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED469 Community entry experiences in implementing a model to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence (GBV) and HIV in a highly prevalent GBV Community in Wakiso, UgandaPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED470 Engaging MSM of color leaders in guiding HIV prevention, outreach and service deliveryPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED471 Effect of duration of association with community-led organization on female sex workers' self-efficacy and self-confidence: Evidence from five Indian statesPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED472 The effectiveness of mentor mother programmes as a community intervention strategy to reduce vertical transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)Poster ExhibitionD72
THPED473 Building HIV-positive and HIV-negative pregnant adolescent and young mother's knowledge, skills, resilience and problem solving abilities through a home visiting program (HVP) using a novel case management approachPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED474 Good clinical treatment outcomes: A comprehensive community peer led model by reach out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS InitiativePoster ExhibitionD72
THPED475 Getting young people on board: How a community-based peer-led approach can improve SRH including HIV service uptake in rural ZambiaPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED476 “It's never too late” - building confidence of vulnerable adolescent girls to prevent HIV infection through sista2sista girls only clubsPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED477 Galvanizing the voice and action of religious and cultural leaders as champions and advocates for widows and orphans affected by HIV/AIDS in KenyaPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED478 Empowering sub-Saharan immigrants in sexual health in Paris greater area: Results from the Makasi pilot studyPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED479 The role of ethnic identity and psychological empowerment in HIV and drug use prevention for Black and Hispanic female adolescents in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED480 Exploring the role of social asset building in reducing risk of HIV infection among adolescent girls and young women in Mutare District, Manicaland, ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionD72
THPED481 Healthy Entrepreneurs: Using a business model to build sustainable community health systems, improving access to health products and HIV knowledge for adolescent girls and young women in rural UgandaPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED482 Low-literate women leading the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in hard-to-reach areas of CameroonPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED483 Optimism and acceptance of longitudinal community response to a HIV combination prevention package in Zambia, the HPTN071 (PopART) studyPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED484 Engaging males who have sex with males (MSM) in community-based HIV prevention programs in South Africa: Examining positionality as subjects and objects of scientific enquiryPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED485 Key population-led health services are increasing access to HIV services among transgender women sex workers in Pattaya, ThailandPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED486 Addressing high burden of tuberculosis in First Nations communities through the high incidence strategy: An evaluation project in northern Saskatchewan, CanadaPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED487 GET TEST: Use of entertaining social networks for attracting hard-to reach MSM to HIV testing and linkage to treatmentPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED488 HIV community advisory boards for clinical trials in low- and middle-income countries: A scoping review of challengesPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED489 A 2nd CHANCE (Creating a Healthy And Nurturing Community Environment): Linkage and retention for women living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED490 Community led Drop-in-Center (DIC) - an initiative towards sustainabilityPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED491 Combining social science methods with mechanisms for community empowerment for the codesign of effective digital health interventions in HIV: Lessons learnt from the H2020 EmERGE projectPoster ExhibitionD72
THPED492 Two steps forward, one step back? Critiquing the repeal of a mandatory disclosure law in NSW, AustraliaPoster ExhibitionD73
THPED493 Compromise and action: The engagement of 30 cities in Brazil to Fast Track their response and reach 90-90-90 by 2020Poster ExhibitionD73
THPED494 Who's on deck? Building the leadership bench of women living with HIV in the federal policy advocacy arenaPoster ExhibitionD73
THPED495 Mobilizing civil society for the HIV treatment cascade: Measures of democracy and its impact on diagnosis rates among PLHIVPoster ExhibitionD73
THPED496 Social media utilization among HIV/AIDS organizations: A survey of the online community created by groups improving HIV healthPoster ExhibitionD73
THPED497 Civic engagement to end AIDS: Identifying predictors of voting and advocacy participation among community-based HIV service organization clients and staffPoster ExhibitionD73
THPED498 Social cohesion events: Suriname Men United's experience with an innovative outreach approach to reach new men who have sex with men and transgender people in SurinamePoster ExhibitionD74
THPED499 Health services and LGBT population in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Talking about "be different, be you!"Poster ExhibitionD74
THPED500 Impact of HIV on infant- and young child-feeding practices and modelling the impact of resultant stunted growth on child mortality in Buhweju district, Southwest UgandaPoster ExhibitionD74
THPED501 A behaviour-centred design approach to creating demand for oral PrEP among young women in Masiphumelele, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD74
THPED502 ? unique, youth-led on-line resource for teenagers from EECAPoster ExhibitionD74
THPED503 Female sex workers (fsws) as game-changers, take up the challenge to organize towards ending HIV in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD74
THPED504 Participatory empowerment education to increase effectiveness of peer-led health promotion for HIV testing among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender (TG) populations: Evidence from PakistanPoster ExhibitionD74
THPED505 Community-based services for expanding HIV testing access, coverage and linkage to care from the perspective of combined prevention. A Ecuadorian experiencePoster ExhibitionD74
THPED506 Strategies to engage men in HIV testing and care through community mobilization activities in rural Mpumalanga, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD74
THPED507 Use of mobile vehicle to scale up uptake of VMMC in rural Uganda: Experiences from use of The AIDS Support Organization-TASO Rukungiri mobile vehiclePoster ExhibitionD74
THPED508 How to make an active community in indifferent society: Young people who use drugs response to the drug use criminalization in LithuaniaPoster ExhibitionD74
THPED509 Family dynamics and health-related quality of life of persons living with HIV/AIDS attending a comprehensive treatment and care center in Southwest NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD75
THPED510 How will social norms about parenting influence parental support of adolescent girls and young women's (AGYW) use of PrEP? Perspectives from parents in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD75
THPED511 From serodiscordant to magnetic: The feasibility and acceptability of a pilot psychoeducational group intervention designed to improve relationship qualityPoster ExhibitionD75
THPED512 Role of family dynamics in impacting HIV care in Tanzania: Implications for intervention developmentPoster ExhibitionD75
THPED513 What really matters? Moving towards a greater understanding of male partner involvement in PMTCTPoster ExhibitionD75
THPED514 Uthando Lwethu “Our Love” intervention for South African heterosexual couples: Impact on couple communication, partner equality, and more equitable gender normsPoster ExhibitionD75
THPED515 Transmission Information and support needs of the HIV-negative partner in HIV-serodiscordant relationships: Results from the Canadian national Positive Plus One studyPoster ExhibitionD75
THPED516 Understanding the barriers and facilitators to retention in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission care: A qualitative study of HIV positive women in KenyaPoster ExhibitionD76
THPED517 Healthy moms and healthy infants: 12 years of successful mother to child HIV transmission prevention in a community health center in Bamako, MaliPoster ExhibitionD76
THPED518 Systematic review of factors influencing access to HAART by pregnant woman living with HIV in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD76
THPED519 Developing HIV consulting skills among gynecologists in RussiaPoster ExhibitionD76
THPED520 Mothers' experiences of early infant diagnosis for HIV in Option B+ programmes and the implications for their engagement in care: Qualitative evidence from South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD76
THPED521 Partner disclosure patterns are associated with ART uptake and outcomes in Malawi's PMTCT program: A mixed method studyPoster ExhibitionD76
THPED522 Financial education and improved financial management positively impacts transgender persons' livelihoods and reduces high-risk behaviours in IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionD77
THPED523 Men's perspectives on the impact of female-directed cash transfers on gender relations: Findings from the HPTN 068 qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD77
THPED524 Homelessness and incarceration are associated with elevated mortality rate among people living with HIV in Ontario, Canada: Findings from the CIHR-funded positive spaces, healthy places studyPoster ExhibitionD78
THPED525 Effect of family conferencing on psychological stress of caregivers: Single blinded randomized control trial on caregivers of infected children attending a HIV clinic in North Central Nigeria over 3 monthsPoster ExhibitionD78
THPED526 Postnatal depression in women with HIV in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionD79
THPED527 A novel approach to addressing structural drivers of HIV: Community Benefits AgreementsPoster ExhibitionD79
THPED528 On air with positive living youth outreach: How HIV-positive youth in Lesotho are using radio and community outreach to empower their peers and combat stigmaPoster ExhibitionD80
THPED529 Interventions for healthcare providers to improve treatment access and reduce stigma and discrimination towards MSM-TGPoster ExhibitionD80
THPED530 Developing a national strategy for addressing HIV stigma in Scotland: An effective tool in addressing HIV stigmaPoster ExhibitionD80
THPED531 Intersectionality of stigmas in Senegal: Differences in stigma outcomes among people living with HIV, transgender women, and cisgender men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD80
THPED532 Reducing the negative impact of empty ARV bottles on environement by recycling them into Artifacts as communication tools, income generating household products and souvenirs for future generationsPoster ExhibitionD80
THPED533 Police knowledge, attitudes and practices on key populations, HIV and health in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD80
THPED534 Unexpected benefits of a targeted web series on hiv and sexual health for ”hidden” MSM populations in singaporePoster ExhibitionD80
THPED535 Anticipated HIV stigma and HIV testing among Chinese men who have sex with men: A longitudinal cohort analysisPoster ExhibitionD80
THPED536 Stigma-reduction m-health programming and measurement: Evaluation study of most-at risk and most-in need populations in urban IndiaPoster ExhibitionD80
THPED537 Low demand for harm reduction services and assistance for young people who use drugs in Makeyevka, UkrainePoster ExhibitionD81
THPED538 Post-discharge peer telephone support program to help complex clients transition from hospital to communityPoster ExhibitionD81
THPED539 Dispelling the myths and fallacies fuelling deadly drug policies in Southeast AsiaPoster ExhibitionD81
THPED540 The association between medical pluralism and treatment adherence among patients initiated on antiretroviral treatment in rural South Africa: A prospective cohort studyPoster ExhibitionD82
THPED542 Prevalence of traditional medicine use by pregnant HIV positive women in an urban setting in Zimbabwe: A cross sectional studyPoster ExhibitionD82
THPED543 Exploring the drivers of user costs as a barrier to accessing HIV testing from Rural MalawiPoster ExhibitionD83
THPED544 Barriers to healthcare and prevention among MSM in the Middle East and North AfricaPoster ExhibitionD83
THPED545 Transport challenges can hinder access to HIV care and treatment services in fishing communities around Lake Victoria in Uganda: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD83
THPED546 HIV care is fine, but what if I get the flu?Poster ExhibitionD83
THPED547 Factors associated with non-vaccination in people living with HIV (PLH) in ArgentinaPoster ExhibitionD83
THPED548 HPV self-sampling acceptability and preferences among HIV-infected women in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionD83
THPED549 Higher rates of vaccination among PLH compared to general population in ArgentinaPoster ExhibitionD83
THPED550 Adversities, social support, resilience, and health-related quality of life among people living with HIV in Guangxi, ChinaPoster ExhibitionD83
THPED551 Factors associated with high STIs in Murehwa district, Mashonaland East province, ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionD83
THPED552 Anal cancer screening in HIV-infected youth at an urban community health center: Performance evaluationPoster ExhibitionD83
THPED553 Beyond 90-90-90: The legacy of the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Melbourne and Victoria, AustraliaPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED554 Health provider perspectives on implementation of same day ART initiation 6 months after policy change in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED555 The precarious balancing act between evidence and policy making; key factors that affect evidence use for HIV prevention policyPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED556 National policy on nurse-initiated management of ART supports decentralization of HIV services in NamibiaPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED557 Unclogging antiretroviral therapy clinics for people living with HIV: Success of community based delivery of antiretrovirals in CameroonPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED558 Cities leadership as a gamechanger making sustainable 90-90-90 achievable in HIV and TB in EECA regionPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED559 What would it take to build a stronger infrastructure to understand PrEP utilization?Poster ExhibitionD84
THPED560 Aligning Botswana's national HIV testing services guidelines to the era of Treat AllPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED561 Toward early diagnosis of HIV infection: A population-based case-control study of routine opt-out testing services in TaiwanPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED562 How AIDS advocacy supports universal health coveragePoster ExhibitionD84
THPED563 Treat All: WHO policy adoption and implementation status in countriesPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED564 Scaling up harm reduction, but too slowly: Removing legal barriers to supervised consumption services in CanadaPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED565 Barriers to transition from donor support to Uganda government ownership in context of PEPFAR´s ´geographic prioritization´ policy: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED566 A framework for value-based financing of integrated care for persons living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED567 Improving access to HIV testing & counselling services in menPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED568 Trilateral cooperation between Brazil, Japan and Mozambique: Unifying practices and expertise to strengthen the decentralization process in Gaza and Nampula provinces in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionD84
THPED569 Monitoring strategies for HIV drug resistance in PrEP rollout settingsPoster ExhibitionD84
THPED570 “Nothing for us without us”- community ownership of treatment progrmmes through monitoring of OI/ART services by PLHIV in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionD84
THPED571 Mobilizing local governments' responses towards the welfare of hijras/transgender women in India: Steps towards improved social well-being of trans peoplePoster ExhibitionD85
THPED572 The case of Peru: Evidence-based sexuality education in the curriculum contributes to reduce inequalities and to prevent HIV in schoolsPoster ExhibitionD86
THPED573 Equal rights to health: Reducing discrimination towards persons living with HIV in healthcare settings in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD86
THPED574 A human rights approach to successfully change national aviation laws to enable people living with HIV to train as pilotsPoster ExhibitionD86
THPED575 Success of inter-associative advocacy strategies for access to dolutegravir in MoroccoPoster ExhibitionD87
THPED576 Mercosur-European union free trade agreement: Impact analysis of TRIPS-plus measures on public purchases and domestic production of HIV and hepatitis C medicines in BrazilPoster ExhibitionD87
THPED577 Assessing the effect of test and start policy on HIV treatment uptake in Nigeria: A segmented regression analysisPoster ExhibitionD87
THPED578 Humanitarian crisis and access to HIV services in Nigeria: An analysis of national ART programme coverage from 2014 - 2016 in states with humanitarian crisisPoster ExhibitionD87
THPED579 Civil society mobilization for the Compulsory License in PerúPoster ExhibitionD87
THPED580 Advocacy for gender affirmation care in the United States: Learning from the injectable estrogen shortage and its implications for HIVPoster ExhibitionD87
THPED581 The Strategy of ART optimization in regional AIDS Centers of UkrainePoster ExhibitionD87
THPED582 Better targeting of existing investments in prevention is needed to focus on interventions with proven impact: Prevention resources need to double by 2020 to reach Fast Track targetsPoster ExhibitionD88
THPED583 A “foreign agents” law in Russia: Away from the “90-90-90” agendaPoster ExhibitionD88
THPED584 Trends of rapid initiation of antiretroviral therapy among newly diagnosed HIV-positive patients at a tertiary referral center in TaiwanPoster ExhibitionD88
THPED585 Not “Siri” but SIMONE! - technological and data-driven solutions to improve treatment retention rates among people living with HIV in BoliviaPoster ExhibitionD88
THPED586 Religion in the United Nations (UN) political declarations on HIV/AIDS: An interdisciplinary, critical discourse analysisPoster ExhibitionD88
THPED587 Removing legal barriers to reduce HIV-related impacts on key populations in ten African countriesPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED588 Does awareness of the 2010 Cross River state HIV/AIDS anti-discrimination law influence the experience of HIV stigma among people living with HIV/AIDS in Cross River state of Nigeria?Poster ExhibitionD89
THPED589 Independent multi-country review of community engagement in global fund grant processes: Lessons learned, key principles, and ways forwardPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED590 How does integrating HIV and TB services affect health outcomes for HIV-TB coinfected patients in Ukraine? Results from an impact evaluationPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED591 Effects of PEPFAR's geographic prioritization on HIV and non-HIV services and health systems in Kenya: A mixed methods evaluationPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED592 Building bridges to improve HIV-positive women's access to breast-milk substitutes: Research from six different regions in the Russian FederationPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED593 Evaluating the impact of the Affordable Care Act on HIV trends in the USPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED594 Changes in HIV and Non-HIV service delivery outcomes at the subnational level associated with PEPFAR funding shifts in Kenya and UgandaPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED595 The working group on criminalization of HIV exposure: A multisector partnership at the intersection of law, policy and sciencePoster ExhibitionD89
THPED596 Availability and affordability of ARV´s: Observatory of access to medicines in ArgentinaPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED597 A critical evaluation of drug policy environment in Ukraine: Implications for prevention and treatment of substance use disorders and HIV among people who use drugsPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED598 Trends of greater vulnerability of black and mixed color men who have sex with men (MSM) to develop and die of AIDS compared to white MSM São Paulo State, BrazilPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED599 Revisit methadone maintenance treatment service in Indonesia after 14 yearsPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED600 “Without insurance and without Ryan White and without Virginia ADAP, I don't know where I would be:” clients' perspective on the Virginia AIDS Drug Assistance Program's Affordable Care Act ImplementationPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED601 Evaluating progress towards triple elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B in the Netherlands, 2012-2015Poster ExhibitionD89
THPED602 Using the 2016 UN general assembly special session and the 2019 high level meeting on drugs to strengthen the HIV response for people who inject drugsPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED603 Monitoring of access to treatment and social services for people living with HIV and its impact on treatment adherence in Russia: Results of SIMONA+ community-based projectPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED604 An updated assessment of WHO guidelines of treating and preventing HIV infection. Concerns on methodology and transparencyPoster ExhibitionD89
THPED605 Empowering community-based organizations led by men who have sex with men to increase demand, uptake and retention in HIV prevention and treatment Côte d'Ivoire: Three years of cascade resultsPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED606 From incarceration to community-based drug addiction treatment in AsiaPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED607 Facilitated Transition in closure of trials involving HIV positive participants in Uganda: A grounded theory studyPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED608 Young key populations in Myanmar's first national youth policyPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED609 Evaluation of Integrated social marketing campaign to promote HIV treatment and health insurance coverage in VietnamPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED610 The peer navigation model successfully facilitates linkage of eligible key populations to treatment in IndiaPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED611 Improving care and treatment access for children and adolescents affected by HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe through the expanded integrated model for paediatric AIDS care and treatment (EIP)Poster ExhibitionD90
THPED612 Case management approach to upscale antiretroviral therapy (ART) uptake among people who inject drugs (PWIDs) in HIV high prevalence states, MalaysiaPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED613 Reaching the unreached through the use of social media application for service deliveryPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED614 Brazilian eHealth strategy for expanding, strengthening and monitoring ART adherencePoster ExhibitionD90
THPED615 Comprehensive model of the client involvement in HIV testing and treatment: USAID RESPECT Project ExperiencePoster ExhibitionD90
THPED616 Reaching people online via chat-based PrEP navigation services: The PleasePrEPMe: Connect experiencePoster ExhibitionD90
THPED617 Leveraging mobile technology through helpline counseling: An effective strategy for accelerating progress toward Ghana's 90/90/90 targets for key populationsPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED618 Dating App to prevent HIV: A Brazilian eHealth project with/for young gay peoplePoster ExhibitionD90
THPED619 Easy to preach difficult to practice - experiences of evidence-based programme managementPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED620 Desired characteristics of an eHealth enabled peer support intervention to address psychosocial and health system barriers to care among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED621 Nurse-led open access program to improve engagement in HIV treatment and care services at an urban community health centerPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED622 The role of community organisations in negotiating with generic suppliers for equitable access to PrEPPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED623 Equitable access of PMTCT services in humanitarian setting with the involvement of conflict affected communityPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED624 Reaching the “unreached”: Secondary distribution of needles/syringes for people who inject drugs reduces harm for the most vulnerable in Northeast IndiaPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED625 Combining research and advocacy is key to the HIV response. An example from MoroccoPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED626 Evaluation of PrEP demand creation and uptake among young women in a Cape Town township: The 3P studyPoster ExhibitionD90
THPED627 Costing comprehensive approaches to address human rights-related barriers to HIV servicesPoster ExhibitionD91
THPED628 Contributing one dollar for HIV&AIDS by businesses: A sustainable funding strategy for workplace and community responsesPoster ExhibitionD91
THPED629 There may be harm in not asking: The state of behavioral and social science research in global HIV prevention researchPoster ExhibitionD91
THPED630 Story mapping to maximize resource allocation for key population (KP) HIV intervention in GhanaPoster ExhibitionD91
THPED631 Lessons learnt from a novel HIV care & treatment funding model for health facilities in Nigeria, a resource constrained country: The reimbursement for incidentals (RFI) funding modelPoster ExhibitionD91
THPED632 Integrating viral hepatitis, HIV, and opioid addiction advocacy: A successful campaign in North CarolinaPoster ExhibitionD91
THPED633 Active position during procurement process to cut the price of ARVs and diagnostic helps to expand the access to treatmentPoster ExhibitionD91
THPED634 Working with children and young people as agents of change for better SRH/HIV health outcomes in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionD92
THPED635 Mapping the impact of the expanded Mexico City Policy for HIV/ family planning service integration in PEPFAR-supported countries: A risk indexPoster ExhibitionD92
THPED636 Assessing the family planning needs of people living with HIV in Cross River and Akwa Ibom states, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD92
THPED637 Integration of prevention of mother-to-child transmission within antenatal and postnatal care, and its impact on HIV service delivery and utilization: A mixed methods study in rural Tanzania and MalawiPoster ExhibitionD92
THPEE638 Results of a cost-effectiveness analysis of HIV testing algorithms in UkrainePoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE639 Reaching the first “90” in HIV testing: Implications for efficiency and resource allocation decisions in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE640 PrEP for priority populations in Vietnam has the potential to cost-effectively decrease HIV incidence in urban settings: A mathematical modeling analysisPoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE641 Cost and efficiency of short messing service (SMS) and peer navigation to improve linkage and retention for patients newly enrolled in HIV care in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE642 Discontinuing cotrimoxazole preventive therapy in ART-stable HIV-positive adults in Uganda: An economic evaluationPoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE643 Cost-effectiveness of integrating buprenorphine/naloxone for opioid use disorder into treatment for HIV/HCV co-infected persons who inject opioids in the U.S.Poster ExhibitionE15
THPEE644 Modeling the cost-effectiveness of repeat maternal HIV testing in Kenya and South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE645 Work and home productivity of HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals in Zambia and South Africa: A cross-sectional baseline survey of the HPTN071/PopART trialPoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE646 Economic evaluation of HIV self-testing in outpatient departments in Malawi: Results from EQUIPPoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE647 Model estimated cost-effectiveness of integrating cervical cancer screening and treatment with LEEP vs. cryotherapy into HIV care clinics in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE15
THPEE648 Costs of two rounds of home-based HIV testing and counselling in Zambia: Evidence from the HPTN 071(PopART) studyPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE649 Capacity building of rural healthcare providers used as a tool to scale-up early infant diagnosis in Southeast NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE650 Characteristics and costs of optimized background therapy for treatment of heavily treatment-experienced adults with multidrug-resistant HIV-1 in the US: A clinical trial analysisPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE651 Cost data to inform purchasing of antiretroviral treatment services across borders: A cross-country comparison of first and second line adult and pediatric antiretroviral treatment costs in Kenya, Rwanda and UgandaPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE652 Relationship between client age profile and unit expenditure among PEPFAR-supported voluntary medical male circumcision programs for HIV prevention, 2015Poster ExhibitionE16
THPEE653 Hepatitis C treatment regimens in Russia in 2017: Drug choice compromises in the context of intellectual property and registration barriersPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE654 Enhancing program efficiency through service integration, population focus and geographic localization: Finding and treating HIV, syphilis, and cervical cancer in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE655 Cost effectiveness analysis of nationally scaled point-of-care diagnostic platforms compared to central laboratory models for routine viral load monitoring of HIV-positive Kenyans on antiretroviral therapyPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE656 Differences in antiretroviral drug prices between low and middle income countriesPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE657 Viral hepatitis C elimination strategy in Vietnam: Willingness to pay for treatment among patients receiving antiretroviral therapy and methadone treatmentPoster ExhibitionE16
THPEE658 Integrating PMTCT into primary health care services for virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: Facilitators for and barriers to integrated services in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE17
THPEE659 HIV/Syphilis co-infection among antenatal clinic attendees and their partners in Njombe region, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE17
THPEE660 Post natal clubs: A differentiated model of care integrating maternal, child health and prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) in Khayelitsha, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE17
THPEE661 Challenges to implementation of prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in Kalimantan, IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionE17
THPEE662 Non-presentation to antenatal care impacts birth outcomes and PMTCT uptake in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionE17
THPEE663 Acceptability and primary outcomes of an integrated early childhood development (ECD) program for Option B+ mothers in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE17
THPEE664 Paraprofessional home-visiting improves maternal caregiving for mothers living with and without HIV over the first two years of life in rural South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE17
THPEE665 Achieving the first two 90s through provider-initiated testing and counselling at family planning clinics in Ibadan, South West NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE18
THPEE666 Clinical characteristics of people with tuberculosis drug resistant according to HIV status in BrazilPoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE667 Policy implementation gap of isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) among people living with HIV in limited resource setting: Lessons from NepalPoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE668 Expanding use of TB-LAM for HIV+ individuals with CD4< 200: Evidence from MSF operational research and beyondPoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE669 Using a targeted approach to boost TB case-finding among vulnerable children - the SMILE experiencePoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE670 Engaging private medical practitioners for early HIV screening and treatment initiation of tuberculosis (TB) patients in MaharashtraPoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE671 Achieving systemic and scalable quality assured private sector engagement in HIV/TB care and prevention in Nigeria - successes and lessons learnt from the building models for the future (BMF) projectPoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE672 Community health workers facilitate access to tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic services for clients with limited access to health carePoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE673 Low ART coverage of TB/HIV infected patients in Central Asia: Results from Kazakhstan and KyrgyzstanPoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE674 Task shifting increased Isoniazid preventive therapy uptake and completion among people living with HIV in secondary health facilities South-East NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE19
THPEE675 Strengthening capacity of county planning and budgeting for sustainable health financing: An experience from the devolved health system in Lamu County, KenyaPoster ExhibitionE20
THPEE676 Results from a rapid health workforce assessment of PEPFAR-supported facilities in three counties in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE20
THPEE677 Increasing availability and access to life-saving ART commodities through improved inventory management and forecasting using a commodity management supportive supervision scored checklist: Case study of five coastal counties of KenyaPoster ExhibitionE20
THPEE678 Advancing youth-led social accountability in adolescent and youth HIV/sexual reproductive health and rights programs in public health facilities within 4 districts of Uganda: Achievements & lessons learnt from 2015 to 2017Poster ExhibitionE21
THPEE679 Reaching at-risk adolescent men who have sex with men through social media and instant messaging in Thailand for HIV prevention service provisionPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE680 Understanding organizational incapacities on reaching adolescents living with HIV in Lagos, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE681 Providing peer-led female sexual reproductive health (SRH) services to adolescents in rural South Africa: Lessons learned from delivering youth services in rural KwaZulu-NatalPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE682 Feasibility and challenges of mobile phone peer mentoring and education support in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE683 Innovative Africaid Zvandiri model increasing uptake of HTS among HIV positive adolescents in 10 high burden districts in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE684 Addressing stigma and discrimination in Tanzania: The missing piece to make a health system work for youthPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE685 Status of access to HIV and sexual & reproductive health care services for adolescents and young people in Tanzania: Findings from an abstraction of secondary routine health facility dataPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE686 Implementing adolescent and youth friendly services in Cape Town, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE687 Operationalizing and implementing the U.S. CDC's guidelines for youth: Will this stop new infections and improve health outcomes?Poster ExhibitionE21
THPEE688 Adolescent-specific provider training and provision of services is associated with retention in Kenyan HIV clinicsPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE689 Tracking through teaching: Using schools to reach the first 90 for adolescents living with HIVPoster ExhibitionE21
THPEE690 Sustainable laboratories for key population-led HIV services in Thailand: Mentoring and twinning lead to government accreditation and financingPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE691 Vulnerability of PLHIV to nutrition, food security shocks in RwandaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE692 Curated “meet-ups” to engage online men at risk of HIV in a service delivery program in Jakarta, IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE693 Barriers in access to treatment, care and support services for people living with HIV in BangladeshPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE694 Ending AIDS: Harmonising the role of adolescents and young people living with HIV (A/YPLHIV) networks in AfricaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE695 Peer navigators develop mobile application for enhancing HIV knowledge in the fight against stigma among youths in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE696 Healthcare workers' and patients' experiences during implementation of the Fast Track model: Piloting differentiated ART service delivery in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE697 The reality of “Universal Test and Treat” strategy for clients tested in the community: Measuring the linkage to care time frames and its impact on the implementation of UTTPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE698 The effectiveness of different pediatric HIV testing approaches in reaching the first 90 in LesothoPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE699 Lessons learned in implementing China Aids Fund for non-governmenetal organizationsPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE700 Chikurubi maximum prison: Good practice to support the implementation and scale-up of differentiated ART delivery for key populations living in prisons and correctional facilitiesPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE701 Leveraging a community-led HIV testing approach to reach female sex workers in the geographic areas uncovered by the national program in IndiaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE702 A sustainable MSM-led HIV prevention, care and treatment service provision model in VietnamPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE703 Crowdsourcing to expand HIV testing services: A pragmatic, stepped wedge randomized controlled trial in ChinaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE704 Improving retention of HIV positive clients in care by conducting real time follow up of clients using full time community health workers (CHWs): An experience of five districts in Western UgandaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE705 Community/facility strategies to promote adherence to ART and VL awareness amongst PLHIV in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE706 From blueprint to action: On track to Ending the Epidemic (ETE) by end of 2020 in New York State through policy and program changes and community engagementPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE707 An innovative approach to HIV prevention: Equipping healthcare providers with knowledge, tools and empathy to provide inclusive, rights based and gender sensitive services to MSM and TGPoster ExhibitionE22
THPEE709 Reaching the second 90: Improving coverage of paediatric ART uptake and quality of care using a technical assistance strategy at 46 health facilities in Haiti: Results from EQUIPPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE710 Keeping the next generation HIV free: Collaborative effort on scaling up of early infant diagnosis in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE711 Building the capacity of health care workers and rural clinics to implement early infant diagnosis in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE712 Understanding barriers and needed actions to improve HIV care for children in low income settings: Insights from five Ugandan districtsPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE713 Lack of disclosure of HIV status and ART intake from pregnant women at delivery may jeopardize the optimal choice of PMTCT strategy. Preliminary results of the ANRS 12344-DIAVINA trialPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE714 Optimizing EID outcomes: A cluster-randomized efficacy trial of the HIV infant tracking system (HITSystem) in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE715 Predictors of timely ART initiation among HIV-positive infants in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE716 Evaluation of a comprehensive approach to close the paediatric HIV programme gap in Johannesburg, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE717 Evaluation of PMTCT program performance using HIV exposed infants final outcomes in eight districts of mid-western UgandaPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE718 Factors affecting formal education of children living with HIV in Coastal Kenya: Findings from a qualitative inquiryPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE719 A move towards targeted case-finding: A comparison of HIV testing modalities implemented by two unfinished business clustersPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE720 Improvements in pediatric HIV case identification across 17 health facilities in Lagos, Nigeria: A quality improvement collaborative approachPoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE721 Reaching the unreached HIV positive children with quality care & treatment through telemedicine: An innovative pilot initiativePoster ExhibitionE23
THPEE722 High rates of successful tracing and re-engagement in HIV care using Expert Clients in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE723 Improving the efficiency and timeliness of healthcare workers to manage HIV viral load and EID patients through a digital result reporting platformPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE724 Progress towards elimination of new HIV infections in Oyo State, Nigeria, through prevention of mother to child transmission of HIVPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE725 Are you ready? Patient readiness for ART in treat all era, ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE726 Patients' satisfaction with HIV care providers in public health facilities in Lusaka - a study of patients who were lost-to-follow-up from HIV care and treatmentPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE727 Determining denominator - national effort to firm data on Lost to Follow up (LFU) on treatment for optimization of resourcesPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE728 Early linkage to care by index patient design at large scale - experience from Vihaan care and support programme IndiaPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE729 How a mobile HIV testing service in South Africa uses a centralised call centre to strengthen linkage to care among newly-diagnosed HIV positive clientsPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE730 Decentralization of ARV refill in Njombe region, Tanzania; USAID Boresha Afya Southern Zone strategy towards reaching the 'hard-to-reach' patientsPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE731 High linkage and retention in HIV treatment among men who have sex with men receiving health navigation services in Guatemala CityPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE732 Bridging communication gap in HIV treatment programs through Closed user group (CUG) mobile technology: Approach to HIV patient monitoring and referrals services on the strengthening integrated delivery of HIV/AIDS services projectPoster ExhibitionE24
THPEE733 Time to first viral load testing among HIV positive pregnant women initiated on Option B+ at 5 government clinics in KampalaPoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE734 Status of provision of isoniazid preventive therapy for people living with HIV and lessons learnt from the challenges in the programmatic implementation and expansion in IndiaPoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE735 Program science, program planning, and HIV/STD program practices in Miami, Florida, USA 2012-2018Poster ExhibitionE25
THPEE736 Role of onsite mentorship and coaching in reducing viral load sample rejection rates: A case study of Kabarole district in western UgandaPoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE737 Guidelines on the go: Evaluation of clinical cards for New York State medical providersPoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE738 Lessons learnt from delivering Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to vulnerable populations at high risk of HIV infection in the public health sector in BrazilPoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE739 Time to antiretroviral therapy initiation under universal test and treat strategy in Swaziland: A stepped-wedge implementation trialPoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE740 Assessment of barriers towards achieving the 3rd 90: Experiences from Midlands province in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE741 Understanding the impact of policies for delivering universal antiretroviral therapy on the health workforce in Tanzania and Malawi: Evidence from repeated health facility surveys from 2013-2017 and qualitative interviewsPoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE742 Implementation of the action plan for health sector response to HIV for WHO European Region: Early results from EECA and non-EU/EEA countriesPoster ExhibitionE25
THPEE743 Control and treatment of tuberculosis among migrants in Almaty City, KazakhstanPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE744 Scaling-up HIV testing, treatment, care and support for men who have sex with men, transgender and sex workers in LiberiaPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE745 Reaching the rural in Uganda: A cluster-randomised exploration of community health entrepreneurs' impact on sexual and reproductive healthPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE746 Medicycles: Using micro-financed motorcycle taxis and cost-sharing to ensure continuity of care in difficult-to-reach Ugandan villagesPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE747 Main adverse reactions motivating the substitution of Dolutegravir in antiretroviral therapy regimens in BrazilPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE748 Health4All: A technology-enabled, locally relevant campaign to reduce stigma and discrimination against key populationsPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE749 Lessons from implementing SKILLZ for life: A sport-based HIV and life skills programme for youth with intellectual disabilities in Namibia, Nigeria, and South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE750 Implementation of a comprehensive HIV and stimulant prevention intervention with Cambodian female entertainment and sex workers reduces sexual and drug risk and addresses multiple vulnerabilitiesPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE751 Scalability of SKILLZ for Life: A sports-based behaviour change HIV/AIDS and Malaria programme for young people with intellectual disabilitiesPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE752 Increasing HIV screening, diagnosis, and treatment in a large Zambian correctional facility: Interim results from a prison-focused universal test and treat programPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE753 Partnering with correctional authorities to improve access to HIV prevention and linkage to antiretroviral therapy for prisoners in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE754 Virtual communities of practice effectively support providers attending to underserved populations in settings with high HIV burden in Africa and AsiaPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE755 Adaptation, implementation and evaluation of a tele-mentoring program for the Namibian HIV health workforcePoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE756 Health system strengthening in rural Nigeria: Focus on HIV programmesPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE757 Reaching underserved populations living with HCV: Pairing treatment with intensive navigation to improve adherence and completion of HCV treatment during and after incarceration in San Francisco JailsPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE758 The Grantee as an essential public health service manager in collaborative governance for care and treatment of target populationsPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE759 Barriers to delivering HIV treatment services to internally displaced persons in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE760 Assessment of an enhanced linkage to care model: Promising results from a pilot project in two New York City HIV clinicsPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE761 Cascade model of mentorship for mixed cadre HIV prevention outreach teams to enhance health services among female sex workers in East Central Uganda, process, achievements, lessons and conclusionsPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE762 A conceptual model for linking and transitioning previously incarcerated women with HIV in the US South to clinical and social services to support post-release adjustmentPoster ExhibitionE26
THPEE763 Task shifting for point-of-care early infant diagnosis testing: Comparison of error rates between nurses and specialized laboratory trained personnelPoster ExhibitionE27
THPEE764 Expert clients are associated with improved client tracing among HIV-positive adults who struggle to engage in ART under Test and Treat in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE27
THPEE765 Acceptability and effectiveness of lay provider HIV testing among key populations in Vietnam: Results from an intervention evaluationPoster ExhibitionE27
THPEE766 Task shifting and mobile technology for HIV drug-drug interaction screening in UgandaPoster ExhibitionE27
THPEE767 Can oral fluid based rapid HIV test facilitated by Frontline health workers provide a feasible option for screening among pregnant women in rural India?Poster ExhibitionE27
THPEE768 Predictors of controlled CD4 count and blood pressure in an integrated chronic disease management model in a rural South African settingPoster ExhibitionE28
THPEE769 Substantial hypertension care-seeking costs for patients on ART in Malawi: A survey of patients receiving treatment for HIV at an integrated care sitePoster ExhibitionE28
THPEE770 Evaluating the impact of community-based adherence clubs on the clinical outcomes amongst ART patients in the Cape Winelands district of Western Cape Province of South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE28
THPEE771 Implementing community-based adherence clubs for stable HIV-infected patients in South Africa. Lessons learned from patient and health worker experiencesPoster ExhibitionE28
THPEE772 Decentralization of antiretroviral therapy to the family health strategy: Effectiveness of a new delivery strategy for HIV care in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPoster ExhibitionE28
THPEE773 Certification of HIV-care to improve structural and process components in 25 HIV treatment centres in the NetherlandsPoster ExhibitionE28
THPEE774 Community HIV care and treatment for female sex workers in Ethiopia: Successful service provision through drop in centersPoster ExhibitionE28
THPEE775 Barriers and facilitators to implementation of trauma-informed care services at a large, urban HIV treatment center in the Southern United StatesPoster ExhibitionE29
THPEE776 Empowerment is a key factor in wellness and healing for women living with HIV who have experienced lifetime traumaPoster ExhibitionE29
THPEE777 How does disclosure of parental HIV impact children in sub-Saharan Africa?Poster ExhibitionE29
THPEE778 Impact of male involvement beyond PMTCT: Male partner practical support improves maternal mental health in rural ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE29
THPEE779 Lahore first MSM organization get recognition with National AIDS control program of MSM issues in HIV epidemicPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE780 Innovative grant governance mechanism: Civil society ensuring transparency & accountabilityPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE781 Towards resilient health systems through government centred partnerships using a culture change model: A paradigm shift in the Malawi southern regionPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE782 Redefining partnership: The importance of coordination in HIV implementation programsPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE783 Providers in private practices are indispensable to achieving the targets for triple 90 in HIV epidemic control: Experiences from Private Health Sector Project in EthiopiaPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE784 In-service biomedical training in Kenya: Upskilling technicians on lab equipment critical to the HIV clinical cascadePoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE785 Nutrition status of PLHIV in drought-affected regions of KenyaPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE786 CheckME?: An integrative Smartphone app for HIV/STI prevention and sexual health promotion tailored for MSM in PortugalPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE787 Building effective partnerships to achieve the 90-90-90 treatment targets: Lessons in advocacy from UgandaPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE788 Effectiveness of synergy of HIV prevention and National Hepatitis C Elimination programs in GeorgiaPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE789 Methadone maintenance therapy uptake, retention, and linkage for people who inject drugs transitioning from prison to the community in Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of a national programPoster ExhibitionE30
THPEE790 Role of partnership in the Accelerating Children's HIV/AIDS Treatment (ACT) initiativePoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE791 Dating app and HIV - making possible an international partnership within the Brazilian governmentPoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE792 Increasing the pool of health workers available for HIV care and treatment services in Kenya through sustainable financing?the Afya Elimu FundPoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE793 Creating open public-private forums can ensure the success of private sector HIV/AIDS service delivery in Côte d´IvoirePoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE794 Collaborative efforts for improving TB services: A case of PS Kenya in Nyanza region of Kenya, private sectorPoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE795 How to make men test early for HIV?Poster ExhibitionE31
THPEE796 Utilizing helpline toll free to support KVP on HIV prevention, testing and treatment - Tanzania casePoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE797 We “BELIEVE” in responsible community engagement: Overview of structure and outcomes in the BELIEVE collaboratory for HIV cure research at the GWU Milken Institute School of Public Health, Washington, DCPoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE798 Integrating public­-private partnerships in development of youth friendly service in ThailandPoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE799 Private sector opportunities to deliver oral PrEP to womenPoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE800 Increased HIV testing and case finding in diverse clinical settings targeting young men who have sex with men in BaliPoster ExhibitionE31
THPEE801 Corrections to community care: An innovate partnership to ensure HIV linkage to care and viral suppression for incarcerated individuals in New York state prisonsPoster ExhibitionE32
THPEE802 An integrated chemsex care and HIV prevention service in Taiwan: The HERO healing, empowerment, recovery of ChemSex modelPoster ExhibitionE32
THPEE803 Increasing HIV case identification and linkage to antiretroviral therapy through nutrition screening: Lessons learned from the Cote d'Ivoire nutrition and community-facility linkages activityPoster ExhibitionE32
THPEE805 Early retention in a newly established Medically-Assisted Therapy Clinic in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE32
TUAA0101 Two-component self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines that present multiple HIV-1 envelope trimersOral AbstractA42
TUAA0102 A CD4-mimetic compound enhances vaccine efficacy against stringent immunodeficiency virus challengeOral AbstractA37
TUAA0103 Oral MVA/protein HIV vaccination with a needle-free injector induces robust systemic and mucosal antibody responses in rhesus macaquesOral AbstractA42
TUAA0104 Long-term data from APPROACH: Phase 1/2a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating safety/tolerability and immunogenicity of vaccine regimens using combinations of Ad26.Mos.HIV, MVA-mosaic and gp140 envelope proteinOral AbstractA42
TUAA0105 HPX1002/IPCAVD010: A randomized controlled trial evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of shorter and simpler vaccine schedules using Ad26.Mos.HIV combined with gp140 Env proteinOral AbstractA42
TUAA0202LB A randomised controlled trial comparing the impact of antiretroviral therapy (ART) with a 'Kick-and-Kill' approach to ART alone on HIV reservoirs in individuals with primary HIV infection (PHI); RIVER trialOral AbstractA24
TUAA0203 Dominant HIV DNA populations present in different T-cell subsets before stem cell transplantation persist in tissues early after transplantation with CCR5Δ32 stem cellsOral AbstractA27
TUAA0204 Rapid rebound of a highly replication competent preexisting CXCR4-tropic HIV variant after allogeneic stem cell transplantation with CCR5Δ32 stem cellsOral AbstractA27
TUAA0205 Modular gene therapy vectors for gene therapy cure in resting immune cellsOral AbstractA27
TUAA0206LB Evaluation of an antibody to Alpha4Beta7 in the control of SIV infectionOral AbstractA25
TUAB0101 Comparative effectiveness of first-line antiretroviral therapy regimens: Results from a large real-world cohort in Brazil after the implementation of DolutegravirOral AbstractB33
TUAB0102 Simplification to dolutegravir monotherapy is non-inferior compared to continuation of combination antiretroviral therapy in patients who initiated combination antiretroviral therapy during primary HIV infection: A randomized, controlled, non-inferiority trialOral AbstractB35
TUAB0103 Dolutegravir monotherapy versus dolutegravir/abacavir/lamivudine for HIV-1-infected virologically suppressed patients: Results from the randomized non-inferiority MONCAY trialOral AbstractB35
TUAB0104 A phase 3b, open-label, pilot study to evaluate switching to elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (E/C/F/TAF) in virologically-suppressed HIV-1 infected adult subjects harboring the NRTI resistance mutation M184V and/or M184I (GS-US-292-1824)Oral AbstractB38
TUAB0106LB Non-inferior efficacy of dolutegravir (DTG) plus lamivudine (3TC) versus DTG plus tenofovir/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC) fixed-dose combination in antiretroviral treatment-naïve adults with HIV-1 infection - 48-week results from the GEMINI studiesOral AbstractB33
TUAB0107LB Non-inferior efficacy for darunavir/ritonavir 400/100 mg once daily versus lopinavir/ritonavir, for patients with HIV RNA below 50 copies/mL in South Africa: The 48-week WRHI 052 studyOral AbstractB35
TUAB0201 Durability and effectiveness of isoniazid preventive therapy in Lesotho, southern AfricaOral AbstractB14
TUAB0202 Drug susceptibility testing, HIV-coinfection and outcomes in patients treated for tuberculosis in low- and middle-income settingsOral AbstractB14
TUAB0203 Xpert MTB/Rif Ultra for earlier diagnosis of TB meningitis in HIV-positive adultsOral AbstractB14
TUAB0204 Risk factors of recurrent TB disease in a setting of high HIV prevalenceOral AbstractB14
TUAB0205 Clinical outcomes with bedaquiline use when substituted for second-line injectable agents in multidrug resistant tuberculosis: A retrospective cohort studyOral AbstractB14
TUAB0206 Safety and efficacy of dolutegravir-based ART in TB/HIV co-infected adults at week 48Oral AbstractB14
TUAC0101 HIV incidence trends among the general population in Eastern and Southern Africa 2000-2014Oral AbstractC2
TUAC0102 Population viral load and recent HIV-1 infections: Findings from population-based HIV impact assessments (PHIAs) in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and ZambiaOral AbstractC18
TUAC0103 Temporal trends of population viral suppression in the context of Universal Test and Treat: Results from the ANRS 12249 TasP trial in rural South AfricaOral AbstractC18
TUAC0104 Trends in percent time spent viremic among persons newly diagnosed with HIV, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2008 - 2016Oral AbstractC11
TUAC0105 HIV prevention in a Fast Track City: Trends in time-dependent HIV cascade indicators among gay and bisexual men attending high HIV caseload testing services in Melbourne, AustraliaOral AbstractC18
TUAC0201 Impact of HIV combination prevention in men who have sex with men, Bangkok, ThailandOral AbstractC25
TUAC0202 Changes in rectal STI incidence and behavioral HIV risk before, during, and after PrEP in a national sample of gay and bisexual men in the United StatesOral AbstractC26
TUAC0203 Reducing risk of male sex partners: HIV testing, treatment, and VMMC of men in PEPFAR-supported DREAMS districtsOral AbstractC49
TUAC0204 Profile of adverse events in a national VMMC program in Mozambique (2009-2017): Reduction in AE with a national scale-up, but three events require further attentionOral AbstractC43
TUAC0205 Results from a cluster-randomized trial to evaluate a microfinance and peer health leadership intervention for HIV and intimate partner violence prevention among social networks of young Tanzanian menOral AbstractC50
TUAC0207LB Integrated biological and behavioural surveillance (IBBS) survey among men who have sex with men in South SudanOral AbstractC11
TUAC0301 Retention in care for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among sex workers of four public health centers in SenegalOral AbstractC42
TUAC0302 Key population-led health services (KP-LHS) critical to PrEP introduction among MSM and TG in ThailandOral AbstractC43
TUAC0303 Comparison of measures of adherence to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW): Results from the PrEP Brasil studyOral AbstractC52
TUAC0304 Uptake of PrEP within clinics providing integrated family planning and PrEP services: Results from a large implementation program in KenyaOral AbstractC42
TUAC0305 Adolescent use of Truvada (FTC/TDF) for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in the United States (2012-2017)Oral AbstractC43
TUAC0307LB Integrating oral HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in a public family planning facility and youth center to inform national roll out in ZimbabweOral AbstractC42
TUAD0101 Study on drug consumption rooms on current practice and future capacity to address communicable diseases like HCVOral AbstractD81
TUAD0102 You don´t feel freedom inside: Causes and factors influencing the adherence to the substitution therapy program in Khujand, TajikistanOral AbstractD31
TUAD0103 Increased methadone dose reduces illicit drug injection among HIV negative methadone clients in MyanmarOral AbstractD31
TUAD0104 Reducing harm caused by drugs: HIV prevention among people who inject drugs in South AfricaOral AbstractD31
TUAD0105 Combatting the HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs in ground zero of the war on drugs - the Afghan experienceOral AbstractD31
TUAD0201 The new AIDS denialism: How criminal courts' dismissal of modern science perpetuates HIV stigma, discrimination and criminalisationOral AbstractD47
TUAD0202 Decriminalizing HIV: How people living with HIV translated quantitative research into community action and legislative transformationOral AbstractD54
TUAD0203 Step by step: Ending unjust HIV criminalization in Canada through community advocacy based on science and rightsOral AbstractD42
TUAD0204 Marginalized women living with HIV at increased risk of viral load suppression failure: Implications for prosecutorial guidelines regarding criminalization of HIV non-disclosure in Canada and globallyOral AbstractD44
TUAD0205 How punitive laws have encouraged human rights violations and increased HIV/AIDS transmission among gays and other men who have sex with men in NigeriaOral AbstractD42
TUAD0301 How loss of PEPFAR support for outreach puts the 90-90-90 targets at risk: Results from a mixed methods evaluation in Kenya and UgandaOral AbstractD72
TUAD0302 What shall be done if donor funding to fight HIV drastically decreases. Transition to sustainable funding of social care services for PLHIV through regional budgets in UkraineOral AbstractD91
TUAD0303 Development of impactful advocacy arguments for domestic investments in HIV response among key population: Experience from EECA regionOral AbstractD91
TUAD0304 Challenges in implementing domestic funding policies for HIV prevention for key populationsOral AbstractD91
TUAD0305 Assessing and overcoming human rights-related barriers to HIV in 20 countriesOral AbstractD53
TUAD0308LB To give birth and die: The needs of HIV-positive mothers for retention in longer-term HIV care and treatment in RussiaOral AbstractD19
TUAD0401 Data, stories, advocacy, leadership: The positively trans approachOral AbstractD33
TUAD0402 Addressing the needs of people with situational gender and ´sexual orientation´ in Tajikistan by HIV servicesOral AbstractD33
TUAD0403 Breaking the wall: Transgender people and Islamic religious leadersOral AbstractD33
TUAD0404 Progressive Botswana court affirms that legal recognition of gender identity is at core of human dignity - transgender persons are fully entitled to constitutional protectionOral AbstractD54
TUAD0405 Developing and pilot testing TRANScending love, a multi-methods arts based workshop with African, Caribbean and Black transgender womenOral AbstractD4
TUAE0101 The impact of performance-based financing on the delivery of HIV testing, prevention of mother to child transmission and antiretroviral delivery in the Cameroon health systemOral AbstractE36
TUAE0102 Diagnosing and treating more infants, faster: Findings from the first multi-country evaluation of routine point-of-care early infant diagnosis in eight sub-Saharan countriesOral AbstractE23
TUAE0103 Improving technical efficiency: Reaching first 90 through community index HIV sexual network testing in Zimbabwe. The case of FHI 360 ZimbabweOral AbstractE33
TUAE0104 Cost-of-testing-per-new-HIV-diagnosis as a metric for monitoring cost-effectiveness of testing programmes in low income settings in Southern Africa: Health economic modelling analysisOral AbstractE15
TUAE0105 Facility-based HIV self-testing for outpatients dramatically increases HIV testing in Malawi: A cluster randomized trialOral AbstractE37
TUPDA0101 Association between immunogenetic factors and post-treatment control of HIV-1 infection. ANRS VISCONTI and PRIMO studiesPoster Discussion AbstractA28
TUPDA0102 HCV treatment with direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) in HIV/HCV coinfected subjects affects the dynamics of the HIV-1 reservoirPoster Discussion AbstractA22
TUPDA0103 IL-10 contributes to, and is a biomarker for, viral persistence in ART-treated, SIV-infected rhesus macaquesPoster Discussion AbstractA21
TUPDA0104 Follicular CD8+ T-cells in gut-associated lymphoid tissue are associated with lower HIV-1 reservoir in the terminal ileum after ART initiated during primary HIV infectionPoster Discussion AbstractA22
TUPDA0105 HIV-1 reservoir diversity and genetic compartmentalization in blood and testisPoster Discussion AbstractA20
TUPDA0109LB Ixazomib reduces HIV-1 reservoir size in a Casp8p41-dependent mannerPoster Discussion AbstractA24
TUPDB0101 Persistent immune activation and depression in rural Ugandans initiating antiretroviral therapyPoster Discussion AbstractB21
TUPDB0102 Variables associated with neuropsychiatric symptoms in PLWH receiving dolutegravir based therapy in phase III clinical trialsPoster Discussion AbstractB21
TUPDB0103 Antiretroviral therapy (ART) interruption is associated with reduced cortical structures compared to uninterrupted ART at age 5 years in HIV-infected children on early ARTPoster Discussion AbstractB59
TUPDB0104 Ongoing white matter alterations in HIV infected and HIV exposed children: A DTI study at 9 yearsPoster Discussion AbstractB59
TUPDB0105 Incidence of stroke in HIV-positive patients: A population-based study in TaiwanPoster Discussion AbstractB20
TUPDB0106 Longitudinal neurocognitive performance in HIV infected individuals in rural UgandaPoster Discussion AbstractB20
TUPDB0107 Integrase inhibitors and neuropsychiatric adverse events in a large prospective cohortPoster Discussion AbstractB21
TUPDC0101 Mortality differences after ART initiation in HIV-positive women from Europe, the Americas and sub-Saharan Africa 2000-2014Poster Discussion AbstractC5
TUPDC0102 High mortality among women living with HIV enrolled in Canada's largest community-based cohort studyPoster Discussion AbstractC1
TUPDC0103 Tracking trends in HIV/AIDS mortality pre-and-post ART: South Africa 1997-2012Poster Discussion AbstractC2
TUPDC0104 Mortality trends among HIV infected patients at Newlands Clinic in Harare, ZimbabwePoster Discussion AbstractC2
TUPDC0105 Trends in mortality among HIV-infected subjects: Differences by HCV coinfection statusPoster Discussion AbstractC1
TUPDC0106 Mortality and cause of death among HIV patients in London in 2016Poster Discussion AbstractC1
TUPDD0101 Self-reported violence, perpetrators, and post-violence care received by key populations in the Integrated MARPs HIV Prevention Program in Cross River State, Nigeria 2016-2017Poster Discussion AbstractD53
TUPDD0102 Partner violence: A significant part of a syndemic among Black men who have sex with menPoster Discussion AbstractD30
TUPDD0103 Prevalence and predictors of violence against female sex workers in ZambiaPoster Discussion AbstractD32
TUPDD0104 “We´re going to leave you for last because of how you are”: Transgender women's experiences of gender-based violence in healthcare, education, and legal settings in Latin America and the CaribbeanPoster Discussion AbstractD51
TUPDD0105 Women who use drugs in Estonia: Human rights violations as deterrents from HIV treatmentPoster Discussion AbstractD42
TUPDD0106 Causes and predictors of mortality among people who inject drugs in Tijuana: 2011-2017Poster Discussion AbstractD31
TUPDD0201 Process as product: Implementing participatory, rights-based research with female sex workers, men who have sex with men, and transgender womenPoster Discussion AbstractD6
TUPDD0202 Adolescent and young people's participation and representation in clinical trials: Lessons from a community-wide HIV testing and treatment study, the HPTN 071 (PopART) studyPoster Discussion AbstractD6
TUPDD0203 Diverging perspectives on the role of a community advisory board at a biomedical HIV prevention research centre in South AfricaPoster Discussion AbstractD6
TUPDD0204 Stakeholder engagement for HIV clinical trials: A systematic review of the evidencePoster Discussion AbstractD6
TUPDD0205 Toward standardized metrics for the conduct of community engagement in HIV biomedical prevention research studiesPoster Discussion AbstractD6
TUPDD0206 GIPA in action: PLHIV leadership and guidance in the development of a new PLHIV quality of life scale for the community and policy sectorPoster Discussion AbstractD6
TUPDE0101 Where are the HIV positives in Kenya? Unmasking testing yield in a spatial contextPoster Discussion AbstractE22
TUPDE0102 Patterns of HIV in the Lake Victoria region, a spatiotemporal analysisPoster Discussion AbstractE55
TUPDE0103 Density mapping of dating app users across time and space in Mumbai, IndiaPoster Discussion AbstractE55
TUPDE0104 Optimizing access for the last mile: Geospatial cost model for point of care viral load instrument placement in ZambiaPoster Discussion AbstractE39
TUPDE0105 Transgender resource mapPoster Discussion AbstractE56
TUPDE0106 Use of geographic information system mapping for scaling-up voluntary medical male circumcision services in TanzaniaPoster Discussion AbstractE33
TUPDX0101 The responsibility of PrEP: A qualitative exploration of men who have sex with men's use of informal PrEP in LondonPoster Discussion AbstractD67
TUPDX0102 Attitudes regarding HIV, PrEP and condom use jointly predict risk compensation among men who have sex with men - findings from the VicPrEP implementation project, MelbournePoster Discussion AbstractD67
TUPDX0103 The new MTV generation: Using methamphetamine, Truvada and Viagra to enhance sex and stay safePoster Discussion AbstractD67
TUPDX0104 High incidence of hepatitis C virus (re-)infections among PrEP users in the Netherlands: Implications for prevention, monitoring and treatmentPoster Discussion AbstractC42
TUPDX0105 Expansion of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among key populations in PEPFAR's global program data, fiscal year 2016-2017Poster Discussion AbstractC5
TUPDX0106 Altered TDF/FTC pharmacology in a transgender female cohort: Implications for PrEPPoster Discussion AbstractB68
TUPDX0107LB Drug-drug interactions between the use of feminizing hormone therapy and pre-exposure prophylaxis among transgender women: The iFACT studyPoster Discussion AbstractC42
TUPEA001 Evaluation of phylogenetic inference methods to determine direction of HIV transmissionPoster ExhibitionA1
TUPEA002 FAVITES: A framework for the simulation of compatible viral transmission networks, phylogenetic trees and sequencesPoster ExhibitionA1
TUPEA003 Universal target capture of HIV sequences from NGS librariesPoster ExhibitionA1
TUPEA004 Near full-length sequence analysis reveals no evidence of HIV-1 replication during therapyPoster ExhibitionA1
TUPEA005 Many introductions but little transmission of HIV-1 non-B subtypes amongst heterosexuals in the NetherlandsPoster ExhibitionA1
TUPEA006 HIV low level viremia can be caused by production of defective virusPoster ExhibitionA1
TUPEA007 Pol replicative capacity impacts disease progression in HIV-1 subtype C infection: Implications for vaccine designPoster ExhibitionA2
TUPEA008 Evidence of high-level Raltegravir (RAL) resistance in patients from South Africa failing second-line antiretroviral therapy (ART)Poster ExhibitionA2
TUPEA009 HIV-1 utilizes cellular galectin-3 to facilitate virological synapse mediated viral transmission and infection among CD4+ T cellsPoster ExhibitionA3
TUPEA010 Analysis of the HIV-1 diversity in the remote areas of the Cape Winelands, Overberg and West Coast districts of the Western Cape Province of South AfricaPoster ExhibitionA4
TUPEA011 Resolving the intersection of HIV and the actin cytoskeletonPoster ExhibitionA4
TUPEA012 Analysis of Vpu-mediated CD4 and tetherin downregulation across major HIV-1 group M subtypesPoster ExhibitionA5
TUPEA013 HIV-1 p55Gag interaction with Dicer induces a dysregulation of specific micro RNAs and other small non-coding RNAsPoster ExhibitionA5
TUPEA014 DDX3 senses abortive HIV-1 RNA transcripts and enhances immunity against HIV-1Poster ExhibitionA6
TUPEA015 Antiretroviral therapy effect on lymphocyte numbers and phenotypes in HIV infected childrenPoster ExhibitionA6
TUPEA016 Neutrophil dynamics during the highly pathogenic SIVsab infection of pigtailed macaquesPoster ExhibitionA6
TUPEA017 SAMHD1 has a central role in restricting HIV-1 in macrophages and is responsive to interferons, viral sensing and tyrosine kinase inhibitionPoster ExhibitionA6
TUPEA018 Evidence for elevated inflammation in young gay and bisexual menPoster ExhibitionA6
TUPEA019 Neutralizing antibody response in HIV-1 CRF02_AG infected subjectsPoster ExhibitionA7
TUPEA020 Broadly neutralizing antibodies and their specificities in chronic HIV-1 subtype C infectionPoster ExhibitionA7
TUPEA021 Broadly neutralizing plasma antibodies obtained from an Indian donor with specificity to linear epitopes in V1 and V4 region of viral Env preferentially neutralize HIV-1 clade CPoster ExhibitionA7
TUPEA022 Generation of immunogens based on virus-like particles carrying HIV-1 envelopes from patients with broadly neutralizing responses within the first 6 months of infectionPoster ExhibitionA7
TUPEA023 Identification of VRC01-like neutralizing antibody response in HIV-1 subtype C infected individuals from Southern IndiaPoster ExhibitionA7
TUPEA024 Characterization of the humoral response directed against the Antisense Protein of HIV-1 in patientsPoster ExhibitionA7
TUPEA025 The lower spare respiratory and glycolytic capacity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from MSM is not associated with CMV infectionPoster ExhibitionA8
TUPEA026 TGFβ1 enhances R5 tropic HIV infection in activated and resting memory CD4 T cells through upregulating CCR5 expressionPoster ExhibitionA8
TUPEA027 Changes in circulating gamma delta T cell subset numbers in immunological and virological responders and non-responders among HIV-infected children on antiretroviral therapyPoster ExhibitionA8
TUPEA028 Antiviral activity correlates with the phenotype and polyfunctionality of stimulated CD8+ T-cells from HIV+ subjects who initiated cART at different time points after acute infectionPoster ExhibitionA8
TUPEA029 Comprehensive analysis of TCR cross-recognition against Gag TL9Poster ExhibitionA8
TUPEA030 Selective immune cell depletion of mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) in whole-blood bactericidal assay (WBA)Poster ExhibitionA8
TUPEA031 An increased of T cell immunity in HIV-infected patients: A post-hoc analysis of the IPROTECT1 therapeutic vaccine Phase II studyPoster ExhibitionA8
TUPEA032 Mucosal IL-7 response in the gut during HIV/SIV acute infectionPoster ExhibitionA9
TUPEA033 Genital inflammation and cervical T-cell activation associated with sexually transmitted infections in adolescent girls and young women at high risk of HIV infectionPoster ExhibitionA9
TUPEA034 Differential genital inflammation associated with Chlamydia trachomatis sequence types in adolescent girls and young women at high risk of HIV infectionPoster ExhibitionA9
TUPEB035 Laboratory development of a modified ELISA assay for HIV-1 incidence estimationPoster ExhibitionB6
TUPEB036 Implementation lessons of integrating early infant diagnosis of HIV at point of care using Xpert® HIV-1 Qual in four public hospitals in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionB6
TUPEB037 Volume and yield of pediatric HIV testing by modality in 21 PEPFAR-supported African programsPoster ExhibitionB6
TUPEB038 Adapting HIV testing algorithms and clinical advice for people with persistently indeterminate test results - a novel national referral clinical servicePoster ExhibitionB6
TUPEB039 Making a big impact on expanding HIV inpatient testing with a small EHR modificationPoster ExhibitionB6
TUPEB040 Performance evaluation of a point-of-care (POC) CD4 test device (Visitect® CD4) for use in resource-limited settingsPoster ExhibitionB7
TUPEB041 Achieving the 3rd 90: Monitoring of viral load testing in Jhpiego- MCSP facilities in Haiti: A program interventionPoster ExhibitionB8
TUPEB042 Field evaluation of the Biocentric® platform for HIV viral load testing utilizing plasma samples in Swaziland: A diagnostic accuracy studyPoster ExhibitionB8
TUPEB043 Increased access to HIV viral load testing among ART patients in Côte d'Ivoire (2015 to 2017)Poster ExhibitionB8
TUPEB044 Are all people on antiretroviral treatment having their HIV viral load monitored? Gaps analysis in Latin America and the CaribbeanPoster ExhibitionB8
TUPEB045 A method to analyze tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) in hair for adherence monitoringPoster ExhibitionB9
TUPEB046 A method to quantify dolutegravir, poised to become first-line therapy worldwide, in small hair samples as a metric of adherence and exposurePoster ExhibitionB9
TUPEB047 Antiretroviral drug resistance among Nigerian men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionB10
TUPEB048 HIV Integrase inhibitors resistance in treatment naïve HIV-1 infected populations in Taiwan: Impact of next generation sequencingPoster ExhibitionB10
TUPEB049 Patterns of antiretroviral drug resistance in a rural HIV-1 infected cohort: Amajuba District, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionB10
TUPEB050 HIV drug resistance analysis by Next Generation Sequencing among HIV infected pregnant women from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPoster ExhibitionB10
TUPEB051 Validation of a cost effective and sensitive HIV-1C integrase genotyping assayPoster ExhibitionB10
TUPEB052 Next generation sequencing of pooled samples provides comparable data to sanger sequencing for the detection of HIV protease inhibitor mutationsPoster ExhibitionB10
TUPEB053 Clinical characteristics of HIV-1-infected patients with multi-drug resistance to antiretroviral therapy - first results from the LOWER studyPoster ExhibitionB10
TUPEB054 Satisfaction with anal cancer screening among men who have sex with men who are at risk for and living with HIV in Abuja, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB055 Effect of CD4 count on the performance of GeneXpert test for tuberculosis (TB) in people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Swaziland: A cross sectional diagnostic studyPoster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB056 Anal, oral and genital distribution of HPV in PrEP-users MSM: Results at baseline of the ANRS IPERGAY HPV sub-studyPoster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB057 Diagnostic value of 18 FDG PET/CT in undiagnosed opportunistic infections among symptomatic HIV/AIDS patientsPoster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB058 Cervical cancer screening and prevalence and treatment of cervical abnormality in women living with HIV: Results from the Malawi population-based HIV impact assessment (MPHIA) 2015-16Poster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB059 Xpert MTB/RIF for rapid diagnosis of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in high HIV and tuberculosis burden settingsPoster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB060 Diagnostic accuracy of Xpert MTB/Rif in detecting pulmonary tuberculosis among people living with HIV at the research institue for tropical medicinePoster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB061 Evaluation of a prototype cobas®MTB assay for use on the cobas® 6800/8800 Systems for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a high burden HIV patient populationPoster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB062 Stopping HIV in its tracks - expanding testing for HIV and a common comorbid infection can halt the epidemicPoster ExhibitionB11
TUPEB063 Predictive value of hepatitis C seropositivity or liver fibrosis scores to detect low CD4+ T­-cells counts following treatment for HIV in Egyptians: A cross-sectional studyPoster ExhibitionB12
TUPEB064 Evaluation of plasma glutathione levels in HIV-infected children in Benin City, Nigeria: A cross-sectional studyPoster ExhibitionB12
TUPEB065 Longitudinal change in leukocyte telomere length and mitochondrial DNA in people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB12
TUPEB066 Plasma biomarkers of systemic inflammation and immune activation in advanced HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa before and during antiretroviral therapyPoster ExhibitionB12
TUPEB067 Peripheral neuropathy in HIV-1 in diverse resource-limited settings: Lost feet on the groundPoster ExhibitionB20
TUPEB068 Subjective and objective improvement on cognition after discontinuing efavirenz in asymptomatic HIV patientsPoster ExhibitionB20
TUPEB069 Different association pattern of each cognitive impairment with age and time of infection in HIV-infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB20
TUPEB070 Brain metabolic markers in HIV-infected individuals with or without antiretroviral therapy by magnetic resonance spectroscopyPoster ExhibitionB20
TUPEB071 The effect of alcohol consumption on specific neuropsychological testing domains in patients enrolled in the Neurocognitive Assessment in the Metabolic and Aging COhort study (NAMACO)Poster ExhibitionB20
TUPEB072 Higher prevalence of neurocognitive impairment among aging HIV-infected women despite lower comorbidities than menPoster ExhibitionB20
TUPEB073 Association between changes in hazardous drinking and subsequent antiretroviral medication adherence, HIV viral control, and condomless sexPoster ExhibitionB21
TUPEB074 Prevalence of depression and suicidal ideation among people living with hiv/aids in a tertiary health facility in Ibadan, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionB21
TUPEB075 Results of anxiety and depression screening as part of routine HIV carePoster ExhibitionB21
TUPEB076 Higher prevalence of depression among aging HIV-positive compared to HIV-negative individualsPoster ExhibitionB21
TUPEB077 Association between access to public distribution system, food security and depression among female sex workers in IndiaPoster ExhibitionB21
TUPEB078 Prevalence and treatment of insomnia in persons with HIV well engaged in medical carePoster ExhibitionB21
TUPEB079 Comparison of depression and anxiety between HIV-positive and HIV-negative peoplePoster ExhibitionB21
TUPEB080 Burden and characteristics of cancer in an HIV cohort at Newlands Clinic, Zimbabwe: A cross sectional descriptive studyPoster ExhibitionB22
TUPEB081 The impact of HIV on hepatocellular cancer survival in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionB22
TUPEB082 Characteristics of HIV positive Rwandan women testing positive for human papillomavirus (HPV) and visual inspection after acetic acid (VIA): Implications for cervical cancer prevention in resource limited settingsPoster ExhibitionB22
TUPEB083 Early detection of anal cancer in men who have sex with men (MSM) living with HIV by incorporating digital anorectal examinations (DARE) into routine HIV care: A prospective cohort studyPoster ExhibitionB22
TUPEB084 Undiagnosed heart disease in a cohort of Malawian HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapyPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB085 Morbidity among HIV-positive people: A population-based study in 43,545 UK patientsPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB086 Effects of Nef exosomes on bystander uninfected cellsPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB087 Is the risk of myocardial infarction in PLHIV associated with atazanavir or darunavir exposure?Poster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB088 Association between CD4 cell count and blood pressure and its variation with Body Mass Index categories in HIV-infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB089 Endothelial colony forming cell function is reduced and negatively associated with activated monocytes in HIVPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB090 Clinical characteristics and mortality outcomes of people Living with HIV (PLHIV) with Atrial Fibrillation in British Columbia, CanadaPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB091 HIV infection, antiretroviral therapy and stroke mortality in South Africa: A population-based cohort studyPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB092 Within subject variability of HDL-cholesterol in HIV-infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB093 Increased type I INF response among HIV infected men with cardiovascular diseasePoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB094 Early detection of cardiac dysfunction in asymptomatic adult HIV-infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB095 Effect of statin on coronary calcium distribution, mass and volume scores and associations with immune activation among HIV+ persons on antiretroviral therapyPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB096 Age moderates the association between HIV infection and carotid intima media thickness: Evidence for elevated risk in younger HIV-infected individualsPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB097 Prevalence of early cardiac dysfunction and covariates in children living with HIV in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB098 Switching from an abacavir (ABC)/lamivudine (3TC)-based regimen to a single-tablet regimen of elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (E/C/F/TAF): Cardiovascular disease risk profile analysis from a randomized controlled study in virologically-suppressed adultsPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB099 Menopause, cardiovascular risk factors, and cerebrovascular function in the women's interagency HIV studyPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB100 CVD risk progression upon initiation of ART in an African cohortPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB101 Prevalence and risk factors associated with carotid plaque and intima-medial thickness in virologically suppressed HIV-infected AsiansPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB102 Predictor of cardiovascular events and mortality in a Spanish cohort of HIV-infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB103 Changes in cardiovascular risk calculation and in fasting lipids in virologically suppressed patients randomized to switch to tenofovir alafenamide versus continuing abacavirPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB104 Cardiovascular disease risk assessments and fasting lipid changes in virologically suppressed patients randomized to switch to tenofovir alafenamide versus continuing tenofovir disoproxil fumaratePoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB105 The potential impact of integrating services for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular outcomes into HIV care in Kenya: A mathematical modelling studyPoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB106 Improvement in the prediction of cardiovascular events by adding HIV-viral load to a cardiovascular risk scalePoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB107 Chronic disease prevalence and management in Australian adults with HIV: Use of a national longitudinal general practice dataset to identify and address gaps in patient carePoster ExhibitionB23
TUPEB108 Prevalence and predictors of bone mineral density among perinatally HIV-infected adolescents on antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the Cape Town Adolescent Antiretroviral Cohort (CTAAC)Poster ExhibitionB24
TUPEB109 Increased beta-2 microglobulinuria predicts low BMD in young HIV+ patients on TDFPoster ExhibitionB24
TUPEB110 Vitamin D does not modulate Immune-mediated bone loss during ART initiationPoster ExhibitionB24
TUPEB111 Bone mineral density and prevalence of osteoporosis in HIV-infected patients in comparison with a reference Spanish population: The importance of local normative rangesPoster ExhibitionB24
TUPEB112 Abnormal bone histomorphometry in men with HIV infection before and after ART initiationPoster ExhibitionB24
TUPEB113 Renal safety of TAF vs. TDF or ABC in a pooled analysis of 27 Phase 2/3 clinical trialsPoster ExhibitionB25
TUPEB114 Estimates of glomerular filtration rate in HIV infected individuals using creatinine and cystatin c based measurementsPoster ExhibitionB25
TUPEB115 The prevalence of impaired renal function in well-treated people living with HIV is low but remains higher than in uninfected controlsPoster ExhibitionB25
TUPEB116 Triglycerides/glucose index is a simple and clinically useful surrogate for insulin resistance among non-diabetic HIV-infected Aging in AsiaPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB117 Obesity and inflammation in HIV+ mono-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the Miami Adult Studies in HIV (MASH) cohortPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB118 No evidence of increased risk of thyroid dysfunction in well-treated people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB119 Higher prevalence of insulin resistance among non diabetes HIV-infected ageing Asian received long term ART compared to HIV uninfected controlPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB120 At risk alcohol consumption increases risk for metabolic comorbidities in persons living with HIV (PLWH)Poster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB121 Weight gain after ARV initiation correlates with increased inflammatory biomarkers and protease inhibitor usagePoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB122 Obesity, overweight and NCDs in HIV+ patients in urban DREAM centres in Mozambique: A review of routine clinical dataPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB123 Incidence and risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus in HIV-positive adults in TAHODPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB124 Immune activation and insulin resistance: Evaluating the association between microbial translocation and insulin resistance in HIV-infected adults in Uganda; a cross-sectional analysisPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB125 Immunosuppression and HIV viremia associated with increased atherogenic cholesterol concentrations in older people with HIVPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB126 F/TAF, E/C/F/TAF and R/F/TAF do NOT contribute to insulin resistance: The TAF-IR studyPoster ExhibitionB26
TUPEB127 A comprehensive assessment of hepatobiliary disorders in HIV-infected patients treated with dolutegravir, elvitegravir, raltegravir or darunavir in the OPERA DatabasePoster ExhibitionB27
TUPEB128 Prevalence and risk factors for significant liver fibrosis evaluated by non-invasive markers in HIV-infected ThaisPoster ExhibitionB27
TUPEB129 Microbiota and gut-liver axis in HIV mono-infection: A pilot study of the impact of the gut microbiome on liver diseasePoster ExhibitionB27
TUPEB130 Predictors of hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in HIV infected and un-Infected adults in the Miami Adult Studies on HIV (MASH) cohortPoster ExhibitionB27
TUPEB131 Elderly patients on antiretroviral therapy with dolutegravir are at increased risk for ALT elevationPoster ExhibitionB27
TUPEB132 Determinants of telomere length in antiretroviral treatment naïve HIV-positive participants enrolled in NEAT 001/ANRS 143Poster ExhibitionB28
TUPEB133 NCDs burden and risk factors in a cohort of HIV+ patients >40 years old in MalawiPoster ExhibitionB28
TUPEB134 Frailty is associated with HIV and female gender in Asians over 50Poster ExhibitionB28
TUPEB135 Comparison of physical health conditions among older adults living with HIV and age-gender matched non-HIV older adults: Chiang Mai, Northern ThailandPoster ExhibitionB28
TUPEB136 Beyond the 60s: Changing co-morbidities in people living with HIV aged over 60 attending clinic in 2010 and 2017Poster ExhibitionB28
TUPEB137 Hospitalization outcomes of HIV-infected patients in a Southeastern US Clinical Cohort, 1996-2016Poster ExhibitionB28
TUPEB138 Vestibular function among Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS) and Women Interagency HIV Study (WIHS) participantsPoster ExhibitionB28
TUPEB139 Treatment of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome with TNF-alpha inhibitors in HIV-infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB29
TUPEB140 Sleep and Circadian disruption interact with HIV, contributing to inflammation and immune activationPoster ExhibitionB30
TUPEB141 Prevalence of and factors associated with anemia among HIV-infected adults in a multi-site African cohortPoster ExhibitionB30
TUPEB142 Obstructive sleep apnea among HIV-infected persons in the highly active antiretroviral therapy era: A nation-wide longitudinal cohort study in Taiwan, 2000 - 2010Poster ExhibitionB30
TUPEB143 Computed tomography quantification of emphysema in people living with HIV and uninfected controlsPoster ExhibitionB30
TUPEB144 Severe periodontitis is more common in HIV-infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB30
TUPEB145 Prevalence of diarrhea in HIV clinical trials in the recent post-combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) era: Analysis of data from 39 clinical trials from 2008-2017 in over 20,000 patientsPoster ExhibitionB30
TUPEB146 The relationship between co-morbidities, physical activity and exercise level in persons living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB30
TUPEB147 Heterogeneity in pulmonary function indices by HIV status and cumulative smoking intensity among well-controlled HIV-infected persons compared to HIV-uninfected participants in the AGEHIV cohortPoster ExhibitionB30
TUPEB148 Patient-reported outcomes among HIV-1-infected adults randomized to B/F/TAF versus DTG/ABC/3TC in two Phase 3 controlled clinical trials over 48 weeksPoster ExhibitionB31
TUPEB149 Failure of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in adults in Australia is mainly due to ART toxicityPoster ExhibitionB31
TUPEB150 Hospitalisations over a year follow-up in a cohort of adults living with HIV with sustained viral suppression in AustraliaPoster ExhibitionB31
TUPEB151 Elevations of serum creatine kinase among HIV-positive individuals receiving dolutegravir-based therapy versus non-integrase inhibitor-based therapyPoster ExhibitionB31
TUPEC152 Risk factors associated with AIDS-related mortality among people living with HIV: A national observational cohort study between 2005- 2017 in Papua New GuineaPoster ExhibitionC1
TUPEC153 Exploring declines in mortality after ART initiation: Evidence from seven sub-Saharan African population-based studies between 2005 and 2014Poster ExhibitionC1
TUPEC154 Time-dependent effect of HCV coinfection in overall and cause-specific mortality in HIV-positive individualsPoster ExhibitionC1
TUPEC155 Antiretroviral treatment scheme complexity predicts AIDS mortality in in Mexico: A longitudinal study from 2012 to 2016Poster ExhibitionC1
TUPEC156 CD4/CD8 ratio normalization and its determinants in long-term virologically suppressed HIV-infected ThaisPoster ExhibitionC1
TUPEC157 Universal test and treat: Loss to follow-up among patients initiated on antiretroviral therapy in South Africa under evidence-based guidelinesPoster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC158 Assessing the clinical significance of persistent low level viremia on subsequent virologic failurePoster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC159 HIV positivity by age among VMMC clients in 14 countries and comparison to PHIA resultsPoster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC160 Inequality in global HIV, TB, and hepatitis C burden from 1990 to 2016Poster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC161 High rates of female sterilization could impact HIV prevalence in high burden areas in India - couple-centered intervention strategies may help in consolidation of prevention gainsPoster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC162 HIV prevalence in Argentina: 5 years of follow-up (2013-2017)Poster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC163 The main ways of HIV transmission in UkrainePoster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC164 National and sub-national HIV/AIDS-related mortality in Iran from 1990 to 2015: A modified approach to estimationPoster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC165 A twenty-six trend analysis of HIV/AIDS mortality in Mexico between 1990 and 2015Poster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC166 Alcohol consumption and its associations with other substance use and HIV infection in Rakai, UgandaPoster ExhibitionC2
TUPEC167 Sexual behavior and STI-related correlates of depressive symptoms among a population of MSM in SenegalPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC168 Association between HPV persistence and HIV in young men who have sex with men: Interim findings from the P18 cohort studyPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC169 HIV transmission clustering among gay men in Nigeria: A genetic distance clustering analysis using a social network modelPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC170 Using syndemics theory to investigate HIV sexual risk affecting gay and bisexual Hispanics/Latinos in Philadelphia, PA: Findings from the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance, 2008-2014Poster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC171 HIV risk behavior outcomes associated with access to resources embedded in MSM and heterosexual social capital networks among MSM in greater TokyoPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC172 Trend in HIV incidence and prevalence in men who have sex with men in Georgia, 2010 to 2015Poster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC173 Migration and risk among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in New York City (NYC)Poster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC174 A lesser-known epidemic: HIV and STI prevalence among key populations in AngolaPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC175 Characterizing resilience and viral load among midlife and older gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC176 High HIV and other STI prevalence among transgender, gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC177 Increasing prevalence rate among MSM in Brazil: Results of a comparison of 2009 and 2016 national surveyPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC178 Why local terms are important: Different behavior and risk profiles of common local variants of men who have sex with men in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC179 Innovative strategies through peer segmentation to reach men who have sex with men (MSM) in GhanaPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC180 HIV treatment and prevention needs assessment: Comparison between younger and older men who have sex with men in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC181 Quality of life and associated factors among men who have sex with men in a metropolis in BrazilPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC182 Prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and their association with sexual behavior and substance use among 1351 MSM in LebanonPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC183 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the association of male circumcision with HIV, and history of Viral and non-viral sexually transmitted infections in Rwandan men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC184 HSV-2 and HSV-1/2 coinfection are associated with HIV among young sexual minority men: Findings from the P18 cohortPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC185 Risk factors for HIV infection among young MSM in Chiang Mai, ThailandPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC186 What is happening to condom use? A longitudinal sexual event-level analysis of anal intercourse by partner HIV status concordance among men who have sex with men in Vancouver, CanadaPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC187 Changing demographic among Latino MSM diagnosed with HIV in Florida, 2006-2015: Implications for primary and secondary HIV preventionPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC188 Prevalence and correlates of group sex participation alongside other risky sexual practices among men who have sex with men in MalawiPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC189 HIV prevalence and incidence among men who have sex with men attending community-based HIV testing and counseling clinics in metropolitan Manila, 2012-2017Poster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC190 HIV epidemics in migrants from Latin America & Caribbean in Europe are driven by MSMPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC191 Bisexuality among men who have sex with men and transgender women in sub-Saharan Africa: Findings from the HPTN 75 studyPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC192 Transactional sex among men who have sex with men participating in the CohMSM prospective cohort study in West AfricaPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC193 Factors associated with discrimination based on sexual orientation among MSM in 12 Brazilian citiesPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC194 Recent decreases in unsuppressed viral load among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in Vancouver, Canada from 2012-2017Poster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC195 Factors associated with unprotected receptive anal sex among MSM in Brazil: A national RDS studyPoster ExhibitionC3
TUPEC196 Virologic outcomes of perinatally infected adolescents in the period of early adolescence in South Africa (10-15 years)Poster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC197 High HIV prevalence among adolescent girls and young women participating in a community-based HIV testing services program in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC198 Timing of maternal ART and mortality risk in HIV-exposed uninfected infants: Findings from a prospective cohort of a nationally representative sample of mother-infant pairs from Zimbabwe 2013-2014Poster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC199 Achieving the second 90: Linking adolescents living with HIV to treatment in rural Malawi in the era of Test and TreatPoster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC200 Survival of children living with AIDS in Brazil - Cohort BIAIDS - BrazilPoster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC201 Special cases in the diagnosis of HIV-1 perinatally infected children younger than 18-month-old from ArgentinaPoster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC202 Mapping and population size estimates of street children in six cities with extrapolation to national level in IranPoster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC203 HIV status awareness among mothers and their under-5 children in Malawi: Results from a population HIV surveyPoster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC204 TB-HIV program monitoring in PEPFAR-supported countries: Screening, prevention, and treatment results for children and adults, October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017Poster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC205 Efficacy of intensive adherence counselling in reversing virologic failure in adolescents on long-term ART in UgandaPoster ExhibitionC4
TUPEC206 Forty percent reduction in HIV prevalence among randomly sampled female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya following intensive prevention programmesPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC207 Intimate partner violence is a key predictor of HIV risk among Black heterosexual women in Baltimore, MD, USAPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC208 The 2014 HIV care cascade and virologic response over time among transgender people in a large multi-site Canadian cohortPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC209 Patterns of HIV risk and viremia among people who inject drugs in a community-based cohort in Baltimore, MarylandPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC210 HIV among female sex workers in Amsterdam, a tale of one city and one specialised health centre (P&G292)Poster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC211 HIV among male sex workers in Amsterdam, a tale of one city and one specialised health centre (P&G292)Poster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC212 HIV testing and treatment cascade among key populations in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC213 Characterizing the role of sexual violence in potentiating HIV risks among transgender women in sub-Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC214 Village community mobilization is associated with reduced HIV incidence in young South African women participating in the HPTN 068 study cohortPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC215 Global assessment of the availability of condoms and conjugal visits in prisons: Preliminary results of a global prison survey commissioned by UNODCPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC216 Building bridges, not walls: Prevalence and correlates of injecting with United States residents among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, MexicoPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC217 The paradox of migration: Assessing protective and risk factors among transgender women in Lima, PeruPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC218 Deconstructing the relationship between non-fatal opioid overdose and HIV/HCV risks among PWID in KazakhstanPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC219 Burden of HIV among young transgender women: Factors associated with HIV infection and HIV treatment engagementPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC220 Uncovering a new at-risk group for HIV infection in Ukraine among adults aged 50 and olderPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC221 HIV prevalence and incidence in adolescent girls and young women in Lesotho: Results from the LePHIA survey 2016-2017Poster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC222 Caregiver depression and child neuropsychological outcomes in an observational study carried out in four sub-Saharan countriesPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC223 Global burden of HIV among Immigrants: A systematic reviewPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC224 Sex work stigma and its effects on healthcare: Data from a large RDS study among FSW in BrazilPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC225 Gender-affirming genital surgery associated with reduced HIV sexual risk among transgender women: A respondent driven-sampling surveyPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC226 Sex work among female workers at the Kokoyo artisanal gold mining site in Mali - results from the ANRS-12339 Sanu Gundo cross-sectional studyPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC227 Disparities in viral suppression and non-adherence to antiretroviral medicines among women living with HIV infection, 2011 - 2016Poster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC228 Association between serodiscordance status and ART use in the African Cohort StudyPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC229 The need to improve HIV care for migrant populations in Botswana: Addressing the unknownsPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC230 Prevalence and risk factors for unsuppressed viral load among HIV positive female sex workers on antiretroviral therapy in Kampala, UgandaPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC231 Factors associated with self-reported utilization of sexual and reproductive health services among Roma women in MacedoniaPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC232 Correlates of HIV infection among transgender women and men who have sex with men in Peru: Implications for targeted HIV prevention strategiesPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC233 Perceived undertreated pain is associated with overdose among older HIV-positive people who inject drugs in Vancouver, CanadaPoster ExhibitionC5
TUPEC234 Latent profiles of behavioral and sexual risk for HIV-negative and positive young African American men who have sex with men: Implication for HIV prevention and pre-exposure prophylaxisPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC235 The young, the old and the risky: HIV risk factors by age among voluntary medical male circumcision clients in Zambia 2017Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC236 Factors associated with mother-child HIV transmission in Uruguay: The importance of goals 90-90-90 in the elimination strategyPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC237 Vulnerabilities to HIV infection among adolescent girls and young women in Selected States in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC238 Comorbidities and antiretroviral therapy treatment failure synergies: A case-control study in low resource settings - Kadoma, Zimbabwe 2017Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC239 An increase in rates of HIV infection among people who inject drugs in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 2016-2017Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC240 Predictors of condomless sex among non-suppressed adolescent MSM and transgender women in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC241 Key drivers of the changing HIV/AIDS epidemic in North-East of IndiaPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC242 Depressive symptoms, substance use and sexual risk behaviors among Black men who have sex with men (MSM)Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC243 Factors associated with sexually transmitted infections among sexually active U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel across a shipboard deploymentPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC244 Trajectories of physical intimate partner violence among adolescent girls in rural South Africa: Who is at consistently high risk? (HPTN068)Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC245 “Probable seroconversion” is associated with having non-tested positive people who inject drugs (PWID) in the referral chainPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC246 Replicable research on anal sex amongst female sex workers in India towards initiation of effective HIV prevention interventions across continentsPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC247 Increased methamphetamine use in Hai Phong, Vietnam and associations with sexual and injection risk behaviors among persons who inject drugs, 2016-2017Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC248 Predictors of abstinence and condom use among rural youth and adults in MalawiPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC249 Accuracy of HIV risk perception in east Zimbabwe 2003-2013Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC250 Drivers of HIV infection in Botswana: Implications for treatment and preventionPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC251 Exploring gender-based violence experienced by female sex workers in Gaborone, BotswanaPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC252 Relationship between intimate partner violence and risk behaviors for HIV/STIs among Black women accessing publicly funded STD clinics in Baltimore, MD, USAPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC253 Dose-response relationships between substance use frequency, self-reported involvement in sexual HIV transmission behaviors and HIV viral load among men who have sex with men in Los AngelesPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC254 The impact of severe drought and HIV in Southern Africa: Results from the LePHIA survey 2016-2017Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC255 CD101 Ig-like variants modify the effect of bacterial vaginosis on HIV acquisitionPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC256 Cannabis use and increased risks for HIV among young black sexual minority males in Los Angeles County, CaliforniaPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC257 Factors associated with risk HIV-infection among pregnant women in Cameroon: Evidence from the 2016 national sentinel sero-surveillance studyPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC258 The association of schistosomiasis and HIV acquisition: A review of the literaturePoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC259 Delayed HIV testing among men who have sex with men in China is common: Findings from the T2T studyPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC260 Male partners of adolescent girls and young women in Durban, South Africa: How high is their HIV risk and what groups are most at risk?Poster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC261 HIV incidence and treatable STIs among adolescent girls and young women in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC262 HIV incidence and associated factors among men who have sex with men (MSM) in a treatment as prevention environment: Benefits of a prospective cohort study and administrative health data linkagePoster ExhibitionC6
TUPEC263 Performance of cryptococcal antigen lateral flow assay in postmortem samples of people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionC7
TUPEC264 Performance of vaginal self-sampling for HPV testing among HIV-infected women in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionC7
TUPEC265 CD4/CD8 ratio and risk of Kaposi sarcoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in people living with HIV achieving suppressed viraemia on antiretroviral therapyPoster ExhibitionC7
TUPEC266 Characterization of advanced HIV disease in a rural sub-Saharan African cohortPoster ExhibitionC7
TUPEC267 Impact of TB-related interventions on mortality among people living with HIV on anti-retroviral therapy: A national observational cohort study in Papua New GuineaPoster ExhibitionC7
TUPEC268 Virological and serological predictors of anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions among HIV-positive men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionC8
TUPEC269 Behavioural profile of viral hepatitis co-infected MSM at HIV diagnosisPoster ExhibitionC8
TUPEC270 Results of a 15-year targeted HBV-vaccination program for high behavioral risk groupsPoster ExhibitionC8
TUPEC271 Healthcare utilization and STI incidence in young men on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) compared to young men who are not on PrEP: The PrEPARE StudyPoster ExhibitionC8
TUPEC272 Eliminating hepatitis C as public health threat: Significant increase in HCV direct-acting antiviral therapy and rapid decline in viraemic prevalence among people who inject drugs in AustraliaPoster ExhibitionC8
TUPEC273 Low prevalence and incidence of hepatitis C among men who have sex with men and transgender women in a key population-led Test and Treat cohort in ThailandPoster ExhibitionC8
TUPEC274 High burden of coinfection with HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) among people who inject drugs: A respondent-driven sampling study in Jakarta, IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionC8
TUPEC275 Perinatal HIV diagnosis and STI treatment outcomes among HIV positive women in Pretoria, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC8
TUPEC276 Health conditions and use of medications by people living with HIV: The Positive Voices 2017 SurveyPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC277 Prevalence and risk factors for hypertension among people living with HIV in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC278 Opportunities, challenges and implications of m-Health oral cancer screening for HIV-positive individuals in IndiaPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC279 Noncommunicable diseases among HIV-infected persons in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysisPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC280 Heart rate variability, HIV and cardiovascular disease risk in rural South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC281 Neurocognitive complaints in people living with HIV: Characterizing clusters of patients with similar changes in neurocognitive complaints in the Swiss HIV Cohort StudyPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC282 Frailty-related phenotype, quality of life and non-communicable disease in older Ugandan adults - associations with toxic stress and HIV infectionPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC283 Trends of Body Mass Index in HIV positive patients receiving antiretroviral treatment in rural TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC284 Higher risk of metabolic syndrome among HIV infected women compared to men in KenyaPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC285 Concurrence of unhealthy alcohol use, tobacco use, and depression on all-cause mortality among persons living with HIVPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC286 HIV nor ART contribute to cardiovascular disease risk proxy in a young urban African populationPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC287 Association between recommended first-line antiretroviral therapy regimens and chronic kidney disease in HIV-positive adults in Thailand: A retrospective cohort studyPoster ExhibitionC9
TUPEC288 A web-based searching program for nationwide HIV transmission clusters efficiently detected local HIV transmission in the MSM group in JapanPoster ExhibitionC10
TUPEC289 A comprehensive mapping of HIV-1 genotypes in various risk groups and regions across China based on a nationwide molecular epidemiologic surveyPoster ExhibitionC10
TUPEC290 External introductions sustain endemic HIV incidence in South Africa: Implications for public health interventionsPoster ExhibitionC10
TUPEC291 A mathematical modeling analysis of HIV transmission following release from prisons in the US among participants in the imPACT intervention trialPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC292 Oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) modeling for strategic planning: Results from thirteen countriesPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC293 Determinants of the predicted effectiveness of universal test and treat in a high prevalence generalised HIV epidemic: Insights from the HPTN 071 (PopART) individual-based modelPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC294 The impact of more frequent HIV testing on HIV transmission among men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC295 Estimating the potential impact of PrEP uptake scenarios on the HIV epidemic in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC296 Modeling the potential impact of the dapivirine ring for HIV preventionPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC297 Modeling projected HIV incidence in the SEARCH study of treatment as prevention in East AfricaPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC298 Antiretroviral treatment, prevention of transmission and modeling the HIV epidemic: Why the calculated ART effectiveness parameter mattersPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC299 Modeling structural changes allowing scale-up of harm reduction and antiretroviral therapy for people who inject drugs on the HIV epidemic in RussiaPoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC300 Modeling the impact and cost-effectiveness of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionC25
TUPEC301 Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of condomless sex-targeted PrEP in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa: Influence of HIV testing frequency and 1st line ART regimenPoster ExhibitionC26
TUPEC302 PrEP for MSM can result in reductions in HIV transmission and can be cost-effective, even with a small decrease in condom usePoster ExhibitionC26
TUPEC303 Evaluating the cost-effectiveness and impact of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionC26
TUPEC304 Mobile multi-disease screening at scale: Modelling the effects in Kenya, Nigeria, and IndiaPoster ExhibitionC27
TUPEC305 Evaluating the role of friendship networks and other factors upon participation in couples-based HIV testing and counselling (CHTC) in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC28
TUPEC306 Hotspots by random chance: Small community size and isolation can explain “patchiness” in HIV epidemicsPoster ExhibitionC28
TUPEC307 Methods to study network subcomponents of uninfected people during an HIV outbreak among people who inject drugs (PWID): An example from AthensPoster ExhibitionC28
TUPEC308 Inferring age-assortative mixing patterns by applying phylogenetic methods on the HIV transmission network of the Swiss HIV Cohort StudyPoster ExhibitionC28
TUPEC309 “We still get down, but we not together”: How Black U.S. heterosexual men's narratives about sexual partner type and condom use disrupt the main and casual partner dichotomyPoster ExhibitionC28
TUPEC310 Steady male sexual partner network correlates of forced sex among Black women at risk for HIV in Baltimore, MD, USAPoster ExhibitionC28
TUPEC311 Impact of personality disorders on leaving hospital against medical advice among people living with HIV in British Columbia, CanadaPoster ExhibitionC29
TUPEC312 Syndemic conditions of substance use, intimate partner violence (IPV) and incarceration and HIV risk among US-based young Black MSM (YBMSM): Implications for the global HIV epidemic among MSMPoster ExhibitionC29
TUPEC313 Effectiveness of an integrated, syndemically-oriented sexual risk reduction intervention among MSM in North India: Findings from a quasi-experimental trialPoster ExhibitionC29
TUPEC314 Transactional sex and poverty as syndemic conditions for HIV risk among transgender womenPoster ExhibitionC29
TUPEC315 Finding casual sex partners on the internet, and the twin epidemics of methamphetamine use and incident HIV infection in a cohort of MSM in Bangkok, ThailandPoster ExhibitionC29
TUPEC316 Association of HIV infection with syndemics of psychosocial factors and condomless anal intercourse in MSM in MalaysiaPoster ExhibitionC29
TUPEC317 Study of behavioral models of transgender people leading to high rates of HIV prevalence in UkrainePoster ExhibitionC30
TUPEC318 Are HIV variants from former soviet union countries spreading across the world?Poster ExhibitionC30
TUPEC319 Sex work trajectories over a 3-month period among a cohort of new female exotic dancers in Baltimore, MDPoster ExhibitionC30
TUPEC320 Estimating the potential impact of compulsory drug abstinence programs (CAP) on HIV incidence among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Tijuana, Mexico, using mathematical modelingPoster ExhibitionC30
TUPEC321 Racial microaggressions, not overt racial discrimination, heighten U.S. Black heterosexual men's sexual HIV risk through increased substance use before or during sexPoster ExhibitionC30
TUPEC322 Coverage of modern contraceptive use and highly active anti-retroviral therapy among women of reproductive age living with HIV in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC31
TUPEC323 Condomless anal intercourse by partner type among Chinese men who have sex with men in TianjinPoster ExhibitionC31
TUPEC324 Could increases in high-risk sexual behaviour contribute to continuing high HIV incidence following the scale-up of ART? Evidence from East ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionC31
TUPEC325 HIV testing among Black heterosexual men in the U.S. capital is linked with social-structural factors at the individual, but not the neighborhood, levelPoster ExhibitionC31
TUPEC326 Intimate partner violence, depressive symptoms and sexual behaviour among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in the PROUD PrEP trialPoster ExhibitionC31
TUPEC327 Poor acceptance of HIV diagnosis is a primary barrier to successful engagement in HIV medical care among vulnerable, high-risk heterosexuals in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionC31
TUPEC328 Disclosure of HIV diagnosis and its relationship to successful engagement in medical care and initiation of ART in the 21st centuryPoster ExhibitionC31
TUPEC329 Outcomes of South African mothers living with HIV (MLH) and their children compared to neighborhood peer mothers without HIV (MWOH) and their children over five yearsPoster ExhibitionC32
TUPEC330 Quantifying the impact of reduced investments in integrated HIV care delivery in BelgiumPoster ExhibitionC32
TUPEC331 Estimating latent tuberculosis infection prevalence in the United States: Back-calculation from active TB casesPoster ExhibitionC32
TUPEC332 Epidemiological benefits of integrating services for the secondary prevention of cervical cancer into HIV care in Kenya: A mathematical modelling studyPoster ExhibitionC32
TUPEC333 Characterizing the need for integrated chronic disease healthcare for people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionC32
TUPEC334 Prevalence and predictors of viral suppression among people living with HIV in British Columbia, Canada: Findings from the SHAPE studyPoster ExhibitionC33
TUPEC335 Simplifying switch to second line ART: Predicted effect of a policy of defining 1st line failure of efavirenz-based regimens by a single VL > 1000 in sub-Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionC33
TUPEC336 HIV disclosure to partners among pregnant women receiving HIV care in KenyaPoster ExhibitionC33
TUPEC337 Nigeria needs to prioritize cost effective HIV Testing Services (HTS) strategy and approach to achieve the UNAIDS 90: 90: 90 targetsPoster ExhibitionC33
TUPEC338 Identifying components of service delivery and HIV care cascade outcomes: A systematic review of Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT)Poster ExhibitionC33
TUPEC339 The second cascade in the management of adult patients after first line ART failure in public HIV clinics in Durban, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC33
TUPED340 Alcohol community's intervention for prevention of HIV risk amongst youth in PretoriaPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED341 Mediation analysis among peer norms, self-efficacy, and condom use among Chinese men who have sex with men: A parallel process latent growth curve modelingPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED342 Developing a typology of HIV/STI testing patterns and associated motivators: A framework to guide interventions among men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED343 HIV microaggressions: A novel area of stigma research among people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED344 From knowledge to empowerment: A holistic approach to decrease the incidence of HIV among young people globallyPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED345 Using social science methods to understand pathways to impact: A national HIV self-testing intervention targeting men who have sex with men and trans people in England and WalesPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED346 Developing and validating a Safer Sex Empowerment Scale (SSES) for young Black men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED347 Motivation matters! Using qualitative research to develop an mHealth intervention to support antiretroviral adherence among HIV-positive female sex workers in Mombasa, KenyaPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED348 The roles of behavioral and social sciences research in the fight against HIV/AIDS: A functional frameworkPoster ExhibitionD1
TUPED349 Novel measures of personal and cultural themes likely to affect HIV risk when large-scale economic or sociopolitical change occursPoster ExhibitionD2
TUPED350 Effecting change in research and policy for women living with and vulnerable to HIV through the women's research initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI)Poster ExhibitionD3
TUPED351 Trade and health. Emergence of local drug markets, HIV and injected drugs in Hermosillo, Sonora México. Results from a mixed studyPoster ExhibitionD3
TUPED352 Mapping the intersections of space, place, and health: Geo-narratives of living with HIV in San Francisco, CaliforniaPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED353 Critical reflections on the use of repeated collages to understand the experiences of young women living with HIV in urban ZambiaPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED354 Online focus group discussions with transgender women in the Eastern and Southern United States: An emerging qualitative method for HIV researchPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED355 Construction of HIV-infected Lithuanian female drug users' identity in biographical narrativesPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED356 A qualitative analysis of sexual communication and uncertainty management among participants in Taiwan CDC PrEP demonstration projectPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED357 Psychosocial barriers to HIV care in UgandaPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED358 AIDS in action: Researching a new movement led by Canadians living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED359 'Being healthy' as a factor for both accepting and refusing to initiate ART: A cross-sectional qualitative study in the era of Test and Treat in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED360 Understanding motives for initiating PrEP amongst adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in South Africa and TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED361 Person-focus analyses of resilience among newly diagnosed HIV positive men who have sex with men: Results from an ethnographic study in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED362 HIV: Once a crisis, now undetectable? An ethnographic study of ageing gay men´s long-term experience of HIVPoster ExhibitionD4
TUPED363 The Dance4Life youth empowerment model: A catalyst to foster the role of young people in promoting sexual lives and relationshipsPoster ExhibitionD5
TUPED364 Using archival materials, art and poetry to improve sexual and reproductive global health training and programsPoster ExhibitionD5
TUPED365 Listen to the experts; how policymakers and influencers like to receive evidencePoster ExhibitionD5
TUPED366 Setting the global research agenda on faith sector engagement for HIV service delivery and HIV prevention servicesPoster ExhibitionD5
TUPED367 “I'm doing something that matters, that might change the world we live in”:cCommunity perspectives on advancing the HIV cure research agendaPoster ExhibitionD6
TUPED368 Improving HIV cure clinical research engagement: Voices from stakeholdersPoster ExhibitionD6
TUPED369 Women and the International AIDS Conference: Will anything change? An analysis of women living with HIV as abstract presenters at AIDS2016Poster ExhibitionD6
TUPED370 Qualitative and community-based approaches to maternal disclosure in the pediatric HIV/AIDS cohort study (PHACS)Poster ExhibitionD6
TUPED371 Using robust, evidenced based infographics in 6 Caribbean countries to inform community advocacy, and illustrate the reforms necessary to meet UN sustainable development goals, and show the human rights challengesPoster ExhibitionD6
TUPED372 Community and provider attitudes towards treatment interruptions in HIV cure trialsPoster ExhibitionD6
TUPED373 The InvestiGAYtors program: Developing research capacity among young gay, bi and other men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD6
TUPED374 Engaging young Tanzanian women in participatory research to understand structural drivers of HIV and disseminate results to the communityPoster ExhibitionD6
TUPED375 Data difficulties encountered in crowdsourcing information on legal & regulatory barriers to accessing HIV services (testing and care) for key populations across EuropePoster ExhibitionD6
TUPED376 Level of knowledge and attitude of medical students to the problem of TB and HIVPoster ExhibitionD7
TUPED377 Gender based differences in clinical characteristics and social barriers to HIV care among HIV-infected participants in four African countriesPoster ExhibitionD8
TUPED378 Trajectories of HIV-related internalized stigma and disclosure concerns among ART initiators and non-initiators in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED379 Health-related quality of life of people living with HIV in SpainPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED380 Factors influencing quality of life of persons living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in Almaty, KazakhstanPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED381 Voluntary drug addiction treatment at community level in Viet NamPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED382 Effect of psychosocial group intervention on social support among depressed HIV infected perinatal women in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A cluster randomized controlled trialPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED383 Does stigma really impact health and well-being in persons living with HIV (PLHIV)?Poster ExhibitionD9
TUPED384 Burden of HIV-related stigma and associated factors among prenatal women living with depression accessing PMTCT services in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED385 Determinants of mental health problems among children living with HIV in Malawi: A cross-sectional studyPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED386 Working together to promote the physical and psychosocial wellbeing of children living with HIV through the safe and effective disclosure of HIV status: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED387 We are much more than our HIV status: Uniting HIV+ women in Kyiv to address HIV-related stigma using immediate intervention modelPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED388 The impact of social support on HIV care attendance and ART adherence in PLH social networks in St. Petersburg, RussiaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED389 A dyadic investigation of relationship dynamics and depression in HIV-positive couples from MalawiPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED390 Does social support serve emotion regulation function in death anxiety among people living with HIV/AIDS?Poster ExhibitionD9
TUPED391 Psychosocial support for people living with HIV in Burkina Faso through SMSPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED392 What do we know about reducing self-stigma among people living with HIV (PLHIV) and key populations affected by HIV? A systematic review of interventions from low and middle-income countries (LMIC)Poster ExhibitionD9
TUPED393 The young people living with HIV stigma survey UK: Self-image related to an HIV diagnosisPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED394 Influence of harmful alcohol drinking on anti-retroviral therapy adherence and health-related quality of life in HIV-positive people in Nepal: A community-based cross-sectional studyPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED395 Linking perceived stigma and mental health in adults living with HIV: The mediating effect of self-compassion and psychological flexibilityPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED396 Emotional wellbeing, drug and alcohol use, and their relationship with adherence to anti-retroviral therapy among MSM living with HIV in GuatemalaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED397 Invisible no longer: Exploring the experiences of women living with and at risk of HIV in the UK through two national surveys and six workshopsPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED398 'I know where my tribe is': An online social network for people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED399 PozQoL - a short quality of life measure for people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED400 Relationship between perceived stress, depression and self-efficacy among female sex workers in Southern IndiaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED401 The prevalence and correlates of depression in a cohort of HIV-Infected pregnant women in KenyaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED402 Understanding anxiety during sex among women living with HIV in Canada: A cross-sectional analysis of social, psychological, and relational factorsPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED403 Psychological and socio-cultural effects of forced and coerced sterilisation on women living with HIV (WLHIV) in NamibiaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED404 Hope in HIV infected depressed perinatal women participants of a psycho social group intervention in urban TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED405 Risk factors for relapse of depressive symptoms after a psychosocial group intervention for depressed perinatal women attending PMTCT-plus services in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A cluster randomized controlled trialPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED406 The Young People Living with HIV Stigma Survey UK: An intergenerational comparison of self-image related to an HIV diagnosisPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED407 Prevalence and factors associate with common mental health problems among people living with HIV/AIDS in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED408 Cross-sectional study of Quality of Life (WHO HIV-QL31) of HIV patients in the PhilippinesPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED409 Is the PHQ-8 an efficient screening tool for depression among HIV positive pregnant women attending antenatal and postnatal care?Poster ExhibitionD9
TUPED410 Associations between HIV-related stigma and socioemotional competencies: Evidence for psychosocial and psychotherapeutic interventionsPoster ExhibitionD9
TUPED411 A place to belong: Findings from a mixed-methods examination of housing as a health intervention for LGBT young adults age 18-24Poster ExhibitionD9
TUPED412 “It is our time”: Confronting internalized stigma to empower young people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD10
TUPED413 The effect of social stigma on drug adherence for HIV positive secondary school teenagers in St. Kizito SSS Katikamu, December 2017Poster ExhibitionD10
TUPED414 Filial piety as a risk factor for self-stigma and poor mental health among HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD10
TUPED415 Roles of employment status and emotion regulation in death anxiety among people living with HIV/AIDSPoster ExhibitionD10
TUPED416 Use of GeneXpert helps in more TB case identification and initiating treatment for HIV-TB coinfection among people who inject drugs (PWID)Poster ExhibitionD17
TUPED417 HIV-related stigma and proactive coping processes among HIV-positive clinic patients in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaPoster ExhibitionD10
TUPED418 Longitudinal efficacy trial of a disclosure intervention (TRACK) for HIV+ mothersPoster ExhibitionD10
TUPED419 Can HIV counselors be supported to attain better outcomes for their child clients and their caregivers? The case of Stepping Stones with ChildrenPoster ExhibitionD10
TUPED420 Partners of people living with HIV (PLHIV): Findings from the positive perspectives surveyPoster ExhibitionD11
TUPED421 A psychosocial approach to understanding pathways from depression to HIV care cascade outcomes among women living with HIV in CanadaPoster ExhibitionD11
TUPED422 Barriers to linkage and retention in HIV care among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in communities around Lake Victoria in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionD11
TUPED423 Coping with antiretroviral therapy related stressors among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD11
TUPED424 Adherence misfits: Divergent perspectives on ART-defaulting among healthcare providers and HIV-positive adolescentsPoster ExhibitionD11
TUPED425 Does involving people in treatment decisions reduce barriers to adherence to antiretroviral therapy? Results from the Positive Perspectives study 2016 - 2017Poster ExhibitionD11
TUPED426 Community-health facility care system linkages increase beaming faces of children living with HIV: Findings of 'Towards an AIDS Free generation in Uganda' studies on paediatric HIV carePoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED427 “These families did their research” a qualitative study of healthcare provider perspectives of US families who internationally adopt children with HIVPoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED428 Social-support needs of adolescents living with HIV in transition from pediatric to adult care: Findings from a cross-sectional study in CambodiaPoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED429 Internationally adopted children with HIV in the U.S.: Exploring parent and provider views on anticipated sexual and reproductive health challenges in adolescencePoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED430 Closing the gap: Increasing the availability of child- and youth-focused antiretroviral therapy (ART) at non-state health facilities in Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED431 Whether and why caregivers adhere to oral lopinavir/ritonavir pellets: Lessons for scaling up an innovative pediatric HIV treatment in KenyaPoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED432 'In their shoes': Limited disclosure amongst young people living with HIV stifles their ability to contact others in the same situation, a qualitative cohort HPTN071 (PopART) study in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED433 “We decided not to tell him because he would tell everyone else.” Care-giver and young people's experiences of disclosure in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of CongoPoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED434 “New horizons” in taking care of perinatally HIV-infected adolescents and young peoplePoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED435 Adolescent transwomen face additional barriers to ART adherence than cisgender peersPoster ExhibitionD12
TUPED436 Sexual behaviors among older adults living with HIV in Chiang Mai, Northern ThailandPoster ExhibitionD13
TUPED437 Younger age of HIV diagnosis correlated with early menopause among a cohort of canadian women living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD13
TUPED438 Women ageing with HIV: “I was not meant to be here, and I´m still here.” How women have adapted to living long-term with HIVPoster ExhibitionD13
TUPED439 Determinants of antiretroviral adherence in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionD14
TUPED440 Christain Marriage Counsellors practices relating to pre-marital counselling and HIV counselling and testing for intending couples in Ibadan, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD14
TUPED441 Breaking barriers and building bridges: Women living with HIV leading the way through the 4M+ peri-natal peer mentoring project, to complement clinical care in East AfricaPoster ExhibitionD15
TUPED442 Successes and challenges within a safer conception intervention for men living with HIV in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD15
TUPED443 Assessment of SRH needs of women living with HIV In PakistanPoster ExhibitionD15
TUPED444 The effect of fertility intentions on HIV clinical care attendance among HIV-positive women on ART in Johannesburg, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD15
TUPED445 Unmet need for modern contraception: Challenges reaching female sex workers without a prior pregnancy in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionD15
TUPED446 Fertility desires, contraceptive preferences and practices of women living with HIV in the South West region of Cameroon: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD15
TUPED447 “Blood pressure can kill you tomorrow but HIV gives you time”: Illness perceptions among HIV-infected individuals with hypertensionPoster ExhibitionD17
TUPED448 Improving care for people in Ukraine who have tuberculosis and HIV: Findings from a qualitative analysis of integrated servicesPoster ExhibitionD17
TUPED449 Countering double trouble - PLHIV community led intensified case finding of TB cases amongst PLHIV in IndiaPoster ExhibitionD17
TUPED450 “You change who you hang out with”: Understanding hepatitis C risk behaviours and attitudes among HIV-diagnosed gay and bisexual menPoster ExhibitionD17
TUPED451 Qualitative study on the experiences and perspectives of public sector patients in managing workload of demands of HIV and type 2 diabetes co-morbidity in Cape Town and Polokwane, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD17
TUPED452 Outcomes of HCV treatment with DAAs in key groups HIV/HCV co-infected patients in UkrainePoster ExhibitionD17
TUPED453 Understanding the burden of mental health among persons living with HIV in Northern Indiana, United StatesPoster ExhibitionD17
TUPED454 First experience of viral hepatitis C screening, diagnostic and treatment in HIV-infected patients of the penitentiary sectorPoster ExhibitionD17
TUPED455 Accessing universal health care for all by 2030 - Improving legal and policy environments to ensure equitable access to HIV prevention and SRHR services for young key populations (YKPs) in sub-Sahara AfricaPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED456 Advancing human rights in the HIV response in Africa: The case of the report on HIV, law and human rights of the African commission on Human and Peoples' RightsPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED457 Africa regional grant on HIV: Removing legal barriers - emerging resultsPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED458 "Bringing science to justice": How advocacy in Sweden is resulting in modernising its HIV-related laws and prosecutions/sentences of people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED459 Utilizing African national human rights institutions in promoting and protecting the rights of key populationsPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED460 Facilitating access to justice for communities of people living with HIV in KenyaPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED461 Breaking the legal barrier for sex workers justice. Alternative dispute resolution grass root system for sex workersPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED462 Documenting sex workers' human rights violations in Kyrgyzstan Shah Ayim networkPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED463 HIV criminalization in California: Policing sex work and women´s bodiesPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED464 Reacting to reality, using Rights-Evidence-Action (REAct) to support HIV response and take action on human right violations against KPsPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED465 Provision of legal aid to key populations and people living with HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia - the case of the Regional HIV Legal NetworkPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED466 Human rights barriers to access TB and TB/HIV perceptions by mine workers in 10 Southern Africa Countries (Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia)Poster ExhibitionD42
TUPED467 Long overdue: HIV-related discrimination in immigration and the need to repeal the “excessive demand” regimePoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED468 When health systems collapse: Strengthening the advocacy and accountability role of people with HIV in VenezuelaPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED469 After the repeal: Prosecution of HIV exposure after the removal of specific offences in Colorado, USA and Victoria, AustraliaPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED470 Advocacy for preventing violence against PLHIV and PWUDs among law enforcement, civil society, religious leaders and family membersPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED471 “Global advocacy to end Duterte's war on people who use drugs in the Philippines” - the first won battlePoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED472 Organizing PLHIVs on ART for collective advocacy: Assessing its impact on the human rights, participants and the environment in urban IndiaPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED473 Study of the key open national data aimed at improving the quality of programs for PLHIV / PWUD, CSW and MSM implemented jointly by NGOs and government authoritiesPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED474 Women, ART and the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure (WATCH): Mapping criminalization's creep into the health and social care of women living with HIV in CanadaPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED475 Thorny track to teens' wellbeing: findings from an HIV and SRHR baseline study conducted among adolescents most affected by HIV in UgandaPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED476 Preserving human rights through involvement of the community, judicial system and law makersPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED477 Assessment of the protection needs of key refugee populations in access to health and other servicesPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED479 Showing the problem in Perú: We create an app to complaint the lack of antitetroviral drugsPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED480 Delivering legal interventions for key populations in Nigeria through HIV prevention and treatment programsPoster ExhibitionD42
TUPED481 Results of the community efforts in mitigating violence and discrimination among TG/Hijra community in Lahore, PakistanPoster ExhibitionD43
TUPED482 Improving the access to sexual and reproductive health and rights among women who use drugs in Ukraine. Where are we now?Poster ExhibitionD44
TUPED483 Awareness-raising on sexual and reproductive health and rights among school-going adolescents for services access in Tanganyika province, Democratic Republic of CongoPoster ExhibitionD44
TUPED484 Health, rights and well-being: A practical tool for HIV and sexual and reproductive health programmes with young key populations in Eastern Europe and Central AsiaPoster ExhibitionD44
TUPED485 Using legal and policy mapping for advocacy, by women with HIV in Latin America (LAC)Poster ExhibitionD44
TUPED486 The importance of harmonizing laws and policies to fulfill adolescents sexual and reproductive health rights: Good practices, gaps and opportunities in 23 countries in AfricaPoster ExhibitionD44
TUPED487 Linking HIV and gender based violence: A critical analysis of the dis-proportionate burden on Kenyan women and girlsPoster ExhibitionD44
TUPED488 The HIV epidemic among young women: Overcoming human rights violations and gender inequality to achieve the SDGsPoster ExhibitionD44
TUPED489 Leveraging social media as a tool to promote SRH/HIV information among visually impaired persons in Lagos State, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD44
TUPED490 Prevention of pediatric HIV/AIDS and AIDS orphans: Celebrating 35 years of hope, fear, innovation and courage among women living with HIV in the early years of the pandemicPoster ExhibitionD44
TUPED491 Facilitating access to sexual and reproductive justice for orphaned and `vulnerable adolescent girlsPoster ExhibitionD44
TUPED492 Findings from violence against children survey in Nigeria: Inferences for HIV programme for abused children and young peoplePoster ExhibitionD45
TUPED493 Reaching key populations within the East African Community: Rhetoric unsupported by policyPoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED494 A qualitative study of intersectional stigma and discrimination of transgender women living with HIV: Implications for HIV vulnerability and access to HIV-related carePoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED495 Stigmatization of HIV and barriers to health service use for men who have sex with men with HIV in Manila, Philippines: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED496 Reporting, prevention and response of gender based violence against key populations in Côte d'IvoirePoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED497 Determinants of HIV and substance use stigma among people with a history of substance use who are living with HIV in RussiaPoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED498 Getting to the root: Addressing the barriers to HIV service access among the LGBT community in LesothoPoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED499 Stigma is still a problem: Experiences of HIV and gay-related stigmas and coping among young HIV+ GBMSM in Puerto RicoPoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED500 Impact of social stigma on the mental health outcomes of female sex workers and men who have sex with men in CameroonPoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED501 Make us feel safe: Discrimination and disclosure of sex work status in healthcare settings and implications for HIV harm reduction strategies among US-based sex workersPoster ExhibitionD46
TUPED502 Fear of workplace HIV transmission, an unrecognized and actionable driver of stigma and discrimination in health facilitiesPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED503 “Self-stigma is the worst kind of stigma”: Internalised stigma and navigating HIV care amongst health workers living with HIV in Zambia and South Africa, the HPTN071 (PopART) stigma ancillary studyPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED504 The good use of alternative modes of settlement of disputes in the fight against discriminations and stigma towards PLWHIV: Case of CameroonPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED505 The HIV stigma landscape in sub-Saharan Africa: Baseline findings of a mixed-method, comprehensive evaluation nested in the HPTN 071 (PopART) trialPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED506 'They are not responsible enough to use protection': The blind spot of stigma and discrimination towards young people in healthcare settingsPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED507 Creating an enabling environment for equal employment opportunities at the workplace for sexual minorities and People living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED508 Fight for right: Discrimination response system in care and support programme in IndiaPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED509 “Stigma and discrimination-free zones”: An innovative approach to engaging the private and public sectors in creating more inclusive environments for key populations in Central AmericaPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED510 Experiences of discrimination increase the risk of depression and suicidal ideation among men who have sex with men and transgender in NepalPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED511 Human Rights Violations in the Framework of Mandatory Health Checks for Sex Workers in AustriaPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED512 Global trends in HIV criminalisation: Overview, analysis and country rankingPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED513 The power of stigma: Experiences of HIV-positive MSM in healthcare services in Puerto RicoPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED514 Measuring stigma and discrimination in health facilities in Ghana for intervention design: Fear of HIV status disclosure and lack of confidentiality are key actionable factorsPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED515 “What is not measured is not managed” - implementing a routine technology-based patient feedback system to reduce stigma and discrimination in key population HIV services in MalawiPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED516 HIV related stigma and discrimination among health care providers and people living with HIV In ThailandPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED517 Double stigma affecting HIV-positive people who use drugs in Ukraine and care integrationPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED518 HIV and substance use stigma among non-specialized medical care providers in UkrainePoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED519 Exploring the mediating effect of HIV-related stigma on the HIV counselling and testing service utilisation in Nigeria - A PLS-SEM approachPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED520 The law alone cannot end HIV-stigma and discrimination: Lessons from the Kenya HIV Tribunal KenyaPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED521 Status disclosure is closely associated with social HIV discrimination and self-stigma: Lessons learned from the implementation of the people living with HIV Stigma Index in TaiwanPoster ExhibitionD47
TUPED522 Status of HIV/AIDS-related stigma and its relationship with the mental health of HIV-positive persons in JapanPoster ExhibitionD48
TUPED523 Open conversations on reducing stigma and discrimination in Botswana by using cultural values to foster support to end stigma and discriminationPoster ExhibitionD48
TUPED524 Disclosure of HIV sero-positive status and linkage to care in remote rural and border settings of Mbeya, Tanzania: Qualitative findings of a mixed methods studyPoster ExhibitionD48
TUPED525 Media perpetuation of HIV fear and stigma: A content and textual analysis of coverage of an HIV criminal prosecutionPoster ExhibitionD48
TUPED526 Characterizing experiences of conversion therapy among midlife and older MSM from the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS)Poster ExhibitionD51
TUPED527 Gender-based violence against men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons in humanitarian settings and its impact on their access to health carePoster ExhibitionD51
TUPED528 Implication of punitive law on HIV/AIDS programming for men who have sex with men in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD51
TUPED529 Experienced homophobia and HIV infection risk among U.S. men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD51
TUPED530 Foreign nationals' access to HIV services in the Republic of Tajikistan: Achievements and challengesPoster ExhibitionD52
TUPED531 Is it business unusual? Access to medicines for PLHIV in East Africa through using TRIPS flexibilitiesPoster ExhibitionD52
TUPED532 Going to law for PrEP: A case study from EnglandPoster ExhibitionD52
TUPED533 Did pattern of court rulings in Sweden regarding HIV as a criminal act changed in Sweden since new recommendation from The Public Health Agency of Sweden?Poster ExhibitionD52
TUPED534 Safeguarding access to generic treatment: Experience of DNP+ in opposing TRIPS-plus measures in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement negotiationsPoster ExhibitionD52
TUPED535 Comparing compulsory and voluntary licenses in Brazil: Lessons from efavirenz and atazanavir casesPoster ExhibitionD52
TUPED536 Does Brazil pays a fair price for TDF? Civil society struggle to guarantee the sustainability of access universal policiesPoster ExhibitionD52
TUPED537 The role of civil society in shaping the political environment for the incorporation of new technologies in Brazil: The cases of dolutegravir and TDF/FTCPoster ExhibitionD52
TUPED538 Combating the great challenge/barrier of ignorance of fundamental human lights among sex workers in Nigeria as it makes them susceptible to violence, abuses, harassment, intimidation and STIs/HIVPoster ExhibitionD53
TUPED539 Lesson learned from the global fund's removing legal barriers module in IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionD53
TUPED540 Outreach legal services - completing the harm reduction response in KenyaPoster ExhibitionD53
TUPED541 “I feel so safe” flexible emergency support in Botswana for sex workers in case of violencePoster ExhibitionD53
TUPED542 Changing the situation with human rights violations of people who use drugs. What is really neededPoster ExhibitionD53
TUPED543 The Human Rights Defenders Program: Mobilizing cisgender and transgender female sex workers for advocacy, outreach and service deliveryPoster ExhibitionD53
TUPED545 Collaborative efforts of partners through small grants to key population-led organisations on human rights protectionPoster ExhibitionD53
TUPED546 The activities of the patients' community to improve access to treatment of HIV-positive patients: The role of communications in legal advocacyPoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED547 David against Goliath: How concerted action among stakeholders in Brazil overturned a draft bill that aimed to classify HIV transmission as heinous crimePoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED548 Dangerous desires: The criminalisation of HIV endangerment in Victoria, AustraliaPoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED549 Intimate conviction: The role of churches in the (de)criminalization of sodomyPoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED550 Using the HIV and AIDS tribunal in Kenya to protect rights of PLHIV: A compendium of casesPoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED551 Aristotle was right - the sum is greater than the whole of its parts: How collaboration increased capacity in the fight against HIV criminalisationPoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED552 HIV related cognitive impairments and criminal law - barriers accessing justice for people living with HIV and HIV-associated neurocognitive disorderPoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED553 Community health advocates championing realization of the right to health in KenyaPoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED554 Working with parliamentarians on rights of PLHIV: Safeguarding access to treatment in the HIV/AIDS Act 2017Poster ExhibitionD54
TUPED555 My body, my right! The power of women's advocacy in defeating HIV criminalisation in Malawi's HIV BillPoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED556 Impact of the ARASA online short courses on criminalisation of HIV transmission, exposure and non-disclosurePoster ExhibitionD54
TUPED557 Ethical considerations in HIV phylogenetic researchPoster ExhibitionD55
TUPED558 PLHIV data sovereignty in research: Empowerment and inclusion in the Australian contextPoster ExhibitionD55
TUPED559 A study of violations of human rights of PWUD and PLHIV in Kazakhstan resulted from an unethical governmental researchPoster ExhibitionD55
TUPED560 Identifying ethical issues in HIV positive adolescents research: Zimbabwe National Ethics Committee experiencesPoster ExhibitionD55
TUPED561 "Free testing and PrEP without outing myself to parents:” barriers and facilitators for oral and injectable PrEP clinical trial participation among adolescent men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD55
TUPED562 Participating in biomedical HIV prevention trials while pregnant: Women´s views about enrolling in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), vaginal ring, and randomized comparison trialsPoster ExhibitionD55
TUPED563 Ethical research with indigenous populations: Translating standard ethical guidelines to strengthen indigenous community involvement in researchPoster ExhibitionD55
TUPED564 Data regarding the ethical issues in HIV+ to HIV+ solid organ transplantationPoster ExhibitionD55
TUPED565 Ethical pitfalls of phylogenetic approaches to HIV preventionPoster ExhibitionD57
TUPED566 Supporting patient rights and informed consent in the context of HIV testing and treatment scale-up: Experiences of female sex workers living with HIV in Bali, IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionD57
TUPEE567 Investing in the HIV Workforce: Government Capacity and Willingness to Increase HRH Spending in Response to Increased Needs for HIV in UgandaPoster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE568 Mobilizing domestic financing for HIV through health insurancePoster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE569 Optimal allocation of resources for HIV services in Ukraine: Findings from a model-based studyPoster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE570 The end of the golden age of HIV/AIDS funding? Trends in HIV/AIDS spending by financing source and spending category in 188 countries, 2000 - 2015Poster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE571 Domestic financing of HIV prevention programs for key populations in ThailandPoster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE572 Funding for HIV/AIDS and TB: Producing evidence for a successful donor transition in CambodiaPoster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE573 Determinants and aggregate estimates of HIV/AIDS domestic public spending in low-and-middle-income countries, 2006-2016Poster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE575 Domestic government spending on HIV: Three scenarios assessing decreased donor supportPoster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE576 A tale of two cities: A comparison of district level analysis of HIV budgets in Bandung and Semarang, IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE577 Domestic financing for health: Are countries spending more on health?Poster ExhibitionE1
TUPEE578 Late presenters drive the non-ART cost of HIV-carePoster ExhibitionE2
TUPEE579 Advocating for new forms of national funding of HIV and TB interventions as a response to mitigate the impact of donor retreat in GeorgiaPoster ExhibitionE2
TUPEE580 Musrenbang: An involvement the HIV community in the budget cycle process to strengthen the country role for HIV responses in IndonesiaPoster ExhibitionE2
TUPEE581 Transitioning from international donor funded to government funded HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programme in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE2
TUPEE582 Innovation for an AIDS-free generation: Successes and challenges of a funds manager model to engage new partners for HIV prevention among adolescent girls and young womenPoster ExhibitionE3
TUPEE583 Aid politics, developmental assistance for health and learned helplessness-narratives of evolving health systems in global southPoster ExhibitionE3
TUPEE584 Where does the buck stop?: Analysis of HIV prevention research and development (R&D) direct and country focused investments in sub-Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionE3
TUPEE585 Applying the Global fund allocation formula - are the data driving allocations?Poster ExhibitionE3
TUPEE586 A quarter for prevention? Global fund investments in HIV prevention interventions in generalized African epidemicsPoster ExhibitionE3
TUPEE587 Review of strengthening integrated delivery of HIV/AIDS project (SIDHAS) accountability framework of HIV/AIDS financing with civil society organizations, government agencies and private institutions in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE3
TUPEE588 Innovative Grant Fund: A lifeline for small community-based organizationsPoster ExhibitionE3
TUPEE589 Financial feasibility of delivering HIV/AIDS services through health insurance schemesPoster ExhibitionE4
TUPEE590 Financing HIV/AIDS services through Health Insurance schemes - the Lagos state experiencePoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE591 Filling in the gaps: Extrapolating VMMC unit costs using aggregated primary data from several studiesPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE592 Integration of sexual reproductive health rights and sustainable developmentPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE593 Twinning partnerships support training programs introducing new health worker cadres in South Africa to sustain the HIV responsePoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE594 A novel approach to enhance the sustainability of national HIV/AIDS programs: PEPFAR's incorporation of sustainability tools within business processesPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE595 Supporting evidence-based planning for HIV counseling and testing and opioid substitution therapy services: Results from a cost study in 7 high-burden PEPFAR-supported regions in UkrainePoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE596 Are users willing to pay for condoms in sub-Saharan Africa? Surveys in five countries: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, and ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE597 Strengthening African civil society organizations for sustainable community-driven HIV programs: The blood:water model pairing grants and community system strengtheningPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE598 Community driven affordable and sustainable health service model for MSM and TG in Mumbai, IndiaPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE599 Swa-Shakt - leveraging the power of communities: Member led local crowd funding modelPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE600 Decentralized approach to achieving sustainable HIV financing: Experience from Kenya's transition into devolved governmentPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE601 VIVE, much more than just a sustainable condoms socially-marketed brandPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE602 Community-led HIV prevention and care and harm reduction in Northern MyanmarPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE603 Optimizing clients' retention on antiretroviral treatment using an “Out-of-facility health care worker group differentiated model” in Nigeria: Experiences and challengesPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE604 Learning about the sustainability of pediatric and adolescent HIV programs in sub-Saharan Africa - how can qualitative methods help us get there?Poster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE605 Bottom up or top down? Balancing the mix in annual HIV/AIDs operational planning and implementation for sustainability in HIV/AIDS service provision in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE606 Barriers to entering the African condom marketPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE607 Active budget advocacy as a way to ensure sustainability of service provision to the communities and key populations on the regional levelPoster ExhibitionE6
TUPEE608 Costing of voluntary medical male circumcision in South Africa's private sectorPoster ExhibitionE7
TUPEE609 Out-of-pocket costs for patients receiving HIV care and treatment in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionE7
TUPEE610 Cost evaluation of HIV-1 viral load testing: A comparative case study on open polyvalent platform versus integrated platform performed in CEDRES, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (OPPera project)Poster ExhibitionE7
TUPEE612 Evaluating HIV service expenditures in Ukraine: Results from a cost analysis studyPoster ExhibitionE7
TUPEE613 Systematic literature review of critical gaps in costs and cost-effectiveness analyses (CEA) of HIV testing services in sub-Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionE7
TUPEE614 The effect of universal test and treat on average cost per ART patient-year: Evidence from a health systems implementation trial in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionE7
TUPEE615 Health care costs and deaths prevented by ACTA trial treatments for cryptococcal meningitis: A comparison between 5 induction strategies in sub Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionE7
TUPEE616 Financial mobilization for antiretroviral therapy program: Multi-level predictors of willingness to pay among patients with HIV/AIDS in VietnamPoster ExhibitionE7
TUPEE617 How to build consortium of different key communities for effective advocacy to insure sustainable funding of HIV responsePoster ExhibitionE8
TUPEE618 Estimated cost-based generic prices for treatments of opportunistic infectionsPoster ExhibitionE9
TUPEE619 Reigniting the fight for access to medicines: Outcomes and recommendations from the 2018 global summit on intellectual property and access to medicines (GSIPA2M2018)Poster ExhibitionE9
TUPEE620 The impact of dolutegravir in first-line adult ART on HIV transmission and cost of HIV in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE9
TUPEE621 Out-of-pocket spending by the pregnant women attending antenatal care/ prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission services in Ethiopia, and its implication for universal health coverage: Applying econometric modelPoster ExhibitionE10
TUPEE622 Do people living with HIV in Thailand with different health schemes have equitable access and receive equal quality services on their HIV treatment?Poster ExhibitionE10
TUPEE623 The financial feasibility of inclusion of HIV/AIDS in the benefit package of Lagos State Health SchemePoster ExhibitionE10
TUPEE624 Loss to follow-up and associated factors of patients through the National AIDS Program in ThailandPoster ExhibitionE10
TUPEE625 A community perspective of Indonesian universal health care (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional)Poster ExhibitionE10
TUPEE626 Crossing the country boundary; ART service linkages between two countries-India and Nepal contributed to uninterrupted supplyPoster ExhibitionE10
TUPEE628 The relationship between efficiency and quality in health facilities providing HIV testing and counseling and prevention of mother-to-child transmission: Evidence from Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE12
TUPEE629 Integrating HIV testing services (HTS) into household vulnerability assessments (HHVAs): A window to meeting the first 90 among children and adolescents in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE12
TUPEE630 Does integration of HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services improve the patient's experience? Results from a cluster randomized trial in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE12
TUPEE631 HIV prevention and SRH education on the football pitch: Results from a mixed-methods evaluation of an HIV prevention programme delivered to adolescent boys by football coachesPoster ExhibitionE13
TUPEE632 Alignment in HIV programming and funding by key donors is critical for achieving epidemic control - an example from KenyaPoster ExhibitionE14
TUPEE633 Building synergies between health and health sector: Labour inspectors can play a key rolePoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE634 Scaling up HIV services for workers in the agriculture sector through an integrated approachPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE635 How are economic factors and HIV risk related? A social-ecological exploration of the relationship between economic factors and HIV risk among adolescents in KZN, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE636 Capacity Building of sex workers community: Sex Worker Academy AfricaPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE637 Improving HIV testing for HIV-exposed infants (HEIs) through community participationPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE638 Vulnerability reduction minimizes risk of STI in FSWPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE639 Can we make comprehensive sexuality education more effective? A review of 23 school-based comprehensive sexuality education programmes in sub-Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE640 Effectiveness of integrated approaches to reduce HIV/AIDS among young people - a case of an integrated area based approach (IABA) concept in rural areas of Chikwawa District in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE641 'Money was the motivator': An evaluation of the integration of a matched-savings program into a HIV prevention program for street-connected young people in Eldoret, KenyaPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE642 Feasibility and acceptability of integrating intimate partner violence screening and counselling into community HIV testing and counselling services in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE643 Community-wide implementation of positive parenting: A prevention strategy for HIV/AIDSPoster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE644 Integrating HIV prevention services in residential and support services for women in crisis: What works for women in Ukraine?Poster ExhibitionE49
TUPEE645 Child marriage, HIV and young people: An appeal for a strong alliancePoster ExhibitionE50
TUPEE646 Mbereko+Men: Innovative model for male engagement in PMTCT and family health in rural ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE50
TUPEE648 Improved services, health seeking behavior, and outcomes for gender-based violence survivors, including post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) in rural Zambézia province, MozambiquePoster ExhibitionE50
TUPEE649 Human rights documentation and advocacy program in Myanmar: Ending discrimination against PLHIV and key populations through scaling up their capacity to advocate for themselvesPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE650 Tracking HIV-sensitive social protection strategy implementation: Policy implicationsPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE651 Caregiver participation in savings and internal lending communities improves the vulnerable household wellbeing and increases HIV testingPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE652 Economic empowerment for key populations; potential for HIV preventionPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE653 Social protection schemes for people living with HIV (PLHIV) through single window model: Case study from IndiaPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE654 What is different? Lessons learned from the National Strategic Framework (NSF) 2017-2021 development process in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE655 Impact of drought on HIV response and interventions in arid and semi-arid regions of KenyaPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE656 Facilitating outreach services for PLHIV: Experience from the Global Fund-supported Vihaan programme in Hyderabad, IndiaPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE657 The role of oral-HIV self-testing in enrolment of female sex workers into comprehensive HIV programmes in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE51
TUPEE658 Innovative, technology-driven methodologies to collect qualitative data among youthPoster ExhibitionE52
TUPEE659 Estimating over-reporting in condom use among Senegalese sex workersPoster ExhibitionE52
TUPEE660 69% of respondents in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) know their HIV status: Results of the largest ever online survey in social network Odnoklassniki (OK)Poster ExhibitionE52
TUPEE661 Rapid population size estimation of online men who have sex with men using Facebook marketing data in IndiaPoster ExhibitionE53
TUPEE662 Technology based solution improves HIV testing reported by private facilities in the States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, IndiaPoster ExhibitionE53
TUPEE663 Constructing a treatment cascade from routine laboratory data for HIV PCR positive children in two districts in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE54
TUPEE664 Replicating the success: Using an HIV model of Peer Driven Intervention (PDI+) to increase TB new case detection in CambodiaPoster ExhibitionE54
TUPEE665 Time to HIV test uptake and associated factors among partners of newly diagnosed HIV infected persons in Rakai district, UgandaPoster ExhibitionE54
TUPEE666 Prioritizing healthcare facilities for on-site mentorship to increase HIV treatment uptake: Results from EQUIPPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE667 Barriers to reaching the first 90: A simultaneous, multicountry online survey to identify barriers in HIV rapid test kit service delivery and commodity availability in low- and middle-income countriesPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE668 Task-shifting and sharing practices during implementation of differentiated care for HIV service delivery: Experiences from UgandaPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE669 Evidence synthesis to populate a dynamic HIV transmission model for 6 US citiesPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE670 Risk assessment scale for differentiated preventive care for key populations in Mumbai, IndiaPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE671 Social media platforms- a tool for increasing access to medicines in low income countriesPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE672 How to ascertain an accurate number of people living with diagnosed HIV and fill data gaps from the past - lessons learned from a high prevalence setting in EuropePoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE673 A mobile electronic system to monitor mode, content and duration of health navigation services for people living with HIV in GuatemalaPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE674 Clinical monitoring system for people living with HIV (SIMC) and continuum care improvement in BrazilPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE675 Review of home and community-based care (HCBC) for orphans and vulnerable communities programme implementation in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: Towards re-engineering the HCBCs programmePoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE676 Reaching the first 90 through community HIV testing services requires use of digital systems to understand geo-coverage. A case of implementing DHIS2 Mobile tracker during HIV testingPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE677 Evaluation of “Getting to 90,” a data-driven health department - service agency initiative to improve viral suppression rates among HIV-positive housing consumers in New York CityPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE678 Digital innovation to improve access to health services: Online platform with geo-referenced informationPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE679 Using data to optimize provision of DREAMS social asset building services in safe spaces across two counties in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE680 Using low cost performance tracer systems for data collection and performance monitoring of large HIV programs in resource limited settingsPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE681 HIV prevention cascades: Progress towards a single unifying framework that can replicate the success of treatment and care cascadesPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE682 Age-specific national HIV care continua in sub-Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE683 Impact of electronic logistics information system on HIV service delivery in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE684 Maximizing data use to respond to healthcare landscape changes: Lessons learned from a national survey on the state of community-based organizationsPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE685 Harmonization processes on HIV data for key population clinical cascades in and it's impact on HIV programing in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE686 Implementation of HIV testing status of TB cases and ART coverage: A descriptive analysis of PEPFAR and national data in 15 countries in East and Southern AfricaPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE687 Identifying optimal definition of rapid molecular cluster growth for public health intervention in Illinois, USAPoster ExhibitionE55
TUPEE688 Using simple electronic systems to enhance data quality and use for HIV/AIDS programmingPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE689 Creation of a hepatitis C care cascade to identify gaps in diagnosis and treatment - experiences from an urban community health centerPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE690 Improving continuum of HIV care: Experience from UkrainePoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE691 Assessing the needs of the beneficiaries, measuring the impact of our programs: Preliminary results of a community study among the beneficiaries of the CBO Alternatives Cameroon in DoualaPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE692 Diagnose one, link one1 (D1L1): Strategy increases new HIV diagnoses and improves testing yield among key and vulnerable populations in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE693 Measuring continued use of oral PrEP: A review of indicator definitions and programmatic implicationsPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE694 A descriptive analysis of TB screening of ART patients and linkage to critical health services among PEPFAR-supported programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda at semiannual time points, 2017Poster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE695 Using client tracking to improve access to counseling and testing services for adolescent girls and young women in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE696 Is the whole greater than the sum of it's parts? Using narrow age bands in routine adult HIV surveillance for enhanced programme targeting and planningPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE697 Trends in one-year retention among clients on antiretroviral therapy in PEPFAR-supported sites from 2015-2017Poster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE698 Accelerating data use for Indonesia's Fast-Track responsePoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE699 Measuring advocacy and capacity building: Experience of major MSM/LGBTI-focused project in EECAPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE700 HIV rapid test procurement forecast at a regional level: Improving operational planning to achieve the HIV screening and detection targetsPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE701 All for the Africans but nothing by the Africans? Analysis of the contribution of African HIV research institutions in the IAS 2017 conferencePoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE702 Mapping population sizes and hotspot locations for female sex workers improved targeting for HIV prevention interventions in EthiopiaPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE703 Reaching universal coverage, through low cost integration with health system model: Madhya Pradesh, IndiaPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE704 Focused HIV programming: A visual analysis of routine HIV data from 51 sub-districts in KwaZulu-Natal province, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE705 Effective use of LabEQIP tool for VL laboratory network optimization in Rwanda: Data-driven decision making to building laboratory capacity to meet the 3rd 90Poster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE706 Using surveillance and other data systems to improve linkage to HIV care for racial and ethnic minorities in the United States: Lessons from the CAPUS demonstration project (2012-2016)Poster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE707 Strengthening data management and utilization to improve the quality of HIV/AIDS services provided by the Zambia Defence Force health facilitiesPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE708 Should health-facility service data alone be used to locate the HIV epidemic? Experience from a Health Facility Catchment Area Mapping study in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE56
TUPEE709 Implementation of “Getting 2 Zero” in Miami: A progress reportPoster ExhibitionE57
TUPEE710 The impact of an interpersonal communication intervention on knowledge and uptake of the new Woman's Condom among young adults (18-24 years) in urban Zambia: A randomized evaluationPoster ExhibitionE57
TUPEE711 Trust but verify: Is there a role for active surveillance in monitoring adverse events in large-scale voluntary medical male circumcision programs?Poster ExhibitionE57
TUPEE712 Methodological issues in data quality of cohort studies in populations of persons living with HIV: Challenges and opportunities in resource constrained settingsPoster ExhibitionE58
TUPEE713 Research protocol considerations when working with male couples: Lessons learned from the fieldPoster ExhibitionE58
TUPEE714 Challenges in recruiting prisoners with opioid use disorder into HIV prevention using methadone: Lessons learned from program implementation in KyrgyzstanPoster ExhibitionE58
TUPEE715 HIV case finding and linkage to care in eleme local government area, Rivers State: a comparative analysis of facility HIV services optimization and community based HIV interventionPoster ExhibitionE58
TUPEE716 Implementing proactive HIV testing in General Practice in Amsterdam within a fast-track city initiative (H-TEAM)Poster ExhibitionE58
TUPEE717 Strengthening HIV and tuberculosis surveillance through intensified case finding in a prison in North-East India, 2017Poster ExhibitionE58
TUPEE718 The people living with HIV Stigma Index 2.0: Community-driven strategic information for changePoster ExhibitionE58
TUPEE719 Measuring behavioural and health seeking outcomes among people who inject drugs using the Polling Booth Survey (PBS) in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE720 HIV treatment cascades: A community health framework for addressing HIV quality improvementPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE721 Virtually found: A differential approach of community mobilization for MSM and TGs on social media platform for HIV screeningPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE722 Developing a standardized tool for data use and decision-making to estimate the human resources for health (HRH) requirements for implementing differentiated care for HIV in high burden settingsPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE723 Fast Track VCT@Work for workers in informal sector to achieve 90:90:90 in IndiaPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE724 Reaching the uncircumcised through community HIV testing services (HTS): Are mobile men creating regional circumcision prevalence discrepancies?Poster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE725 Combined estimation of disease progression and antiretroviral therapy retention among treated individuals with HIV in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE726 Geospatial linkage of community and secondary data to focus HIV programmes for impact: The tale of two provincesPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE727 Facility level cascades: Uniting public health and clinical data through a government-led initiative to improve programmingPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE728 Nutrition and food security status of PLHIV and gap analysis in comprehensive care clinics in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE729 Next generation HIV programming for sub to middle income countries for MSMPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE730 Strengthening strategic information to enhance geographic prioritization of harm reduction services in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE731 The importance of establishing baseline data for viral load testing scale up - laboratory assessments Zambia experiencePoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE732 Utilizing innovative modern data collection methods to identify most-at-risk HIV positive children and adolescents in 11 districts of ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE60
TUPEE733 Using community-led participatory action research for accountability on the Global Fund´s Country Coordinating Mechanisms: CCM Scorecard and CCM Community & Civil Society Shadow Reports in AfricaPoster ExhibitionE61
TUPEE734 Systematic data quality improvement by innovative and simple technique at large scale - an experience from world's second largest ART programPoster ExhibitionE61
TUPEE735 The CAVD DataSpace data sharing and discovery tool facilitates exploration of HIV immunological data from pre-clinical and clinical HIV vaccine studiesPoster ExhibitionE61
TUPEE736 Roll out and scale up of WHO-endorsed TB diagnostic technologies to diagnose TB and MDR-TB in African: From Stop TB to End TB Strategy eraPoster ExhibitionE62
TUPEE737 Completeness rates of HIV indicator data reporting through District Health Information Software (DHIS2): Experience from military sites in UgandaPoster ExhibitionE62
WEAA0101 Chidamide reactivates and diminishes latent HIV-1 DNA in patients on suppressive antiretroviral therapyOral AbstractA24
WEAA0102 The antiretroviral CCR5-inhibitor maraviroc effectively reverses HIV latency by phosphorylation of Nf-κBOral AbstractA24
WEAA0103 Activation of latent HIV and SIV RNA transcription in vitro and in vivo in ART suppressed SIV-infected rhesus macaques by the Ingenol-based protein kinase C agonist, GSK445AOral AbstractA24
WEAA0104 The RNA-binding proteins, SRP14 and HMGB3 play a crucial role in controlling HIV replication and latencyOral AbstractA21
WEAA0105 Using the PPARg antagonism to block/lock HIV reactivation in Th17 cellsOral AbstractA24
WEAA0108LB The majority of the replication-competent virus in the latent reservoir originates from viruses circulating near the time of ART initiationOral AbstractA20
WEAA0201 Increase in restriction factor expression in response to viral rebound after analytical treatment interruption in HIV-infected patientsOral AbstractA6
WEAA0202 RhCMV-induced, SIV-specific MHC-E-restricted T cells recognize SIV through the T cell receptorOral AbstractA42
WEAA0203 Genetic factors leading to loss of viral control in HIV elite controller patientsOral AbstractA28
WEAA0204 Frequent generation of HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies in infected children is associated with both increased help and regulation within germinal centersOral AbstractA8
WEAA0205 Initiation of antiretroviral therapy during hyperacute HIV infection preserves germinal center T follicular (GCTfh) helper cell functionOral AbstractA8
WEAB0101 Evaluation of a national cryptococcal antigen screening program for HIV-infected patients in Uganda: A cost-effectiveness modeling analysisOral AbstractB13
WEAB0102 HIV-associated central nervous system infections in Indonesia: A cohort study examining etiology, presentation and outcomeOral AbstractB20
WEAB0103 Burden of sexually transmitted infections and prevalence of HIV among key population individuals presenting with STIs in NepalOral AbstractB19
WEAB0104 Natural history of anogenital HPV infection and related disease among HIV-positive men: Findings from a Cohort Study in South AfricaOral AbstractB19
WEAB0105 Kaposi disease in HIV-infected patients with suppressed HIV viremia: The experience of the French national multidisciplinary committee ONCOVIHOral AbstractB22
WEAB0106 Kaposi sarcoma incidence remains unchanged among African American males in the Southern United States: U.S. Cancer Statistic Data, 2000-2014Oral AbstractB22
WEAB0201 Developmental and cognitive effects of type of antepartum and postpartum ARV exposure for Ugandan and Malawian IMPAACT PROMISE HIV-exposed versus unexposed children at age 12, 24 and 48 monthsOral AbstractB31
WEAB0202 Central nervous system toxicity of efavirenz in HIV-infected children in TanzaniaOral AbstractB62
WEAB0203 Outcomes of second-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIV-infected children: A CIPHER cohort collaboration global analysisOral AbstractB55
WEAB0204 Pellets' formulation of Lopinavir/ritonavir in children: 48-week evolution of viral suppression across age categories in the LIVING studyOral AbstractB53
WEAB0205 Pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy of bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (B/F/TAF) single-tablet regimen in HIV-1-infected children (6 to < 12 years)Oral AbstractB54
WEAB0208LB Impact of late versus early antiretroviral therapy on PBMC-associated HIV-1-DNA levels and the percentage of naive T lymphocytes in HIV-1 infected children and adolescents - The ANRS-EP59-CLEAC studyOral AbstractB56
WEAC0101 Reaching out to hidden population in Malaysia: MSMs, transgender and sex workers in Muslims majority setting where sex is a crimeOral AbstractC45
WEAC0102 Geosocial networking app use among men who have sex with men in China: Findings from the T2T studyOral AbstractC6
WEAC0103 Extended risk network testing to find HIV cases among key populations in Ukraine: Predicting recruitment of HIV-positive clients with machine learningOral AbstractC39
WEAC0104 When and why? Timing and determinants of post-migration HIV acquisition among sub-Saharan immigrants in FranceOral AbstractC6
WEAC0105 Patterns of substance use among young men who have sex with men and their associations with HIV risk behavior and sexually transmitted infectionsOral AbstractC6
WEAD0101 Innovative paralegal and advocacy program enhancing access to justice and harm reduction services in Mombasa countyOral AbstractD53
WEAD0102 Paralegal community in the epidemic of injustice: The role of paralegals from drug users communities in the fulfillment of drug users rightsOral AbstractD42
WEAD0103 Street lawyers from the harm reduction project at the ARF and their contribution to the fight for the right to health of PWUD and people living with HIVOral AbstractD42
WEAD0104 A novel method of working with judges to build their capacity on HIV and human rights in AfricaOral AbstractD42
WEAD0105 Assessing HIV key populations' participation in seeking justice to test the effectiveness of human rights redress mechanism in IndonesiaOral AbstractD73
WEAD0201 The association between incarceration and transactional sex among HIV-positive young men who have sex with men (YMSM) in the United StatesOral AbstractD23
WEAD0202 Gendered powerlessness in at-risk adolescent and young adult women: An examination of condom use behaviorOral AbstractD1
WEAD0203 Ethnographic study for HIV prevention reveals a typology consisting of five distinct types among South African adolescents and young womenOral AbstractD4
WEAD0204 Should I take PrEP? A mental models assessment of young African women's motivations for and barriers to PrEP initiation and adherenceOral AbstractD68
WEAD0205 Experiences and outcomes of group psychotherapy as an antiretroviral adherence support intervention among young people failing on ART at Newlands Clinic, Harare, ZimbabweOral AbstractD12
WEAD0208LB The third generation of HIV: World first longitudinal study of pregnancy in adolescents living with HIVOral AbstractD15
WEAD0301 A political economy of HIV treatment policy: Drivers of health policy diffusionOral AbstractD52
WEAD0302 Using TRIPS-flexibilities as a leverage to improve access to HIV and hepatitis C medicines in UkraineOral AbstractD52
WEAD0303 America's $10 billion overspend on sofosubvir-based hepatitis C treatment resulting from unmerited patentsOral AbstractD52
WEAD0304 Dolutegravir and the universal antiretroviral regimen: Good may be the enemy of perfectOral AbstractD52
WEAD0305 Review of national guidelines in 16 sub-Saharan African countries for inclusion of the adolescent HIV care continuumOral AbstractD84
WEAE0101 Multiple disease screening to destigmatize HIV testing and increase identification of persons living with HIV in Kisumu, KenyaOral AbstractE33
WEAE0102 Cracking the code to increase men's uptake of HIV testing: Providing convenient and confidential outreach HIV testing services through mobile clinicsOral AbstractE26
WEAE0103 Engaging young men in health care and HIV testing: The SHAZ! HUB youth drop-in-centreOral AbstractE21
WEAE0104 Home-based testing identifies more previously undiagnosed older men than mobile testing in BotswanaOral AbstractE36
WEAE0105 Male engagement works to improve HIV services uptake among menOral AbstractE26
WEAE0201 Impact of the PEPFAR geographic pivot on HIV & non-HIV health services in UgandaOral AbstractE24
WEAE0202 From 90-90-90 towards HIV elimination with boosted-integrated active HIV case management (B-IACM) in CambodiaOral AbstractE40
WEAE0203 Reaching the first “90”: Decentralizing and strengthening provider initiated testing services at primary health care facilities in UkraineOral AbstractE33
WEAE0204 Monitoring viral load for the last mile: What will it cost?Oral AbstractE16
WEAE0205 The impact of PEPFAR PMTCT funding on reduced infant mortality and improved ANC care in Kenya: A quasi-experimental evaluationOral AbstractE57
WEAE0301 Global optimization of the response to HIVOral AbstractE15
WEAE0302 How does domestic HIV/AIDS financing respond to declines in development assistance for HIV/AIDS?Oral AbstractE3
WEAE0303 Forecasting the cost of financing ART in sub-Saharan Africa under differential funding scenariosOral AbstractE2
WEAE0304 Achieving sustainable Workplace HIV/AIDS Programmes through a phased out catalytic financing model: Case of Swedish Workplace HIV/AIDS Programme in sub-Saharan AfricaOral AbstractE2
WEAE0305 Optimizing resource allocation for HIV prevention programs: Proof of concept of an analytical framework using data from MexicoOral AbstractE1
WEAE0401 Factors influencing initiation, continuation & discontinuation of oral PrEP at selected facilities in South AfricaOral AbstractE35
WEAE0402 PrEP uptake among pregnant and postpartum women: Results from a large implementation program within routine maternal child health (MCH) clinics in KenyaOral AbstractE35
WEAE0403 How long will they take it? Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) retention for female sex workers, men who have sex with men and young women in a demonstration project in KenyaOral AbstractE35
WEAE0404 Cost and impact of PrEP implementation in Haiti to adopt WHO recommendations: Results from EQUIPOral AbstractE16
WEAE0405 The cost-effectiveness of multi-purpose HIV and pregnancy prevention technologies in South AfricaOral AbstractE7
WEAE0406LB Incidence of HIV-infection in the ANRS Prevenir study in Paris region with daily or on-demand PrEP with TDF/FTCOral AbstractE35
WEAE0501 10 years of Community ART Groups (CAG): Retention and viral load uptake in Tete, MozambiqueOral AbstractE47
WEAE0502 Increasing retention in care through community systems strengthening: Lessons learned from 15 districts in South AfricaOral AbstractE40
WEAE0503 Same day ART initiation does not reduce 12-month retention among HIV-infected children in UgandaOral AbstractE23
WEAE0504 Community patient tracking by Lay Community Health Workers (CHWs) is an effective strategy towards the 2nd & 3rd 90Oral AbstractE24
WEAE0505 'My best friends and my worst enemies': Understanding the roles of families in retaining South African adolescents living with HIV in careOral AbstractE2
WEAX0101LB Engagement in methadone maintenance therapy associated with less time with plasma HIV-1 RNA viral load above 1500 copies/mL among a cohort of HIV-positive people who use drugs in Vancouver, CanadaOral AbstractC5
WEAX0102LB Universal test and treat (UTT) versus standard of care for access to antiretroviral therapy in HIV clients: The MaxART stepped-wedge randomized controlled health systems trial in SwazilandOral AbstractE36
WEAX0103LB Men's HIV risk profiles in South African DREAMS sites: Using latent class analysis for more strategic, context-specific programming and evaluationOral AbstractE55
WEAX0104LB Risk of HIV transmission through condomless sex in MSM couples with suppressive ART: The PARTNER2 Study extended results in gay menOral AbstractC6
WEAX0105LB Impact of prevention and treatment interventions on population HIV incidence: Primary results of the community-randomized Ya Tsie Botswana prevention projectOral AbstractC49
WEAX0106LB SEARCH community cluster randomized study of HIV “test and treat” using multi- disease approach and streamlined care in rural Uganda and KenyaOral AbstractC49
WEPDA0101 Antiretroviral treatment did not restore functionality of cervical mucosal cells for Th17-related cytokines altered after HIV infectionPoster Discussion AbstractA9
WEPDA0102 Effect of ART on reducing fungal translocation in HIV-infected patientsPoster Discussion AbstractA12
WEPDA0103 Persistence of myeloid cell-associated inflammation in HIV-infected children after 8 years on early initiated therapy - the key role players in HIV persistence?Poster Discussion AbstractA6
WEPDA0104 Immune activation parameters are differentially expressed across four countries in sub-Saharan Africa and are associated with comorbidities in HIV+ and HIV- individualsPoster Discussion AbstractA10
WEPDA0105 Anticoagulant therapies alleviate SIV-associated hypercoagulation as well as immune activation and inflammationPoster Discussion AbstractA14
WEPDB0101 Validation of Alere TM q HIV-1/2 detect for detection of acute HIV infection at Anonymous Clinic, The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research CentrePoster Discussion AbstractB6
WEPDB0102 Favorable clinical phenotype reached in less than half of people treated in acute HIV infectionPoster Discussion AbstractB32
WEPDB0103 Increasing contribution of integrated forms to total HIV1-DNA in blood, in primary infection during natural history - ANRS PRIMO and SEROCO cohortsPoster Discussion AbstractB1
WEPDB0104 Intermittent viremia after treatment interruption increased risk of ART resumption in post-treatment HIV-1 controllers. ANRS VISCONTI studyPoster Discussion AbstractB44
WEPDB0105 Auranofin plus nicotinamide impact HIV reservoir among ART suppressed HIV individualsPoster Discussion AbstractB44
WEPDB0201 TB/HIV co-treatment with super-boosted lopinavir and anti-tuberculosis treatment lowers abacavir concentration in childrenPoster Discussion AbstractB55
WEPDB0202 Efavirenz plasma exposure and immunologic outcome during anti-tuberculosis co-therapy: Role of ethnicity and pharmacogenetic variationsPoster Discussion AbstractB14
WEPDB0203 A randomized, open-label, balanced, two-treatment, single-dose, crossover oral bioequivalence study of Lopinavir/Ritonavir Granules 40mg/10mg with KALETRA® (Lopinavir/Ritonavir) Oral Solution 80 mg/20mg per mL in normal healthy adults under fed conditionsPoster Discussion AbstractB53
WEPDB0204 Single-dose fed bioequivalence study of Lamivudine, TenofovirDisoproxilFumarate and Dolutegravir tablets (300mg/300mg/50mg) versus EPIVIR® tablets (300mg; ViiV-Healthcare), VIREAD® tablets (300mg; Gilead Sciences) and TIVICAY® tablets (50mg; ViiV-Healthcare) in healthy adult volunteersPoster Discussion AbstractB36
WEPDB0205 Population pharmacokinetics of cabotegravir in adult healthy subjects and HIV-1 infected patients following administration of oral tablet and long acting intramuscular injectionPoster Discussion AbstractB36
WEPDC0102 Implementation and impact of a technology-based HIV risk-reduction intervention among Thai men who have sex with men using 'Vialogues': A randomized controlled trialPoster Discussion AbstractC50
WEPDC0103 P3 (Prepared, Protected, emPowered): Feasibility and acceptability of a PrEP adherence app featuring peer-to-peer sharing, game-based elements and in-app adherence counselingPoster Discussion AbstractC50
WEPDC0104 Effectiveness of community-led sex-positive campaign on HIV testing for young men who have sex with men (YMSM) in Metro Manila (MM), Philippines: TestMNLPoster Discussion AbstractC39
WEPDC0105 Internet-based self-testing model - “Easy Test”: A cross-sectional survey targeting MSM who never tested before in 14 provinces of ChinaPoster Discussion AbstractC40
WEPDC0106 From online reach to offline services: Using social media strategies to increase uptake of and access to HIV testing among MSM in VietnamPoster Discussion AbstractC39
WEPDC0107 Online supervised HIV self-testing identified high HIV yield among Thai men who have sex with men and transgender womenPoster Discussion AbstractC40
WEPDC0201 Syndemics predict bio-behavioral HIV sexual transmission risk (TRB) longitudinally in US HIV clinicsPoster Discussion AbstractC29
WEPDC0202 Correlates of benzodiazepine and opioid co-prescription among people living with HIV in British Columbia, CanadaPoster Discussion AbstractC20
WEPDC0203 When sex, drugs and violence overlap: Assessing the syndemic and synergistic effects of intimate partner violence, crystal methamphetamine, and depression on HIV sexual risk among women who inject drugsPoster Discussion AbstractC29
WEPDC0204 Combination prevention for women who use alcohol in South Africa: Outcomes from the Women's Health CoOp Plus Study in Pretoria, South AfricaPoster Discussion AbstractC49
WEPDC0205 Behavioral activation integrated with sexual risk reduction counseling for high-risk MSM with crystal methamphetamine dependence: An initial randomized controlled trialPoster Discussion AbstractC50
WEPDC0206 Association between syndemics (of alcohol and drug use, and violence) and HIV-related sexual risk among men who have sex with men in India: Findings from a large-scale national bio-behavioural surveyPoster Discussion AbstractC29
WEPDD0101 Examining the socioeconomic gradient in viral suppression in MalawiPoster Discussion AbstractD20
WEPDD0102 Food insecurity is common and associated with unsuppressed viral load in HIV-infected pregnant women in KenyaPoster Discussion AbstractD78
WEPDD0103 The impact of homelessness in achieving viral suppression among extremely low-income HIV-infected women living in a well-resourced US city: A longitudinal perspective of overlapping risksPoster Discussion AbstractD20
WEPDD0104 Unstable housing associated with injection risk behaviors among PWID in UkrainePoster Discussion AbstractD31
WEPDD0105 Displacement, urban gentrification and declining access to HIV/STI, sexual health and outreach services amongst women sex workers between 2010-2014: Results of a community-based longitudinal cohortPoster Discussion AbstractD32
WEPDE0101 Lessons learned from sustained global health investmentsPoster Discussion AbstractE20
WEPDE0102 How it was possible to offer Integrase Inhibitor as first line ART while maintaining the sustainability of the Brazilian policy of universal access to drugsPoster Discussion AbstractE6
WEPDE0103 Cost of HIV care and treatment in MozambiquePoster Discussion AbstractE7
WEPDE0104 Building sustainable HIV service delivery model at a local level in UkrainePoster Discussion AbstractE6
WEPDE0105 Sustainable financing of the HIV response in Vietnam: Integration of donor funded treatment facilities into public health system and the social health insurance schemePoster Discussion AbstractE2
WEPDE0106 PEPFAR's Sustainability Index and Dashboard: Results from SID 3.0Poster Discussion AbstractE6
WEPEA001 High-resolution metabolomics analysis of plasma and stool reveals marked differences in metabolism in adults with chronic, untreated HIV infection versus uninfected controls: A pilot studyPoster ExhibitionA10
WEPEA002 SIV-infected African green monkeys avoid disease progression through maintenance of the mucosal barrier integrity and prevention of intestinal dysfunctionPoster ExhibitionA10
WEPEA003 Unique plasma secretome of apolipoproteins in HIV-1-infected patients with two decade long successful antiretroviral therapyPoster ExhibitionA10
WEPEA004 Small intestinal gastrointestinal-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) Immune reconstitution and changes in systemic inflammation in a cohort of MSM initiating a protease inhibitor-based regimen compared to MSM controlsPoster ExhibitionA10
WEPEA005 Translational immunometabolism offers novel tools to understand mechanisms of HIV disease pathogenesisPoster ExhibitionA11
WEPEA006 Neovaginal microbial and proteomic signatures in Brazilian transgender women following gender-related surgeryPoster ExhibitionA12
WEPEA007 Comparative transcriptome analysis in endocervix and ectocervix during proliferative and secretory phases of the menstrual cyclePoster ExhibitionA13
WEPEA008 Genetic variation in the activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule affects HIV-1 disease progressionPoster ExhibitionA13
WEPEA009 Potential link between Nef immune evasion capacity and clinical parameters, but not reservoir size, in early HIV-1 infectionPoster ExhibitionA13
WEPEA010 AP-2 recruitment, CD4 downregulation, and viral replication require HIV-1 Nef dimerization in vitro and in humanized micePoster ExhibitionA13
WEPEA011 Soluble plasma PD-1 and Tim-3 as biomarkers of T cell exhaustion in primary HIV infectionPoster ExhibitionA13
WEPEA012 Impact of tenofovir alafenamide, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and abacavir sulphate on platelet function in healthy human subjectsPoster ExhibitionA14
WEPEA013 Chronic-binge alcohol increases viral expression in lymph node reservoirs of male and female macaques infected with SIVmac251Poster ExhibitionA14
WEPEA014 Differential effects of tenofovir alafenamide, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and abacavir sulphate upon vascular endothelial cellsPoster ExhibitionA14
WEPEA015 Novel signature mutations in the Tat protein are associated with ischaemic stroke: A case-control study of HIV-infected individuals in Cape Town, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionA14
WEPEA016 Increased KLRG1 and PD-1 expression on CD8 T lymphocytes in TB-IRISPoster ExhibitionA14
WEPEA017 Enhancement of HIV-1 infection by buprenorphinePoster ExhibitionA14
WEPEA018 Signature of the storm: RNA-seq analysis of the extensive host transcriptome dysregulation caused by acute HIV-1 infection in a Mozambican cohortPoster ExhibitionA15
WEPEA019 Targeting viral infection frequency but not burst size is effective at extinguishing initial infection in a model of PrEPPoster ExhibitionA15
WEPEA020 Use of gene edition by CRISPR/Cas9 of tnpo3 gene in CD4+ t cells to generate a cellular model impervious to HIV-1 infectionPoster ExhibitionA15
WEPEA021 Neuropathological mechanisms of alcohol, SIV, and antiretroviral therapy: Enhanced susceptibility of the frontal cortex in rhesus macaquesPoster ExhibitionA18
WEPEA022 Investigating plasma neurofilament light chain protein (NFL), a biomarker of neuronal integrity, following treatment interruption after 48 weeks of ART in primary HIV - the SPARTAC trialPoster ExhibitionA19
WEPEA023 Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-based combination antiretroviral therapy is associated with lower cell-associated HIV RNA and DNA levels as compared with therapy based on protease inhibitorsPoster ExhibitionA20
WEPEA024 HIV-1 Nef enhances the establishment and reactivation of inducible latent reservoirsPoster ExhibitionA20
WEPEA025 Therapeutic prediction of HIV-1 DNA decay: A multicenter longitudinal cohort studyofchronically HIV-1-infected patients in ChinaPoster ExhibitionA21
WEPEA026 The circadian transcription factors CLOCK and BMAL1 activate HIV transcription through binding to the HIV long terminal repeatPoster ExhibitionA21
WEPEA027 HIV reservoir size during treated primary infection is determined prior to ART initiation, and linked to viral burden and CD8 T cell activationPoster ExhibitionA22
WEPEA028 More differentiated and senescent CD32+ cells are associated to hiv reservoir sizePoster ExhibitionA22
WEPEA029 HIV infection of Schistosoma mansoniPoster ExhibitionA22
WEPEA030 Remarkable stability in size and composition of the latent reservoir over two decades of ARTPoster ExhibitionA23
WEPEA031 Development of sensitive ddPCR assays to reliably quantify the proviral DNA reservoir in common circulating HIV cladesPoster ExhibitionA23
WEPEA032 Developing strategies to image HIV in vivo: Combining the sarcophagine chelator MeCOSar to 3BNC117 does not affect HIV binding or neutralisationPoster ExhibitionA23
WEPEB033 Cardiac vagal tone is low in HIV+ women and correlates with markers of immune activation/inflammationPoster ExhibitionB2
WEPEB034 Impact of antirretroviral treatment on low level viremia in HIV infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB2
WEPEB035 Toll-like receptor 4 polymorphism influence the faster HIV progressionPoster ExhibitionB2
WEPEB036 Interferon lambda polymorphisms associated with normalised CD4+:CD8+ in treated HIVPoster ExhibitionB2
WEPEB037 High inpatient mortality from tuberculosis persists despite increasing antiretroviral therapy coverage in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionB4
WEPEB038 Drug overdose is the most common cause of death among HIV infected people in EstoniaPoster ExhibitionB4
WEPEB039 Incidence, timing and outcome of IRIS in relation to specific opportunistic infections - the ATHENA cohort studyPoster ExhibitionB13
WEPEB040 Successful discontinuation of itraconazole for secondary prophylaxis of talaromycosis in patients with HIV in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionB13
WEPEB041 Utility of gene Xpert MTB/RIF as a screening assay for tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients from a rural setting of Rakai district, UgandaPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB042 Performance of a simple flow cytometric assay in the diagnosis of active TBPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB043 Incidence of tuberculosis among household contacts of pulmonary TB patients in northern Nigeria: A prospective studyPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB044 One year follow up of HIV+ patients in Mozambique with and without tuberculosis at baselinePoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB045 Mining areas, one of the hotbeds of tuberculosis and HIV AIDS. Case of mining areas in eastern Democratic Republic of CongoPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB046 Life continues”: Patient, health-care worker and community care worker perspectives on self-administered treatment for rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis in Khayelitsha, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB047 Tuberculosis incidence, risk factors and associated mortality in adults living with HIV, on antiretroviral therapy, in Thailand: A 12-year cohort studyPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB048 Pulmonary function and quality of life in HIV positive and negative patients with treated smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis at three tuberculosis clinics in Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB049 Health-related quality of life in the A5274 trial (REMEMBER) of empirical tuberculosis (TB) therapy versus isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) in adult outpatients with advanced HIVPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB050 Pharmacokinetics of rifabutin at different doses during atazanavir/ritonavir co-administration in HIV-infected tuberculosis patients in IndiaPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB051 The effect of HIV status on the identification of differentially culturable tubercle bacilli (DCTB) during treatment of drug susceptible tuberculosisPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB052 Clinical predictors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteremia in a contemporary cohort of HIV-infected patients in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB053 The importance and clinical relevance of baseline LTBI screening in HIV patientsPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB054 18F-FDG PET/CT scan in the evaluation of adjunctive host-directed TB therapiesPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB055 Antiretroviral therapy (ART) contribution in reduction of tuberculosis (TB) presumptive and TB cases in people living with HIV (PLHIV) in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB056 Unfavorable TB treatment outcomes among TB/HIV co-infected people: What are we missing?Poster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB057 Data driven insight on TB and HIV co-infections amongst high risk groups in Zimbabwe: TaS4TB 2017 operational yearPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB058 Tuberculosis-associated hemophagocytic syndrome in patients living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB059 Two diseases, same person: Moving towards a combined HIV and TB continuum of carePoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB060 The relationship between Isoniazid preventive therapy and incident TB and all-cause mortality among HIV patients in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB061 A retrospective study to evaluate correlates of treatment outcome among HIV-TB co-infected patients from an ART centre in Mumbai, IndiaPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB062 Universal anti retroviral therapy eligibility and tuberculosis case finding among HIV infected clients in Malawi - lessons learntPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB063 Genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB064 An innovative approach to improving TB and HIV case identification in the community using trained volunteers-a programme evaluation in Benue State, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB065 Evaluating care for PLHIV co-infected with TB in the Municipal STD/Aids Services in São Paulo CityPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB066 Treatment outcomes of a short standardized regimen for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients co-infected with HIV in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB067 Benefit of isoniazide preventive therapy to reduce incident TB, mortality and loss to follow-up in Indonesian five-years cohortPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB068 Yield and efficiency of novel intensified tuberculosis case-finding algorithms for people living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB069 Enhancement of the INSHI case definition for paradoxical tuberculosis-associated immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome using latent class analysisPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB070 A household cluster randomised trial of active case finding for HIV/TB, preventive treatment against TB, and ART initiation to prevent TB disease and transmission in South Africa: Baseline dataPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB071 Incidence of adverse events associated with isoniazid preventive therapy in adults on stable antiretroviral therapy in Blantyre, MalawiPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB072 Focused assessment with sonography (FASH) in microbiologically diagnosed HIV/TB patients and controls admitted to a Malawian hospitalPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB073 Poor treatment outcome and higher mortality rate among TB/HIV co-infected patients compared to TB without HIV infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB14
WEPEB074 Burden of invasive pneumococcal disease among patients attending an HIV referral center in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPoster ExhibitionB15
WEPEB075 Lower prevalence of Entamoeba species in children with vertically transmitted HIV infection in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionB15
WEPEB076 Gut homing CD4+ T cell count is associated with chronic gastritis activityPoster ExhibitionB15
WEPEB077 The comparison of pyrimethamine-sulfadiazine and pyrimethamine-clindamycin for toxoplasmic encephalitis therapy in HIV/AIDS patients: An evidence-based case reportPoster ExhibitionB15
WEPEB078 Prevalence of hepatitis B virus among HIV and non-HIV infected pregnant women in Jos, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionB16
WEPEB079 Screening HIV infected women on ART for hepatitis B co-infection in Malawi: Sub-optimal sensitivity of dried blood samplesPoster ExhibitionB16
WEPEB080 Antiretroviral effects on liver function in a HIV/HBV co-infected African cohortPoster ExhibitionB16
WEPEB081 Vaccination with Fendrix in previously non-responding HIV-infected patients has a high success ratePoster ExhibitionB16
WEPEB082 HCV treatment cascade in the Netherlands: DAA uptake varies by key population, effectiveness of HIV treatment and co-medication usePoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB083 High hepatitis C treatment uptake and cure rate in pilot treatment programs for HCV/HIV coinfected patients in Phnom Penh, CambodiaPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB084 Acute HCV: An emerging issue in HIV subjects in the DAAS eraPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB085 Characterization of the hepatitis C no show phenomena in patients living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB086 Clinical and health resource utilization comparisons of HCV treatments for HIV/HCVPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB087 Does baseline liver stiffness value influence fibrosis outcome after direct-acting antiviral treatment in HIV-HCV coinfected patients?Poster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB088 Interleukine-6 decline after HCV cure is associated with VACS INDEX improvement in HIV-HCV patientsPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB089 Molecular epidemiology of acute HCV infection in HIV-positive patients from Hong Kong, Taipei and TokyoPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB090 Real world data of a novel multidisciplinary hepatitis C program in an established HIV programPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB091 Decreased hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment uptake among HIV-HCV co-infected patients in Canada with a history of incarcerationPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB092 Wild genotype Gln11Gln TLR7 gene contributes the accelerated fibrosis progression in HIV/HCV coinfected patients in UkrainePoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB093 Clinical effectiveness of guideline-recommended antiretroviral therapy core agents in HIV/HCV co-infected patients in the OPERA Observational DatabasePoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB094 Heavy drinking and treatment among HIV/HCV co-infected patientsPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB095 8 weeks of grazoprevir/elbasvir for acute HCV: A multicenter clinical trial (DAHHS2)Poster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB096 Impact of fibrosis stage restrictions on hepatitis C (HCV) treatment initiation rates: Overall and among PWID in HIV-HCV co-infected populations in CanadaPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB097 High rates of HCV/HIV co-infection and important correlates among people who inject drugs in Hanoi, VietnamPoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB098 Is hepatits-virus C therapy in HCV/HIV-Co-infected patients CNS effective?Poster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB099 HCV reinfection following effective all-oral DAA therapy in HIV/HCV-coinfected individuals in Madrid-CoRePoster ExhibitionB17
WEPEB100 Current hepatitis A outbreaks in men who have sex with men - epidemiological situation in HIV patients in ChilePoster ExhibitionB18
WEPEB101 High prevalence of sexually transmitted infections among HIV-positive women on ART: The WETIV-R cohort study in Abidjan, Ivory CoastPoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB102 Collating molecular assays Abbott RealTimeTM highrisk HPV and Roche Linear Array® HPV genotyping test for detection of high-risk human papillomavirus: A means for facilitating HPV screening in HIV-1 positive womenPoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB103 Integrating cervical cancer screening into HIV clinical care for women: A mixed methods study on adherence to screening guidelines, opportunities and challenges in an urban HIV center in UgandaPoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB104 High prevalence of HIV infection, cervicovaginal oncogenic HPV harboring unusual genotypes and HPV-related cervical lesions in immigrate women originating from sub-Saharan Africa and living in FrancePoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB105 Increasing trends of HIV-syphilis coinfection among pregnant women in Cameroon highlights a population-based re-emergence of syphilis infectionPoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB106 Seroprevalence of syphilis, hepatitis C and hepatitis B markers and associated risk factors in a Brazilian cohort of individuals with a newly diagnosis of HIV infectionPoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB107 Sexually transmitted infection prevalence among high-risk adolescents in Los Angeles and New Orleans: A comparison by HIV statusPoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB108 Syphilis among HIV positive patients in Gaborone, Botswana: A cross-sectional study utilising a dual antibody point of care testPoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB109 CMV Replication and HIV Persistence in Pre- and Post-menopausal HIV-Infected Women on Suppressive ART Poster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB110 Syphilis prevalence and incidence are high among HIV-infected MSM in ThailandPoster ExhibitionB19
WEPEB111 Patterns of antiretroviral drugs use and co-morbid conditions in a cohort of older women living with HIV in ArgentinaPoster ExhibitionB47
WEPEB112 Gender differences in antiretroviral treatment outcomes in patients accessing care at a tertiary HIV care center in Southern India - need for dolutegravir based ARTPoster ExhibitionB47
WEPEB113 Advanced HIV disease among males and females initiating HIV care in rural EthiopiaPoster ExhibitionB47
WEPEB114 Trends in antiretroviral switching and discontinuation among Canadian women living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB47
WEPEB115 Timing of initiation of ART before or after conception is not associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes: Findings from the ANRS 12136 TEMPRANO trial in Côte d'IvoirePoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB116 Pregnancy rates and postpartum virologic control among perinatally HIV-infected young women in the USPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB117 Tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment outcomes among HIV+ pregnant women in HaitiPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB118 Pharmacokinetics of darunavir boosted with cobicistat during pregnancy and postpartumPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB119 HIV testing, retesting, and seroconversion among pregnant women attending antenatal and maternity services in Manzini SwazilandPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB120 Changes in proportion of new diagnoses of HIV infection in pregnant women living with HIV (WLHIV) and of entering pregnancy already on ART in PEPFAR programsPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB121 Adverse perinatal outcomes associated with maternal HIV infection in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB122 Time of HIV diagnosis, viral load and CD4 count at antenatal care start in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB123 HIV status and viral load are not associated with shortened mid-trimester cervix, a major risk factor for preterm birthPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB124 Mother-to-child transmission of HIV, pregnancy and infant outcomes among HIV-positive women from a tertiary care facilityPoster ExhibitionB48
WEPEB125 The relationship between depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate and herpes simplex virus infection: Implications for HIV riskPoster ExhibitionB49
WEPEB126 Contraceptive choices among women participating in a HIV-infected cohort: The PEPFAR PROMOTE StudyPoster ExhibitionB49
WEPEB127 Changes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells after use of depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA)Poster ExhibitionB49
WEPEB128 The association between menopausal symptoms and antiretroviral adherence in women living with HIVPoster ExhibitionB50
WEPEB129 Immunological differences and increased HIV susceptibility of CD4+ T cells from healthy post- verses pre-menopausal womenPoster ExhibitionB50
WEPEB130 Alarming rates of pretreatment HIV drug resistance in key populations: Results of a global systematic reviewPoster ExhibitionB65
WEPEB131 Depressive symptoms and association with substance abuse in the Miami adult studies in HIV (MASH) cohortPoster ExhibitionB66
WEPEB132 Medical and non-medical cannabis use among HIV-positive people who use illicit drugs in Vancouver, Canada: Implications for the planned legalization of cannabisPoster ExhibitionB66
WEPEB133 Universal ART among people living with HIV who have problem substance use in NYC, 2014-2017Poster ExhibitionB66
WEPEB134 "Defensive drugging" - preventing drug overdose in a dynamic opioid marketPoster ExhibitionB66
WEPEB135 Experiences and lessons learned in implementing the differentiated care model in HIV clinics in Nyamira County, Western Kenya, Jan -Sept 2017Poster ExhibitionB66
WEPEB136 Clinical characteristics and hepatitis C (HCV) treatment outcomes among people who actively use drugs in an HIV cohort in Churachandpur and Moreh districts of Manipur, IndiaPoster ExhibitionB66
WEPEB137 Tuberculosis testing and treatment among people who use drugs in Abidjan: Results and perspectives for a community-based approach implemented in Abidjan, Côte d'IvoirePoster ExhibitionB66
WEPEB138 Lack of effective opioid dependence and alcohol abuse treatment leads to high rates of treatment discontinuation among patients initiated on antiretroviral therapy in KazakhstanPoster ExhibitionB66
WEPEB139 Health resource utilization and health outcomes in a cohort of persons of transgender experience living with HIV/AIDS in New York CityPoster ExhibitionB68
WEPEB140 Co-occurring psycho-social problems in transgender women living with HIV enrolled in a clinical trial in ArgentinaPoster ExhibitionB68
WEPEB141 Comparing clinical outcomes of immigrants and citizens living with HIV in Botswana: A retrospective cohort studyPoster ExhibitionB69
WEPEB142 Longitudinal virological outcomes and factors associated with virological failure in behaviourally HIV-infected young adults on combination antiretroviral treatment in the Netherlands, 2000-2015Poster ExhibitionB70
WEPEB143 Same-day medical visit in newly diagnosed HIV patients decreases time to viral suppressionPoster ExhibitionB70
WEPEB144 High rates of anti-retroviral treatment deferral for HIV-infected patients who use alcohol and drugs: Results from a national sample of medical doctors in UkrainePoster ExhibitionB70
WEPEB145 Barriers and facilitators of higher patient activation levels among HIV-infected and uninfected midlife U.S. womenPoster ExhibitionB70
WEPEB146 Housing instability increases rates of urgent care visits, emergency department visits and hospitalizations among PLHIVPoster ExhibitionB70
WEPEB147 Hazardous alcohol screening rates among persons with HIV following implementation of screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment in a large healthcare system in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionB70
WEPEB148 Comparison of viral load suppression rates between military and civilians on antiretroviral therapy (ART) in military facilities in UgandaPoster ExhibitionB70
WEPEC149 Effectiveness of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Brazilian public health facilities: One-year results of the combine! studyPoster ExhibitionC34
WEPEC150 Impact of long-acting cabotegravir as pre-exposure prophylaxis on the emergence of HIV drug resistance among men who have sex with men: A modelling studyPoster ExhibitionC34
WEPEC151 Updating communities on ASPIRE and ring studies in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionC34
WEPEC152 Determinants of voluntary or coerced sexual debut among Black female adolescents in Soweto, South Africa: Findings from the birth to twenty cohort studyPoster ExhibitionC38
WEPEC153 Impact of a behavioral intervention on health outcomes among rural women living with HIV/AIDS at six month follow-upPoster ExhibitionC38
WEPEC154 Calibrating estimators of HIV-1 infection time and founder multiplicity towards improved vaccine efficacy assessmentPoster ExhibitionC38
WEPEC155 Feasibility and acceptability of symptom screening of sexually transmitted infections: HPTN0 71 (PopART) trial in Zambia and South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC38
WEPEC156 Reaching the hard-to-reach: Strategies to maximize recruitment of youth at risk or living with HIV, ATN CARES projectPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC157 Navigayte Brooklyn - using online outreach to connect Black and Latino men who have sex with men to PrEP/PEP services in New York City, USAPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC158 Using social networking in reaching subpopulations of hard-to-reach men who have sex with men in Lagos, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC159 Finding the men: Lessons on using workplace-based structural interventions targeting uniformed personnel to meet the 90-90-90 targetsPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC160 Sabrang: Reaching the un-reached among MSM and transgender people through a mobile health applicationPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC161 Innovative approaches to advancing key populations programming in Ghana despite inauspicious environmentPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC162 Casting a broader net: Increasing HIV case-finding among key populations using performance-based incentives and social networks in Cote d'IvoirePoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC163 Project moxie: A pilot-study of video counseling and home-based HIV testing for transgender youthPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC164 What characteristics predict whether intervention participants successfully recruit previously undiagnosed HIV-positives from their risk networks?Poster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC165 A pilot randomized, controlled trial of financial incentives and commitment contracts to promote HIV retesting among at-risk, HIV-uninfected adults in rural UgandaPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC166 Can online interventions enhance HIV case finding and linkages to care? Comparing offline and online monitoring data from a combination prevention program with MSM and transgender women in Central AmeriaPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC167 The domino effect: Tapping into female sex workers' social networks to increase demand and use of HIV services from previously unengaged women in BurundiPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC168 Applying innovative methods to improve HIV testing uptake and case finding among men who have sex with men in MaliPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC169 Quadrupling HIV case finding: Social media improves HIV testing and HIV case finding among key populations in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC170 The role of social media in sexual connectivity among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Kenya & South Africa: Potential for innovative online sexual health promotion interventionsPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC171 Assessment to determine reasons for repeat testing amongst key populations and the general populationPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC172 PrEP-plus: An unanticipated outcome of a program for pre-exposure prophylaxisPoster ExhibitionC39
WEPEC173 Utilisation of HIV self-testing among rural gay and bisexual men and ethnic minorities in New ZealandPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC174 Understanding who accepts and who is reached through secondary distribution of HIV self-tests in a cluster-randomised trial of door-to-door offer of HIVST nested in four HPTN071 (PopART) communities in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC175 More than just a testing service: Evolution of a peer-led rapid HIV and STI testing service in response to shifting community needsPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC176 HIV testing strategies in EuropePoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC177 Increased HIV case finding rate among MSM and TG in Laos from a community-led HIV oral fluids screening projectPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC178 Improving access to HIV testing services among clients of FSWs: Experiences of the LINKAGES project in Zomba and Machinga, MalawiPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC179 Enhancing HIV testing coverage through peer-driven recruitment models among transgender women in PattayaPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC180 Who is using the HIV Self-test among Black/African-American MSM and transgender women in New York City? Baseline results from project TRUSTPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC181 Development and application of a social entrepreneurship testing model to promote HIV self-testing among men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC182 Results from a randomized controlled trial of an intervention to match young Black men and transwomen who have sex with men or transwomen to HIV testing options (All About Me)Poster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC183 Profile and motivations of people who are using the HIV self-test: Results from the “VIH: Teste-Toi Toi-même” study in FrancePoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC184 Online self-testing service yields yearly growth, high user satisfaction, stable STI positivity rates and lower HIV rates among MSM in the NetherlandsPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC185 Experiences with use of oral HIV self-testing (HIVST) among men who have sex with men (MSM) and linkage to care: Translating evidence to programmatic strategies for HIVST scale-up in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC186 Willingness to use HIV self-testing: Results from the Malawi Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (MPHIA) 2015-16Poster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC187 “If you don't have the courage to go get a test, you won't have the courage to go for treatment”: Consumer perspectives on the introduction of HIVST in Central AmericaPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC188 The role of youth champions in linkage of adolescents and youth from the community for HIV testing servicesPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC189 Integrating voluntary referral from HIV-positive people into a risk-network engagement approach to improve case detection and linkages from outreach in IndiaPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC190 Improving voluntary HIV testing in low and middle income countries (LMIC): A report from a field experiment in EcuadorPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC191 Towards 90-90-90: Findings from innovative peer driven outreach approach for rapid HIV case detection among people who inject drugs in KyrgyzstanPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC192 OptTEST programme interventions for Indicator Condition HIV testing are effective in significantly increasing HIV testing rates in non-specialist healthcare settings across EuropePoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC193 Developing a voluntary partner referral strategy for HIV testing among key populations: A pilot program in the Dominican RepublicPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC194 Utilizing a network model in HIV case-finding among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Northeast IndiaPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC195 Partner notification based on urine self-sampling for officially-sanctioned HIV testing in cooperation with community-based organizations among men who have sex with men in Beijing, ChinaPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC196 Are US black, Hispanic and white YMSM at risk for HIV acquisition being tested in accordance with national HIV testing recommendations? Results from a national studyPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC197 Assisted and unassisted notification and HIV testing for the sexual and injecting partners of people living with HIV in Vietnam: Preliminary results of the HIV testing-to-treatment cascadePoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC198 High-yield HIV testing, facilitated linkage to care, and prevention for female youth in Kenya (GIRLS Study): Preliminary baseline findingsPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC199 Building mobile phone-connected diagnostics and online pathways for HIV care: Early findings from the m-Africa formative study in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC40
WEPEC200 Darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (D/C/F/TAF) in a Test-and-Treat model of care for HIV-1 infection: Interim analysis of the DIAMOND studyPoster ExhibitionC41
WEPEC201 A comparison of outcomes of same day versus delayed Antiretroviral treatment (ART) initiation in the 'Test and Treat era' in Kenyatta National HospitalPoster ExhibitionC41
WEPEC202 Peer navigation is strongly associated with increased uptake of same-day ART initiation among KPs living with HIV in AngolaPoster ExhibitionC41
WEPEC203 Operational feasibility and scope of same-day ART initiation under the WHO treat-all approach in the public sector of southern Swaziland- a prospective cohort studyPoster ExhibitionC41
WEPEC204 A comparative study of risk among adolescent girls and young women who accept or decline PrEP uptake from a community-based mobile clinicPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC205 Worldwide PrEP: Online-to-offline HIV prevention for foreigners in BangkokPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC206 Pre-exposure prophylaxis in Zambia: Policy engagement and initial implementationPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC207 Predictors of low medication possession ratio (MPR) in individuals receiving PrEP in the EPIC-NSW study in New South Wales (NSW), AustraliaPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC208 Understanding risk among male participants enrolled at clinicians' discretion in a PrEP demonstration trial in Victoria, AustraliaPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC209 Barriers to PrEP implementation: The Ministry of Health demonstration projects in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC210 “It's like plan B for HIV!” Formative research results of PEPTALK: A study to design and test a media campaign to drive demand for, uptake of and adherence to PEPPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC211 Men who have sex with men (MSM) eligible for PrEP: Do they differ from other MSM clinic attendees?Poster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC212 HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for the general population in Swaziland: A detailed cascade studyPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC213 Safety and acceptability of day 0 Foreskin Removal PrePex? circumcision among men in KenyaPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC214 Provision of youth-friendly VCT and VMMC during football training sessions and sports tournaments to drive hard-to-reach adolescents to clinical servicesPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC215 Evidence for public family planning clinics as potential PrEP delivery sites in the Southern U.S.Poster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC216 Willingness and actual use of pre-exposure prophylaxis in men who have sex with men in Taiwan: Results from a 2017 Hornet/HEART surveyPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC217 HIV preexposure prophylaxis uptake after low-intensity outreach to patients with sexually transmitted infectionsPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC218 Rapid uptake of care by men who have sex with men who use informally and self-obtained pre-exposure prophylaxis in Amsterdam: The InPrEP projectPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC219 Sexual behavior and PrEP uptake among young African women in a demonstration project about PrEP deliveryPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC220 Outcomes of a pilot intervention of voluntary medical male circumcision and HIV education program for adolescent street youth in Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC221 PrEP for HIV prevention in Shiselweni, Swaziland: Early uptake and month one retentionPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC222 Retention and adherence to PrEP among MSM and transgender women in Thailand's 'Princess PrEP program': The key population-Led PrEP programPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC223 High prevalence of curable STIs among young women initiating PrEP in Kenya and South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC224 A PrEP demonstration project among female sex workers in India: Lessons for scaling upPoster ExhibitionC42
WEPEC225 PrEP implementation in New York State: Using technical assistance to support clinical scale-upPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC226 PrEParing for implementation: Very low PrEP awareness in a sample of men who have sex with men and transgender women reporting condomless receptive anal intercourse in Lima, PeruPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC227 A self-administered internet survey on socioeconomic disparities in access to and willingness to take PrEP among Latino MSM in San Antonio, TXPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC228 Exploring the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention among high risk drug users in treatmentPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC229 Describing levels of uptake and non-uptake of voluntary medical male circumcision services during HPTN 071 (PopART) study, ZambiaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC230 Delays in PrEP initiation among at-risk patients in a large network of primary care clinicsPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC231 Proportion of early infant male circumcisions (EIMC) performed compared to male deliveries in eight pilot sites in Iringa, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC232 Baseline characteristics and risk behaviors among men who have sex with men and transgender women who chose On PrEP and Off PrEP in PrEP demonstration project in Northern ThailandPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC233 Understanding willingness to use oral pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention among men who have sex with men in ChinaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC234 Experience with introduction of PrePex device for medical male circumcision for HIV prevention in Kenya (2013-2017)Poster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC235 Predictors of male circumcision uptake during the Botswana Combination Prevention Project (BCPP) mobilizationPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC236 Depression, network influences and uptake of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in men and transgender individuals screening for HIV prevention trial participationPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC237 Perceived barriers to pre-exposure prophylaxis use among HIV-negative men who have sex with men and transgender women in Tijuana, Mexico: A latent class analysisPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC238 Successful implementation of PrEP among LGBT youth at an urban Community Health CenterPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC239 Young male's uptake and acceptability of medical male circumcision in South Africa: A mixed method, longitudinal community-based studyPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC240 Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) implementation, uptake and retention in Germany - results of the PRIDE studyPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC241 Pre-exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with in the Amsterdam Cohort Studies: Use, eligibility and intention to usePoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC242 From PrEP to “We are PrEPARED” - the Dutch example of preparing health care providers and MSM users for PrEPPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC243 Awareness, understanding and barriers to oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) use among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) in Nairobi and Johannesburg: A two-site qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC244 PrEP uptake among middle age and older individuals in rural KenyaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC245 Community level PrEP programming addressing the challenges of facility-based follow-up for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) ART refills among PWUD, SW and MSM in Uganda: MARPI clinic experiencePoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC246 A systematic review of interventions to increase adult men's uptake of voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention in East and Southern AfricaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC247 Community delivery increases PrEP program retention in SEARCH study in Uganda and KenyaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC248 Message framing strategies for PrEP education with men who have sex with men in North America: Results of three randomized trialsPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC249 “For someone whose life is very busy and unpredictable, this service is like a dream.” Reaching young men of color who have sex with men through on-line prep servicesPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC250 Achievements and lessons learned in efforts to achieve optimal site capacity in a voluntary medical male circumcision program In MozambiquePoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC251 Creating PrEP awareness amongst adolescent girls and young women through peer mobilization in Kenya and UgandaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC252 Bringing Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) services to the community: VMMC mobile clinic campaigns on the islands of Lake Victoria in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC253 Is availability of clinics that prescribe PreP associated with greater willingness to use it? Results from the national survey on HIV in the Black community (NSHBC)Poster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC254 Impact of a population-level PrEP implementation project on clinical capacity and HIV testing among gay and bisexual men in Melbourne, AustraliaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC255 Willingness to take daily oral HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among young women and female sex workers in KenyaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC256 Assessing PrEP eligibility in a HIV-1 vaccine feasibility MSM cohort using MOH guidelines and a cohort-derived HIV-1 risk score in KenyaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC257 MSM Prep users in Europe: Who is and is not having regular medical follow-up? Findings from the community-based research study Flash! PrEP in EuropePoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC258 Users profile, regimen choices and types of exposure in HIV post-exposure prophylaxis before and after the guidelines implementation in BrazilPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC259 Integrating traditional male circumcision with voluntary medical male circumcision for better HIV prevention outcomes among the Shangani in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC260 The PrEP life: Female sex workers' perspectives on uptake and use of daily pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC261 Willingness of Black and Latino adolescents in New York City to use daily oral HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)Poster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC262 A community-based ethnography to inform future PrEP engagement and adherence among transgender women sex workersPoster ExhibitionC43
WEPEC263 Urgent need to integrate PMTCT service for HIV and hepatitis B: An interim report from a prospective cohort study in rural districts, ZambiaPoster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC264 Are STI testing programmes acceptable and feasible for adolescents in South Africa?Poster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC266 High HIV PrEP adherence is associated with syphilis incidencePoster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC267 High rate of unplanned pregnancy despite integration of family planning into HIV carePoster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC268 Increasing male partner involvement in antenatal services for elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIVPoster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC269 Innovative prevention using social mediaPoster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC270 The HIV/AIDS response succeeds when integrated in the reproductive maternal newborn child and adolescent health platform: The Kingdom of Swaziland's ExperiencePoster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC271 Perspective of young people living with HIV in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nigeria on their sexual reproductive health needsPoster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC272 Integration of sexual and reproductive health services into HIV testing service: A unique delivery model for optimising the uptake of HTS among female sex workers in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC44
WEPEC273 Gender affirmation and healthcare empowerment: Two intervention-amenable targets to enhance viral suppression among transgender women of color living with HIV in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC274 Perceptions do matter: The impact of perceived risk of HIV acquisition on HIV testing among gay male couplesPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC275 Project Shikamana: Positive effects of a phase II trial of community empowerment-based combination prevention to respond to HIV among female sex workers in Iringa, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC276 Co-dispensation of low-barrier methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) and antiretroviral therapy (ART) linked to improved ART adherence among people living with HIV who use illicit drugs in a Canadian settingPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC277 Service delivery barriers to accessing HIV-related services for key populations in Southern GhanaPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC278 Risk behavior and low HIV testing awareness among Roma (Gypsy) adolescents and young adult men who have sex with men (MSM) in Sofia, BulgariaPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC279 Barriers and facilitators of adherence to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among young men and transgender women of color who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC280 Who are the male sexual partners of adolescent girls and young women? Comparative analysis of population data in three settings prior to DREAMS roll-outPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC281 Identifying more HIV positive males through Homebased index case HIV testing as compared to facility based HIV testing: Case of an FHI 360-Zimbabwe ProjectPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC282 Comparing behavioural and health seeking outcomes among young and older female sex workers using the polling booth survey 2017, KenyaPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC283 Adapting a multi-level intervention to promote HIV care and wellbeing for transgender women sex workers in the Dominican RepublicPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC284 Implicit drivers of HIV transmission between adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) and their male sex partners (MSPs): Key findings from South African male sex partners mapping and characterization studyPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC285 Efficacy of community intervention in generating demand for ANC and PMTCT services in rural areas of Bayelsa State, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC286 Transforming systems of care to address the needs of MSM of color in HIV prevention, care and treatmentPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC287 Attitudes towards PrEP among drug-involved men under community supervision with their female partners in New York CityPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC288 The Intersection of violence, law enforcement, and HIV risk in drug users residing in the U.S.-Mexico border: Implications for intervention developmentPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC289 Chemsex and PrEP: Do individuals engaging in “chemsex” have the intention to take PrEP? Results from the community-based survey “Flash! PrEP in Europe”Poster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC290 Community-based HIV screening tool identifies children at high risk of testing positive to HIVPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC291 Harm reduction for youth in Ukraine: Pioneer intervention resultsPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC292 Utilization of HIV prevention services in the East Africa Cross-Border Integrated Health Study, 2016Poster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC293 Impact of a community empowerment-based combination HIV prevention model (Project Shikamana) on the HIV continuum of care among female sex workers in Iringa, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC294 Knowledge and Intention to use PrEP among the male-to-female population in Ecuador: Results from a community-based survey (2016)Poster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC295 Harm reduction for young people in Ukraine: Evaluation resultsPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC296 Access and privacy as barriers to PrEP uptake among young men who have sex with men in two mid-sized U.S. citiesPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC297 Food consumption, food security and coping strategies among PLHIVPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC298 “PrEP tourism” in Bangkok and sexual risk behavior of MSM: A three- and six-month follow up studyPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC299 Male wellness center: An HIV/STI detection and treatment service model for the MSM communityPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC300 Family-based HIV risk and protective factors for Latino men who have sex with men in San Juan, PRPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC301 Serostatus non-disclosure to sexual partners among high-risk drug users living with HIV: Examining the roles of HIV-related stigma and risk behaviorPoster ExhibitionC45
WEPEC302 Contextualizing condoms: Location, partner type, and substance use as contexts for sexual risk behavior with transactional and non-transactional partners of men who have sex with men in PeruPoster ExhibitionC46
WEPEC303 Community condom preferences in Zambia from the HPTN 071 (PopART) trialPoster ExhibitionC46
WEPEC304 Acceptability and availability of co-packed condom and lubricant among key populations in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC46
WEPEC305 A functional performance study of the “Wondaleaf” female condomPoster ExhibitionC46
WEPEC306 Harm reduction program intervention and behavioral factors correlation with anti-hepatitis C positivity among people who inject drugs in GeorgiaPoster ExhibitionC47
WEPEC307 Impact of health behavior campaigns on HIV-risk behaviors in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionC47
WEPEC308 Factors associated with never accessing North America´s first and largest supervised injection facility among people who inject drugs in Vancouver, CanadaPoster ExhibitionC47
WEPEC309 No wall in Myanmar: Needle and syringe automatic taking machines (NSATM) are breaking down barriers in HIV prevention for people who inject drugs in remote rural villagesPoster ExhibitionC47
WEPEC310 Correcting mortality for loss to follow-up in African ART programmes: Comparison of methodsPoster ExhibitionC55
WEPEC311 Mapping and size estimation of hidden key populations in low-income settingPoster ExhibitionC55
WEPEC312 Maternal HIV does not affect children's resiliency from birth to 5 years: Moving to a rural setting is protectivePoster ExhibitionC55
WEPEC313 Estimating the population size of female sex workers in Kampala, Uganda, using three-source capture-recapturePoster ExhibitionC55
WEPEC314 Probabilistic recorded linkage as a tool to improve TB-HIV coinfection surveillance in BrazilPoster ExhibitionC55
WEPEC315 On estimating the number of people with known HIV positive status for the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targetsPoster ExhibitionC55
WEPEC316 Development of a nationally representative HIV patient survey: Experiences from the Positive Voices survey in the United KingdomPoster ExhibitionC55
WEPEC317 The use and likelihood of using, PrEP among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Europe and Central Asia: Findings from a large Hornet/ECDC surveyPoster ExhibitionC56
WEPEC318 Is prevalence of early HIV-infection at baseline correlated with HIV incidence: An analysis of 10 PrEP trialsPoster ExhibitionC56
WEPEC319 Religion a structural platform for HIV intervention in Abia State NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC58
WEPEC320 Increasing antenatal care utilization among pregnant women through community mobilization in high HIV burden Local Government Areas in Benue State, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionC59
WEPEC321 Perspectives on social media and technology use for HIV research among young adults in the pediatric HIV/AIDS cohort studyPoster ExhibitionC59
WEPEC322 Recruiting and retaining high-risk Black/African-American men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TW) for HIV testing studies in New York CityPoster ExhibitionC59
WEPEC323 A large-scale study on the sexual health of young people aged 12 to 25 in the Netherlands: The added value of a participatory action research approachPoster ExhibitionC59
WEPEC324 What women want: Branding a new HIV prevention vaginal ring using a user-centric design approachPoster ExhibitionC59
WEPEC325 Supervised machine learning to predict HIV outcomes using electronic health record and insurance claims dataPoster ExhibitionC60
WEPEC326 A two-stage approach to quantify time with suppressed viral load in resource-constrained settingsPoster ExhibitionC61
WEPED327 Sexual objectification as a predictor of willingness to engage in sex with HIV-positive partnersPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED328 Geographies of risk: Police violence and neighborhood stress among Black men and women in the San Francisco Bay AreaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED329 Identifying social vulnerability profiles and their association with risk behaviors and HIV status among MSM in Mexico CityPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED330 Paths from food insecurity to HIV treatment outcomes in a cohort of women in the usPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED331 Increasing severity of food insecurity is longitudinally associated with smoking among women with and at risk for HIV in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED332 The intersection of disclosure concerns and poverty contributes to loss to HIV care in India: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED333 Social determinants of health and self-rated health status: A comparison between women with HIV and women without HIV from the general population in CanadaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED334 HIV intervention in dangerous times: Examining the impact of the counter-narcotics campaigns in the Philippines - implications for human rights, harm reduction, and blood-borne virus controlPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED335 Multilevel exposures and mediators of the relationship between schooling and risk of incident HSV-2 infection in young women enrolled in HPTN 068Poster ExhibitionD19
WEPED336 Rural men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States: Structural stigma and HIV riskPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED337 Female sex work venue characteristics and HIV risk behaviors in two Mexico-US border cities: A latent class analysisPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED338 Pathways from multiple syndemic conditions to HIV vulnerabilities and protective factors among transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual persons in JamaicaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED339 'Yes' to recreational drugs but 'no' to life-saving medications - unpacking paradoxical attitudes about treatments to improve medication adherence: Key findingsPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED340 “The sky is the limit; I am going there”: Exploring hope among young women receiving a conditional cash transfer in rural South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED341 Stigma toward anal sexuality is associated with decreased engagement in HIV services and safer sex practices among MSM in the United States: A mixed-methods study using structural equation modelingPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED342 Applying syndemic theory to understand HIV-related discrimination and sexual risk behavior among people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Hong KongPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED343 Action for access! Community-lead study finds stigma and discrimination hinder access to sexual health services among men and transgender women who have sex with men in Vietnam and KenyaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED344 How are adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) associated with early sexual debut? A contextual analysis of sexual debut among Black women in Baltimore, MD, USAPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED345 Maintaining frontline HIV prevention programs in the era of pre-exposure prophylaxisPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED346 Challenging criminalisation globally: New directions for un-policing identity, morality, sexuality and bodily autonomyPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED347 Healthcare supply-related HIV transmission factors in HIV-positive patients participating in the Cameroonian antiretroviral treatment program (ANRS-12288 EVOLCam survey)Poster ExhibitionD19
WEPED348 Preparing community gate keepers to promote the sexual health wellbeing of young people in UgandaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED349 Exploring the role of community savings groups in addressing food insecurity and improving healthcare access for HIV-infected and uninfected female sex workers in Iringa, TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED350 Manufacturing consent: How “public health” constructed an association between HIV/AIDS stigma and gay men in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED351 High prevalence of social and structural syndemic conditions associated with poor psychological quality of life among a global sample of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED352 Structural racism matters: An exploratory study on the gendered-racialized experiences and HIV vulnerabilities of heterosexual young Black menPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED353 Food insecurity is associated with postpartum stress in Kenyan women of mixed HIV statusPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED354 Understanding barriers and facilitators to antenatal care services in CameroonPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED355 The role of HIV-expert clients in extending house-to-house nutrition services for PLHIV in Karamoja region UgandaPoster ExhibitionD19
WEPED356 Poverty and racial and gender disparities among people living with HIV in Miami-Dade CountyPoster ExhibitionD20
WEPED357 Social and welfare inequities in people living with HIV in England and Wales: Results from Positive Voices 2017Poster ExhibitionD20
WEPED358 Positive finance: Access to insurance for people living with HIV in the UKPoster ExhibitionD20
WEPED359 Area-level poverty and low willingness to use PrEP among Black individuals in the US SouthPoster ExhibitionD20
WEPED360 HIV and poverty vulnerability among women and girls in Abuja Municipal Area Council, Abuja, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD20
WEPED361 A bridge to employment; AIDS free societyPoster ExhibitionD20
WEPED362 Comparing MSM and transgender women (TW) on socio-demographics and psychosocial constructs relating to the HIV continuum of care and prevention in Lima, PeruPoster ExhibitionD21
WEPED363 Influences of gender norms and gender roles on HIV treatment engagement in VietnamPoster ExhibitionD21
WEPED364 Understanding HIV medication adherence amid multi-level, intersecting, and shifting challenges: Listening to the needs of the most vulnerable PLWH in the U.S.Poster ExhibitionD21
WEPED365 Sociocultural contexts of HIV risk behaviors among Mak Nyah (Transwomen) in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPoster ExhibitionD21
WEPED366 Ashamed, afraid and proud: Masculinities as key barriers to the attainment of the 90-90-90 targets in two rural districts in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionD21
WEPED367 Disability predicts violence against women over 12 months: A prospective cohort analysis amongst young women in urban informal settlements in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD21
WEPED368 Women´s decision-making and agency in the context of Option B+ in Malawi: An in-depth longitudinal qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD21
WEPED369 Traditional leaders play a key role in the roll out of early ART at community levelPoster ExhibitionD22
WEPED370 ART adherence among patients cared in the community client-led ART delivery (CCLAD) - TASO, Uganda experiencePoster ExhibitionD22
WEPED371 Understanding HIV risk in the postpartum period: Being in an age-disparate relationship increases postpartum inconsistent condom use for socially isolated South African womenPoster ExhibitionD23
WEPED372 Measuring gender norms associated with transactional sex for adolescent girls and young women in Central Uganda - implications for structural interventionsPoster ExhibitionD23
WEPED373 Gender disparities in lifetime and recent transactional sex among high-risk youthPoster ExhibitionD23
WEPED374 Self-esteem as an indicator of transactional sex among young women in rural South Africa (HPTN 068)Poster ExhibitionD23
WEPED375 Beyond money and gifts: Identifying the strategies men use to establish and maintain relationships with adolescent girls and young women in UgandaPoster ExhibitionD23
WEPED376 Sexual partnership patterns and HIV risks among male migrant market workers from Central Asian countries in KazakhstanPoster ExhibitionD24
WEPED377 Antiretroviral treatment outcome in migrant workers living with HIV in Northern ThailandPoster ExhibitionD24
WEPED378 Internal migration, changes in household composition and engagement in HIV care and treatment in rural South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD24
WEPED379 Qualitative study on the providers' perspectives regarding access to HIV care and treatment of migrants between Lesotho and South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD24
WEPED380 Access to HIV care and treatment for migrants between Lesotho and South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD24
WEPED381 The intersections of transnationalism, sexuality and HIV risk: The case of Chinese immigrants to CanadaPoster ExhibitionD24
WEPED382 Quantifying the levels of violence towards men who have sex with men (MSM) in three cities of HondurasPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED383 Prevalence of intimate partner violence among HIV positive depressed perinatal PMTCT-plus clinic attendees in urban Tanzania: A baseline studyPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED384 Coerced first sex among adolescents living with HIV in the Copperbelt, Zambia: Cross-sectional analyses of prevalence and associations with ART adherence, depression and alcohol usePoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED385 The relationship between intimate partner violence and HIV risk behaviors in Black and White young men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED386 “Neither safe nor secure”: Systematically addressing safety and security in HIV programs for key populations to protect implementers and facilitate effective programmingPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED387 Preventive strategies for sex workers to reduce risk of violence and HIVPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED388 Effects of a community empowerment intervention on physical violence among female sex workers in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED389 Community collective efficacy is associated with reduced intimate partner violence (IPV) incidence in the HPTN 068 cohortPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED390 Experiences of traumatic events increases men's HIV-risk behaviours: A cross-sectional study and structural equation model (SEM) amongst young (18-30) men in urban informal settlements in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED391 Hidden and covered - underreporting of violence in transgender project even after empowerment processesPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED392 Effects of intimate partner violence on engagement in HIV care among women living with HIV in Rakai, UgandaPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED393 Why suffer in silence? The violence within!Poster ExhibitionD25
WEPED394 Men's vulnerabilities are compromising their own health and well-being, and are strongly linked to HIV risk in Durban, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD25
WEPED395 Triple threat: Resurging epidemics, a broken health system, and global indifference to Venezuela's crisisPoster ExhibitionD26
WEPED396 Comprehensive services for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and IDPs with chronic diseases affected by the war in Eastern UkrainePoster ExhibitionD26
WEPED397 Model of gender-sensitive services for internally displaced HIV positive women in Donetsk and Lugansk oblastsPoster ExhibitionD26
WEPED398 HIV response in the midst of natural disasters and a humanitarian crisis: The case of Puerto RicoPoster ExhibitionD26
WEPED399 Experiences of gender-based violence among FSWs, MSM, and transgender women in Latin America and the Caribbean: A mixed methods analysis to inform HIV programmingPoster ExhibitionD27
WEPED400 Increasing access to HIV prevention and treatment prevalence gender-based violence screening in Lubombo region of SwazilandPoster ExhibitionD27
WEPED401 Child labour in Tanzanian small-scale gold mines: High HIV and violence riskPoster ExhibitionD27
WEPED402 Intimate partner violence and associated factors in HPTN 071 (PopART) study communities - a comparison by HIV statusPoster ExhibitionD27
WEPED403 Spreading WINGS (Women Initiating New Goals of Safety): Cross-cultural adaptation, feasibility and preliminary effects of an intervention to address gender-based violence among women who use drugs in IndiaPoster ExhibitionD27
WEPED404 Assessing the safety of Zambian female sex workers amidst violence from their male clientsPoster ExhibitionD27
WEPED405 Young Jamaican men who have sex with men experiences with childhood sexual abuse and sexual assaultPoster ExhibitionD27
WEPED406 Myanmar prison health: Opening closed doors for the prevention, care and treatment of inmates living with HIV, TB and other infections - lessons learnedPoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED407 HIV risk perceptions and risk reduction strategies among prisoners in Kyrgyzstan: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED408 A systematic review of HIV outcomes and engagement in care across incarceration trajectories among women living with HIVPoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED409 The role of civil society organizations (CSOs) in improving early HIV detection and continuity of ART in Tajikistan prisonsPoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED410 Peer Navigation System in Central Asian prisons as the most effective approach for HTS, ARV treatment initiation and adherence supportPoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED411 Harm reduction friend or foe? Correctional officers and prison-based needle and syringe programsPoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED412 Organization of medical care for HIV-infected inmates in institutions of the State penitentiary service of UkrainePoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED413 Law and practice that inhibit HIV treatment adherence for pre-trial detainees in MalawiPoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED414 Training family physicians to care for HIV infected men in very a short-term jail settingPoster ExhibitionD28
WEPED415 The advertisers activists collective: #EqualityChallenge guidelines to improve accountability to LGBT in South African advertisingPoster ExhibitionD29
WEPED416 Ambitious goals, restrictive environments: Accelerating HIV testing uptake among men who have sex with men in Jakarta's Fast-Track responsePoster ExhibitionD29
WEPED417 HIV/AIDS as a latent discourse. Practices of fragmentation, historicization and othernisation in SwitzerlandPoster ExhibitionD29
WEPED418 Signs of hope on ending stigma and discrimination in Brazil: Analyzing the impact of HIV outreach campaigns and initiatives on the news coverage of Brazilian mediaPoster ExhibitionD29
WEPED419 Capacity building of media personnel for positive and unbiased portrayal of communities at-risk for HIV: Towards creation of an enabling social environment through mediaPoster ExhibitionD29
WEPED420 Sexual sensation seeking and transmission risk in the era of HIV treatment as preventionPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED421 Innovative HIV prevention and testing campaigns for maximized regional reach in conservative settingsPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED422 My disclosure, our test: An egocentric network analysis examining disclosure of MSM behavior networks and their relationship to HIV testing in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED423 Brazil, PrEP, & gay dating apps. A survey about knowledge, access and future use of PrEP among users of dating app HornetPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED424 Social media intervention exposure and its association with HIV testing: Secondary analyses from a randomized controlled trial in ChinaPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED425 Marijuana use predicts newly diagnosed HIV among Black men and transgender women who have male sex partnersPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED426 Structures of sexuality: Bisexual stigma and HIV risk with primary female partners among behaviorally bisexual Black menPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED427 Digital media and sexual health promotion among MSM and transgender women in India: Exploring the contours of online interventionsPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED428 Latent classes of sexual positioning practices and sexual risk among men who have sex with men in Paris, FrancePoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED429 Suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviour among men who have sex with men in MalaysiaPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED430 Eliminating homophobia among healthcare providers to increase access to HIV-related services targeting men who have sex with men (MSM) and women who have sex with women (WSW) in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED431 How do gay serodiscordant couples in Sydney, Australia apply treatment as prevention to their relationships?Poster ExhibitionD30
WEPED432 Sexual practices of men who have sex with men (MSM) in MadagascarPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED433 Exploring alcohol and other drug use among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Nairobi, Kenya: Implications for HIV and health promotion interventionsPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED434 Quality of life among HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected men who have sex with men in Nigeria: A cross-sectional studyPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED435 Unreached group / risk of HIV and STI / spouse and partners of MSM/MSW/TG community / Far-western Region, NepalPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED436 Substance use and psychosocial problems among Nigerian men who have sex with men (MSM): A qualitative study of motivation and consequencesPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED437 A serial, cross-sectional comparison of condomless anal sex and HIV testing among young men who have sex with men (MSM) in Beirut, LebanonPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED438 LINX LA: Developing a web-based mobile app to improve treatment outcomes among HIV-positive sexual minority-identified young Black menPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED439 Sexual initiation and quality of life among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men worldwidePoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED440 Correlates of stages in the HIV care continuum among HIV-positive young men who have sex with menPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED441 'How come you are a refugee, yet in Uganda there is no war?' Social, sexual and psychological wellbeing of East African MSM and transgender (MSM/TG) migrants in NairobiPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED442 Stigma/discrimination faced by men who have sex with men in India: Correlates and association with risk behaviours (alcohol/drug use and inconsistent condom use), and access to HIV servicesPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED443 PrEP Uptake and Persistence in a Sample of Trans MSM in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionD30
WEPED444 Rapid scale up of takeaway practices for opioid substitution therapy in Ukraine: Exploring possibilities of new legislationPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED445 Will gay and bisexual men who use methamphetamine participate in PrEP services?Poster ExhibitionD31
WEPED446 Prevalence of HIV, HCV and syphilis among PWUD - data from the first mobile testing and harm reduction service point in PolandPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED447 High burden of psychosocial stress among opioid-dependent persons on medically assisted therapy in Kwale County, KenyaPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED448 Mapping and behavioral study of the population of drugs users (DUs)/people who inject drugs (PWID) along the Abidjan-Lagos corridorPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED449 Integrating harm reduction principles into HIV/AIDS healthcare delivery in the Philippines: Readiness of HIV care providers and drug rehabilitation care providersPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED450 Barriers to accessing quality care for HIV and substance use in the Philippines: In-depth interviews with PLHIV who use drugsPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED451 Prevalence and correlates of knowledge of hepatitis B and C virus among people who inject drugs (PWIDs) in Lagos, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED452 Differentiated service delivery for harm reduction strategies for people who inject drugs_learnings from the Mauritian contextPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED453 Barriers to effective HIV prevention and Service delivery among people who inject drugs in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED454 Patterns of substance use and substance use treatment predict viral suppression over time among HIV-positive women in the Women's Inter-agency HIV Study (WIHS): A cross-classified repeated measures latent-class analysisPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED455 Rapid assessment of the quantity, quality and effectiveness of services for the young women using drugs in the Kyrgyz RepublicPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED456 Engaging community-based model of care for differentiated anti-retroviral therapy (ART) service delivery for people who inject drugs (PWIDS) in Nigeria: Lessons and challengesPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED457 Social-structural influences on access and adherence to antiretroviral therapy among people living with HIV/AIDS who use drugs: A qualitative meta-synthesisPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED458 Norms on drug injection in Athens, Greece (2013-2015)Poster ExhibitionD31
WEPED459 Young and High - a rising reality: A qualitative analysis of drug use among young gay, bisexual and MSM in sexualized settings in Bangkok, Hanoi and JakartaPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED460 Chemsex among men who have sex with men in Singapore and the challenges ahead: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED461 A community health worker intervention for HIV-infected drug users in VietnamPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED462 Building workforce capacity to address HIV and substance misuse in rural areasPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED463 Risky injection practices and knowledge regarding HCV: A respondent-driven sampling study among people who inject drugs in the Chiang Mai Province, ThailandPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED464 Community mobilisation approach: A method for linking drug users to HIV, STI and harm reduction servicesPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED465 Satellite centers for women using drugs (WUD): Innovation to address neglect in drug-related treatment management programs in Northeast IndiaPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED466 Effect measure modification of association between HIV status and recent overdose among OAT patient in UkrainePoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED467 Under multiple oppressions: Identifying the main trends in violence against women who use drugs in GeorgiaPoster ExhibitionD31
WEPED468 Political impunity and HIV vulnerability among Haitian female sex eorkers in the Dominican RepublicPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED469 Overcoming challenges in developing a sustainable cervical cancer screening program in Limpopo Province, South Africa: Training of health workers and sex worker advocatesPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED470 Cervical cancer screening in rural South Africa among HIV-infected Migrant farm workers and sex workersPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED471 Need for intensified interventions among brothel-based female sex workers in Mumbai, IndiaPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED472 Characterizing the influence of structural determinants of risk on consistent condom use among female sex workers in SenegalPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED473 “I would like not to answer this question”: Violence, police and sex work in UkrainePoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED474 A randomized controlled trial to test a cognitive behavioral and structural HIV prevention intervention for Ugandan sex workers 15- to 24-years oldPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED475 Examining accessibility of health care services among sex workers across 8 regions of Ukraine: A mixed methods studyPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED476 A landmark ruling: A Zimbabwean sex worker-led success for human rights and healthPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED478 Experiences of loss of a parent before age 18 among female sex workers across seven Western and Southern African countriesPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED479 Economic empowerment as a tool for HIV treatment and prevention among a sex worker collective in Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED481 Achieving higher enrollment to care among female sex workers (FSW) recently diagnosed with HIV to ART care in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED482 #SWPrEP: HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and sex work in Canada 2016Poster ExhibitionD32
WEPED483 Better services for less money: Assessing prevention service needs among sex workers in Kyrgyzstan. Results of cross-sectional community-based participatory researchPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED484 Sex work regulation and HIV risk: A qualitative analysis of the impact of different regulation regimes on HIV prevention among female sex workers in two U.S.-Mexico border citiesPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED485 A qualitative study on male sex workers in Zimbabwe: Sex work, structural stigma and vulnerabilities for HIV acquisition and transmissionPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED486 Reaching culturally and liguistically diverse sex workers of mirgant status background in response to HIV and related infectionsPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED487 Female sex workers who use drugs and HIV/STI risk in Kazakhstan: Implications for HIV preventionPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED488 Uptake of HIV oral self-testing among female sex workers in Starehe Nairobi: Lessons from the key population implementation science studyPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED489 Sex worker driven approaches to enable the optimal introduction of HIV self-tests: Addressing social and structural barriersPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED490 Acceptability of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) amongst sex workers in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED491 Condom Use Patterns among FSWs: Women in Transactional Sex and Casual Sex in High HIV Risk Venues in Abuja FCT, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED492 Crystal methamphetamine use and its associated factors in female sex worker in Iran, 2015Poster ExhibitionD32
WEPED493 “The society around us is the one that segregates us”: A comparative exploration of sex work stigma among female sex workers living with HIV in Tanzania and the Dominican RepublicPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED494 Factors influencing transgender and male sex workers' access to sexual health care, HIV testing and supportPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED495 General self-efficacy as a predictor for HIV testing among female sex worker in Mombasa, KenyaPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED496 I did not believe I could trust anyone with what I was living through: The HIV continuum of care as a site of support for us based sex workersPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED497 Just give me the information I need to survive: Understanding the needs of US based sex workers within the HIV continuum of carePoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED498 Awareness, practice and preferences of PrEP among female sex workers in Lagos, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED499 Trends in HIV testing uptake among female sex workers in Ukraine: Findings from four integrated bio-behavioral surveysPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED500 Characterizing the prevalence and determinants of incentivized condomless sex among female sex workers in LesothoPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED502 Violence victimization among male sex workers in the U.S. NortheastPoster ExhibitionD32
WEPED503 Advocacy in health care coverage for the transgender population in ArgentinaPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED504 Understanding the impact of incarceration and re-entry on HIV risk and treatment for transgender women in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED505 My health, my rights/two case studies on the conditions of transgender women and effeminate gay men in prisonPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED506 Understanding barriers, working alongside the community: A formative study for the implementation of a peer-navigation intervention among transwomen living with HIV in São Paulo, BrazilPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED507 Inclusion of transgender youth in educational institutes to mainstream the community and reduces the vulnerabilities to HIV & mental healthPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED508 Inclusion of married transgender population in HIV-related servicesPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED509 Health care guide for the respect of trans people in Latin America and the CaribbeanPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED510 The Transcendendo cohort study - unveiling the social vulnerabilities of transgender women and travestis in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED511 Knowledge and attitude towards transgender-related healthcare among Malaysian medical doctors: Implications for HIV treatment and preventionPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED512 Combating violence and promoting sexual health among transgender persons using trauma-informed psychosocial support in the Federal Capital Territory, NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED513 A literature review of the factors that affect use and uptake of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among young transgender women (TGW) aged 15-24 years in sub-Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED514 Princess project: Increasing health and well-being for African American transwomen living with HIV in Oakland, CA, USAPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED515 Factors associated recent HIV testing among transgender women in Cambodia: Findings from the National Integrated Biological and Behavioral Survey (TG-IBBS 2016)Poster ExhibitionD33
WEPED516 Exposure to gender-based violence and depressive symptoms among transgender women in Cambodia: Findings from the National Integrated Biological and Behavioral Survey (TG-IBBS 2016)Poster ExhibitionD33
WEPED517 Potential barriers in access to community-based HIV services among transgender women in Cambodia: Findings from the National Integrated Biological and Behavioral Survey (TG-IBBS 2016)Poster ExhibitionD33
WEPED518 The HIV care cascade among trans women in Canada: Barriers and facilitatorsPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED519 Factors predicting viral suppression and retention in HIV care among transgender women of color living with HIV in four urban centers in USAPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED520 Sex work is associated with sexual violence and HIV among transwomen in São Paulo, BrazilPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED521 Sexual behavior and health of transgender people who are sexually active with MSM in Japan: An online survey through gay geosocial networking mobile application, LASH studyPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED522 Transgender stigma - barrier to accessing HIV testing and treatment services in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD33
WEPED523 Improving targeted HIV testing services (HTS) in Zimbabwe: A study to identify orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) sub populations most at risk for HIVPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED524 Increasing uptake for HIV testing services (HTS) among key populations using linkage facilitatorsPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED525 Breaking the silence for learners with disabilitiesPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED526 Vulnerable children committees pave the way towards achieving first UNAIDS 90-90-90 for pediatrics in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED527 The economic empowerment of women vulnerable to HIV: Experience from KyrgyzstanPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED528 Turning the tide, breaking the barriers to access, adherence and retention to antiretroviral therapy and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV among adolescents in KenyaPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED529 Accessing healthcare services and supports in remote communities: The stories of 29 First Nations people living with HIV in Ontario, CanadaPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED530 Moving ART services behind bars: A differentiated service delivery model for ART services results in high viral load suppression among inmates in correctional facilities in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED532 Towards 90-90-90: Examining the knowledge and attitude of prisoners in Nigeria towards HIV/AIDSPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED533 Mobilization efforts to ensure an uninterrupted access to treatment, care and support for PLWH in the armed conflict zone at the non-government controlled areas in UkrainePoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED534 Mental health resilience for young children whose parents have diedPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED535 Increasing TB case detection and treatment among street children in the slums of Kampala District; the case of Kamwokya Christian Caring Community (KCCC)Poster ExhibitionD34
WEPED536 Closing the gaps: Addressing sexual and reproductive health needs of young persons with disabilities (PWDs) using school based minimum prevention package intervention (MPPI) strategyPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED537 Utilization of PHC services of rural Migrant communities in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED538 Suicidal feelings and attempts among HIV/AIDS-positive sub-Saharan African Migrant women in Belgium: A qualitative studyPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED539 Innovative model HIV, recidivism and risk behavior prevention among adolescents in conflict with the law in the context of juvenile justice reform in UkrainePoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED540 Call to action: Why a disability sensitive SRH policy is needed in Lagos StatePoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED541 Multidisciplinary approach to TB Control in UzbekistanPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED542 Understanding perceived internalized stigma among pregnant HIV positive women in rural Mpumalanga province, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED543 Sexual health, condom-use agency and substance-use behavior among 1222 sexually active unmarried women in LebanonPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED544 Condom use at first sex protects young women in South Africa from HIV and teenage pregnancyPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED545 Factors associated with perceived access and utilization of HIV testing services among international students studying in Japanese language schools in TokyoPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED546 An integrated approach of addressing GBV and HIV for AGYWs. The case of DREAMS project in MalawiPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED547 Community-based strategies to ward off new HIV infections among sex workers, substance users, women, and transgender people who live in homeless encampments in the Oakland, San Francisco Bay AreaPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED548 Sexual network-structure and vulnerability of HIV: Observation from Indian villagePoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED549 Nepalese returnee migrants from India: Are they at risk of HIV?Poster ExhibitionD34
WEPED550 “Prepara, Nem”: An innovative strategy to empower, promote education and human rights among LGBTQI communities living in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED551 Between the Rock and a hardplace: Comprehensive sexuality education vs cultural religious norms in rural Zimbabwe a case study of young women in Masvingo youth friendly cornersPoster ExhibitionD34
WEPED552 Gangsterism on the Cape Flats: Gangster masculinity and HIV risk for young men in a Coloured township in Cape Town, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD35
WEPED553 Socio-legal and the religious environment vrs. the human rights approach and it´s implications of LGBTI activities in GhanaPoster ExhibitionD35
WEPED554 Health risks of lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender women in KazakhstanPoster ExhibitionD35
WEPED555 Resilience, heritage and vulnerability: Qualitative assessment on violence and HIV among indigenous women and girls in the Amazon regionPoster ExhibitionD35
WEPED556 Young hearts - I just want to love: The success story behind the Emmy-nominated web series and the use of edutainment to talk about HIV to very young audiences in BrazilPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED557 Who are the male partners of adolescent girls and young women in DREAMS sites in Malawi, and how can they be more engaged in HIV services?Poster ExhibitionD36
WEPED558 Feasibility of accessing sexual partners of young women at high risk of acquiring HIV in rural KZNPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED559 Addressing challenges among adolescents living with HIV(ALHIV) using structural approaches - a practical example from rural KenyaPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED560 Capitalizing on aspirations of adolescent girls to reduce their sexual health risks: Implications for girls' HIV prevention in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED561 Understanding the influence of a conditional cash transfer on sexual behavior among adolescent girls and young women in Northwestern TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED562 Effect of time change on adolescent and young people accessibility to youth friendly health services in Akure, Ondo State NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED563 Adolescents, sexuality, and relationships among girls aged 10-14 in Homa Bay and Siaya counties, Western KenyaPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED564 What do adolescent girls and young women tell us about their male partners and their relationship characteristics?Poster ExhibitionD36
WEPED565 From peer education to full engagement: Promoting adolescents and youth friendly HIV services in Jiangsu ProvincePoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED566 The status of sex education in times of political turmoil in Peru: HIV-related findings indicate progress but also important needsPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED567 Successfully reaching young key populations with essential HIV prevention, care, and treatment services in MaliPoster ExhibitionD36
WEPED568 The relationship as a safety bubble: Reasons for not testing for HIV regularly among gay male couples in the USPoster ExhibitionD37
WEPED569 Association between intimate partner violence and HIV status among Haitian womenPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED570 Sexual violence, stigma and HIV vulnerability experienced by lesbian women from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The women group 'Felipa de Souza'Poster ExhibitionD38
WEPED571 Comparative analysis of intimate partner violence among HIV positive pregnant and non-pregnant women in a health facility in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED572 HIV status disclosure patterns and male partner reactions among HIV+ pregnant women on lifelong ART in southwestern KenyaPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED573 Harnessing peer support amongst women living with HIV in positively women: A case for gender sensitive interventionsPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED574 Engaging men and boys is key to preventing violence against women and for promoting better health outcomes for women and childrenPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED575 An Exploration of the interplay between perceived relationship power imbalance, couple-race, and sexual risk behavior for HIV among gay male couplesPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED576 Are relationships protective for trans women and trans men partnered with cis gendered men?Poster ExhibitionD38
WEPED577 Sexual agency and disproportionate risk: Young women's experience with HIV risk in Cape Town, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED578 Religious leader a mechanism for change in HIV prevention and gender based violence: A community approachPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED579 Determinants of post-disclosure violence against HIV positive women in serodiscordant unions: A cross-sectional study in Kumasi, GhanaPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED580 Sex and age differences of clients accessing post gender based violence care services in selected states in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionD38
WEPED581 Using virtual reality to make young people more aware of their sexual network in order to reduce unfounded trust in their partner´s STI statusPoster ExhibitionD40
WEPED582 A longitudinal analysis of the impact of PrEP on sexual behaviour and drug use among Australian gay and bisexual menPoster ExhibitionD40
WEPED583 Hearing from the men: Multiple partnerships, HIV risk, and drivers of their relationships with AGYW in Swaziland and UgandaPoster ExhibitionD40
WEPED584 “I feel like shackles have been loosened a little”: The impact of PrEP on gay men's sexual cultures in AustraliaPoster ExhibitionD41
WEPED585 Community research engaging women (CREW): Utilizing participatory action research to understand women's knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about PrEPPoster ExhibitionD41
WEPED586 Will male partners of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) support their PrEP use? A comparative analysis of AGYW and male partners of AGYW views in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionD41
WEPED587 Gender in biomedical HIV prevention trials in sub-Saharan Africa: A review of the issues and recommendations for gender transformative researchPoster ExhibitionD41
WEPED588 Internalized homonegativity decreases access to condoms among MSM in 10 countries of Eastern Europe and Central AsiaPoster ExhibitionD41
WEPEE589 PrEP adopted by the Brazilian National Health System: What is the size of the demand?Poster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE590 Experience of reaching hard-to-reach people who inject drugs through field mentors with HIV prevention and treatment services in northeastern states of IndiaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE591 Integration of community and facility care across the continuum to improve pediatric ART enrolment and retention: Lessons learned from Munhava Health Centre, Beira-MozambiquePoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE592 Acceptability and feasibility of promoting HIV testing to sexual partners using self-testing among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in Guangzhou, ChinaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE593 Scale-up of a passive referral model of HIV Index case testing to accelerate case identification in Mangochi, MalawiPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE594 Piloting community-based saliva testing increases coverage of key populations in ArmeniaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE595 Distance learning course about rapid test for healthcare professionals as an strategy to increase the access to HIV diagnosis in BrazilPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE596 Estimating health workforce requirements for achieving the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets in three regions of Ukraine and developing strategies to address projected gapsPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE597 Reaching more men with HIV testing through PMTCT program in Southern regions of TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE598 Mobile health and behavioral PMTCT intervention among community health workers improves exclusive breastfeeding and early infant diagnosis in India: A cluster randomized trialPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE599 Difference-in-difference estimate of effect of PEPFAR human resources for health investments on HIV treatment results, fiscal year 2016-2017Poster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE600 Trend analysis of HIV/TB integrated services utilization and coverage in Uganda Harm Reduction Referral Points in Kampala, Gulu, Mbarara and MbalePoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE601 Optimizing HIV case finding and linkage to care and treatment among adolescents in western Kenya through a comprehensive case finding intervention packagePoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE602 Making the impossible possible: Progress in scale-up of voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention supported by the United States President's emergency plan for AIDS relief through 2017Poster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE603 Can a short-haul specimen referral system work efficiently to access “point-of-care” early infant diagnosis testing? Lessons from Lesotho and ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE604 Patient's preferences for differentiated HIV service delivery in a routine program setting in Uganda: A cross sectional surveyPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE605 Adaptive social and behavior change communication strategies achieve modification in social norms around uptake of voluntary medical male circumcision services in traditionally non-circumcising communities in three regions of TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE606 Scaling up pediatric HIV treatment coverage in Uganda through a prioritized approachPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE607 How many are eligible for PrEP? Implementing New Zealand's new publicly funded and targeted PrEP policyPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE608 HIV-positive women have higher risk of precancerous lesions and cervical cancer: Results from an integrated HIV and cervical cancer screening program in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE609 Combining online and offline strategies: 15 years of lessons learned from the hepatitis B vaccination program for Dutch men who have sex with men and sex workersPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE610 A ten-year trend analysis of inpatient utilization between 2007 and 2016 for New York State among those diagnosed with both HIV and hepatitis CPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE611 Comparative yield of community active tuberculosis case finding approaches in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE612 Rates of ART initiation and time from HIV diagnosis to ART initiation in selected Namibian health facilities one year before the national rollout of Namibia´s Treat All guidelinesPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE613 Accelerating implementation and scale-up of comprehensive programs for HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations: Critical to HIV epidemic impactPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE614 A ten-year trend analysis of inpatient diagnoses of cellulitis, endocarditis, osteomyelitis and pneumonia for intravenous drug users between 2006 and 2015Poster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE615 Implementation of the community adolescents treatment supporters programme with AfricaidPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE616 The benefits and utility of surge strategies with HIV-positive patient tracing exercises: The Zomba, Malawi experiencePoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE617 Key populations leading the way: Innovative strategies for increasing HIV testing yield in high risk communities in GuyanaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE618 Community task forces making a difference: Increasing TB case notification rates through community-led TB campaigns (TBC) in 11 regions in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE619 The uptake of the PrePex and Shang Ring male circumcision devices among adolescent and adult males in sub-Saharan Africa, a systematic reviewPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE620 From tokenism to concrete practice- the story of lived realities of PLHIV through MIPA forums in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE621 National mentorship to improve testing uptake for HIV-exposed children in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE622 Scaling up voluntary medical male circumcision services in Lusaka District of ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE623 Striking multiple ends: Access and use of female condoms reduce multiple reproductive health risks among female sex workers in an urban slum in Kampala City, UgandaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE624 Implementing the ''Test and Treat policy: Increasing access to quality HIV care services at 11 USAID / Strengthening Uganda's Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally (SUSTAIN) supported hospitalsPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE625 Modern response to modern living - addressing HIV service needs in spa and massage parlors for men having sex with men (MSM) in IndiaPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE626 Institutionalizing pharmacovigilance in an HIV treatment centre: Lessons from Baylor-UgandaPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE627 Advantages and challenges in providing medical & mentoring services through the pediatric HIV telemedicine initiative: A qualitative researchPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE628 Differentiated service delivery: Harnessing the reach of faith-based organizations to deliver quality HIV services in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE629 Responding to real needs - experiences from Wajood programme in IndiaPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE630 Supporting antiretroviral therapy multi-month scripting and dispensing at facilities in Zimbabwe: Effect on supply chain managementPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE631 The use of the Clinical Monitoring System as a tool for monitoring the treatment gap in the State of Rio de JaneiroPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE632 Improvement collaboratives led by ministries of health to achieve global 90-90-90 targets: Examples from Namibia and ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE633 The continuum of HIV prevention and care among MSM and TW in Lima, PeruPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE634 Feasibility of improving access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) through community pharmacies in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE635 Methadone dispensing systems in Medically Assisted Therapy for drug use harm reduction and linkage to HIV treatment and counselling: A case for secure, accurate and automated methadone dispensingPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE636 Strengthening linkage between the clinical, social and community sectors: Contribution of OVC collaborative platforms to an integrated offer of quality services to OVC and their families in Côte d´IvoirePoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE637 Exploring factors affecting the linkage to care of HIV positive young men who have sex with men in Hong Kong using focus group interviewPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE638 Implementing a performance based incentive system for outreach workers in a community based HIV care and treatment project in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE639 Making a pivot to maximize impact: Age of clients at PEPFAR-supported voluntary medical male circumcision programs for HIV prevention, 2017Poster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE640 Is MSM population effectively covered by HIV prevention services in high burden townships of Myanmar: Findings from programmatic mapping?Poster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE641 Preferences for HIV self-testing distribution and linkage to care models: Results from discrete choice experiments in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE642 Bringing HIV care close to people, the experience of decentralization in Norilsk, RussiaPoster ExhibitionE33
WEPEE643 Improving HIV testing services at selected USAID-funded sites in Haiti: Strategies, lessons learned and implications for the National AIDS Control Program results from EQUIPPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE644 Reaching the un-reached for achieving First 90 in the 90-90-90 cascade, family testing approach from Maharashtra, IndiaPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE645 User-friendliness, accessibility, and confidentiality and privacy: How an interplay between these quality domains affects client satisfaction with HIV/AIDS services in UkrainePoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE646 Switching from the forceps-guided to the dorsal slit technique in a Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) program: Experience from TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE647 Lessons learned on improving the cascade of quality HIV/AIDS care through community and health system strengthening in CambodiaPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE648 HIV performance measurement in correctional centres using a quality score: An example from Sierra LeonePoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE649 Institutionalizing sustainable comprehensive sexuality education in a resource-limited setting: Lessons learned from teachers' sensitizationPoster ExhibitionE34
WEPEE650 Knowledge, attitudes and practices toward PrEP from MSM and transwomen in the largest suburban HIV epidemic in the United StatesPoster ExhibitionE35
WEPEE651 Now that PrEP reduces risk of transmission of HIV, why do you still insist that we use condoms?” The condom quandary among PrEP users and health care providers in KenyaPoster ExhibitionE35
WEPEE652 Fewer than 1 in 6 gay/bisexual PrEP users receive comprehensive PrEP monitoringPoster ExhibitionE35
WEPEE653 Bridging the gap in accessing PrEP in Asia: Experience in the provider-assisted PrEP access (PrEP-PAPA) model in TaiwanPoster ExhibitionE35
WEPEE654 Improving PrEP implementation through multilevel interventions: A synthesis of the literaturePoster ExhibitionE35
WEPEE655 Tracking oral PrEP globally: Using initiation trend data to inform product introductionPoster ExhibitionE35
WEPEE656 Site-level process to oral PrEP implementationPoster ExhibitionE35
WEPEE657 PrEP'ed for success? Lessons learned in PrEP implementation in New South WalesPoster ExhibitionE35
WEPEE658 Who does HIV viral load testing reach first? Lessons from Tanzania's first year of scaling up HIV viral load accessibilityPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE659 A digital application for optimizing key population mobile testing in Jakarta's Fast-Track responsePoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE660 The surge: A targeted, multi-strategy approach to accelerate HIV case finding in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE661 Can we achieve universal and annual HIV testing with home-based campaigns? Results from the ANRS 12249 TasP trialPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE662 How health workers motivated people living with HIV (PLHIV) to initiate antiretroviral treatment (ART) at high CD4 counts in three HPTN 071 (PopART) health facilities, Western Cape, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE663 Barriers and facilitators to improve antiretroviral therapy initiation among men who have sex with men and transgender women in ThailandPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE664 Successful strategies to increase HIV case identification at public health facilities among males in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE665 Monthly baseline CD4 count trends of newly diagnosed HIV patients from 'test and treat' demonstration sites in NamibiaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE666 Implementing the HIV “Treat All” Guidelines in Namibia: Patient and health provider perspectivesPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE667 Taking ART to the community to improve linkage to care of newly diagnosed HIV positive clients in a community based care and treatment project in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE668 Impact of a universal test and treat strategy on retention in a public sector health system setting: Swaziland's MaxART trial, 2014-2017Poster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE669 Tuberculosis preventive therapy in PEPFAR countriesPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE670 Are previously diagnosed HIV-positive patients returning to the clinic to initiate ART under UTT guidelines? A case study of ART management in the context of UTTPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE671 Impact of universal test and treat policy on ART initiation among HIV positive patients in Johannesburg, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE672 Mobile and home testing identifies previously diagnosed HIV infected men and women who are not taking ART in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE673 HIV-indexing: Identifying and linking children living with HIV to treatment through a community-based model in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE674 Successes in the rapid implementation of the HIV test and treat approach in a high burden setting - a view from Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE675 A comparative analysis of expanded HIV testing and linkage interventions in PEPFAR pivot areas in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe from 2015-2017Poster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE676 Towards achieving the first and second 90 for children newly-diagnosed with HIV in North-Central Nigeria: Intensified case-finding and quality improvement collaborative approachesPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE677 Challenges in transitioning donor-supported health workers to build resilient local capacity for sustainable epidemic control in UgandaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE678 Retention on ART during Universal Test and Treat implementation in Zomba District, MalawiPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE679 Identifying hard-to-reach men who have sex with men (MSM) for HIV services in Ghana: The use of social mediaPoster ExhibitionE36
WEPEE680 Successful implementation of HIV self-testing in the rural Shiselweni region of SwazilandPoster ExhibitionE37
WEPEE681 Distributing HIV self-testing kit through internet-based pay-at-pickup at convenient stores: Experiences in TaiwanPoster ExhibitionE37
WEPEE682 Facility-based HIV self-testing in Malawi: An assessment of characteristics and concerns among clients who opt-out of testingPoster ExhibitionE37
WEPEE683 Partner-delivered HIV self-testing increases the perceived acceptability of index partner testing among HIV-positive clients in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE37
WEPEE684 Performance and usability of OraQuick® oral fluid-based rapid HIV self-test among key populations in VietnamPoster ExhibitionE37
WEPEE685 Assessing the feasibility of HIV self-screening in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE37
WEPEE686 Characterizing implementation measures of HIV-self testing among people at risk for HIV to evaluate the potential impact of increasing HIV testing coverage in SenegalPoster ExhibitionE37
WEPEE687 Ensuring continuation of antiretroviral treatment in a Test & Treat programme in a rural conflict affected area of South Sudan, the experience of MSF SpainPoster ExhibitionE38
WEPEE688 Analysis and proposals of strategies to reduce the turnaround time (TAT) of viral load samples in Nampula ProvincePoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE689 “Know your viral load”: Impact of viral load demand creation on viral load monitoring in SwazilandPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE690 Routine viral load testing and enhanced adherence counseling for ART monitoring at a public ART centre in Mumbai, IndiaPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE691 Efficacy of intensive adherence counselling in reversing virologically-defined treatment failure in HIV-infected patients on long-term antiretroviral therapy in rural UgandaPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE692 Moving from CD4 counts to Viral load measures; policy, practice and patient experiences in rural Tanzania and Malawi: A mixed-methods case studyPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE693 Can adult peer educators (Expert PLHIV) be utilized in HVL sample transportation to scale up HIV viral load testing in resource limited countries? THPS experience in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE694 Lessons from scaling-up HIV viral load testing in Tanzania: The importance of monitoring the HIV viral load cascadePoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE695 Reaching the third 90 with a simple viral load quality improvement program in health facilities in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE696 Are adolescents and men the missing link? A review of viral suppression rates from a Kenya HIV programPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE697 It helps us to help the patient earlier.” A qualitative study from Zimbabwe exploring patient and health-care worker perceptions of receiving HIV viral load results by SMSPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE698 Improving viral load test sample quality, coverage and suppression on antiretroviral therapy patients through quality improvement: A before-after study from south-western UgandaPoster ExhibitionE39
WEPEE699 Empty exam rooms: Partnering with HIV consumer advisory board to improve medical appointment adherence, a New Jersey community health center experiencePoster ExhibitionE40
WEPEE700 “Qhubeka uthathe amapilisi”: Solving the adherence challenge in antiretroviral treatment amongst women in the Ngqushwa district, Eastern Cape, South Africa. A user-developed programmePoster ExhibitionE40
WEPEE701 Using peer-to-peer psychosocial support and active client follow-up to improve adherence: Lessons learnt from the mothers2mothers program in Southern AfricaPoster ExhibitionE40
WEPEE702 Innovation & technology: Improving ARV access and adherencePoster ExhibitionE40
WEPEE703 A new patient-reported outcome measure to assess perceived barriers to antiretroviral therapy adherence: The PEDIA scalePoster ExhibitionE40
WEPEE704 Improving HIV treatment uptake among HIV-positive female sex workers in Naivasha, KenyaPoster ExhibitionE40
WEPEE705 Towards 95% completion rates of Isoniazid preventive therapy in resource limited setting; case of Amref Kibera community health centre, Nairobi, KenyaPoster ExhibitionE40
WEPEE706 Adherence patterns among patients enrolled in comprehensive HIV care programs in Kinshasa and Haut-Katanga provinces in the Democratic Republic of CongoPoster ExhibitionE40
WEPEE708 Factors associated with transactional sex among adolescent girls and young women accessing community-based combination prevention services in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE709 Drug use, HIV, HCV infections among young people who use drugs (YPUD) in 3 cities of VietnamPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE710 Raising awareness of HIV status among learners through school-based testing in King Cetshwayo district, KwaZulu-NatalPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE711 Adolescent girls and young women as end users of HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa: Mapping ongoing and planned research along the HIV prevention journey to inform product introductionPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE712 The SAGE-DREAMS project increases AGYW access to HIV testing services using school-based outreach: Evidence from Rakai district, UgandaPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE713 Strategies to identify and reach high risk young women with DREAMS services in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE714 Parenting programs a medium for addressing gender based violence and HIV risk reduction for DREAM girlsPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE715 A qualitative assessment of HIV risk and engagement in health services among adolescent girls who sell sex in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE716 State of the art diagnosis on the implementation of comprehensive sexuality education in the English and Dutch speaking CaribbeanPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE717 PEPFAR partnership with girl effect; a branded approach to improving HIV outcomes among adolescent girls in MalawiPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE718 Outcome evaluation of Grassroot Soccer-Zimbabwe SKILLZ for youth programmes (2011-2017)Poster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE719 Reducing HIV vulnerability among adolescent girls and young women: Beneficiary and implementer perspectives of the DREAMS program in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE720 Youth Care Clubs: Optimising clinic time, fostering peer support, improving adherencePoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE721 The power of peers: Multi-country analysis of adolescent viral suppression in sub-Saharan AfricaPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE722 YouTube influencers support Dutch girls in making well informed, healthy SRHR choicesPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE723 What role do public libraries play in the fight against HIV/AIDS?: Lessons from Lubuto Library Partners in Lusaka, ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE724 “I feel brave and positive”: Feasibility and acceptability of financial incentives for improving retention in care and adherence to anti-retroviral therapy amongst adolescents living with HIV in RwandaPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE725 Mothers Matter! Ensuring young adolescents living with HIV adhere to treatment for improved health and wellbeing in high HIV counties of KenyaPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE726 Assessment of adolescent HIV service delivery in Kenya: The PHASE studyPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE727 A global review of condom availability programs in high schoolsPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE728 Camp and the third 90: HIV+ adolescents attending camp in Mbeya, Tanzania experienced no differences in viral suppression, mortality, or lost-to-follow compared to HIV+ adolescents not attending campPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE729 Youth participation: A way of achieving increased uptake of HIV prevention services among out-of school youthsPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE730 Addressing the needs of pregnant HIV-positive adolescent girls and young women: A growing needPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE731 Teen Club uptake and viral load suppression among HIV-positive Malawian youthPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE732 Do peer-led adolescent support groups improve retention? Lessons learnt from TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE733 Programmatic and treatment outcomes of HIV infected adolescents after transition into adult clinic in MyanmarPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE734 Using the power of football to get young people educated about and tested for HIV in rural MalawiPoster ExhibitionE41
WEPEE735 Community ART distribution center (PODI) as a differentiated service delivery measure in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)Poster ExhibitionE42
WEPEE736 Implementing test & start program in a rural conflict affected area of South Sudan, the experience of MSF SpainPoster ExhibitionE42
WEPEE737 ART optimisation, plasma viral load and patient satisfaction in the conflict-affected setting of Donetsk, UkrainePoster ExhibitionE42
WEPEE738 Pediatric HIV care in conflict settings: Should we decentralize?Poster ExhibitionE43
WEPEE739 Can health be a bridge for peace? Health system convergence amid diversities: Lessons from prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV pilot services for equitable accessPoster ExhibitionE43
WEPEE740 Nigeria ARV multimonth scripting: Impact on public health service delivery, infrastructure and supply chain management systems across “high volume” ART clinicsPoster ExhibitionE44
WEPEE741 Mobilizing a multijurisdictional response to address alarming rates of HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) in rural Saskatchewan (SK) Indigenous community (IC) in CanadaPoster ExhibitionE44
WEPEE742 Test and start readiness evaluation: Phase 1 in MozambiquePoster ExhibitionE44
WEPEE743 Right to health servicesPoster ExhibitionE45
WEPEE744 The role of AIDS councils in pushing the legal and human rights agenda for sex workers: Lessons from South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE45
WEPEE745 Utilisation of social media to reach key populations (men who have sex with men & transgender people) in challenging operating environmentsPoster ExhibitionE45
WEPEE746 SANGJOG, a program for HIV vulnerable young key people in Cox's Bazar to address the emerging threat in the perspective of Rohingya influx in BangladeshPoster ExhibitionE46
WEPEE747 Lessons learned from early implementation of the national adherence guidelines for HIV, TB and NCDs in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE748 Implementation of differentiated care model in Kenya´s private sectorPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE749 Impact of offering differentiated HIV care on treatment retention and health facility workload: Results from Kenya health zone in the Democratic Republic of CongoPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE750 ART behind bars: Differentiated service delivery results in high viral load suppression among prisoners in ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE751 A “quick pick-up” differentiated model of ART delivery shows good retention in carePoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE752 Early findings of an innovative, community-based antiretroviral therapy (ART) delivery program for female sex workers in TanzaniaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE753 Barriers and facilitators to successful decentralized treatment provision for female sex workers living with HIV in Durban, South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE754 Improving retention, viral suppression, and facility decongestion through community-based individual drug distribution (PODIs) in DRCPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE755 Anticipated and lived experiences of stable patients on ART in urban adherence groups: A qualitative study from ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE756 Uptake of HIV differentiated care models for patients on antiretroviral therapy in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE757 The first experience with ART adherence clubs in Maputo, Mozambique: An analysis of a second-line ART subcohortPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE758 Challenges in providing patients centred care through community adherence groups in three provinces of ZambiaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE759 Acceptability of community differentiated models of care: A patient and service provider's perspective on community art refill groups in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE760 Peer providers delivering differently: Installing young trained service providers (20-24 yrs) at service delivery points to increase access to adolescent and young people friendly SRH-HIV services in rural KenyaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE761 Characteristics and early clinical outcomes of key populations attending comprehensive community-based HIV care in NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE762 Rolling out a community differentiated care model: Lessons learned from a high-volume health facility in Taita Taveta County, KenyaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE763 Characteristics of adults in Malawi and Zambia eligible for 6-monthly antiretroviral therapy refills: The INTERVAL studyPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE764 Overcoming barriers to access of HIV/AIDS services among female sex workers through differentiated service delivery models, TASO Entebbe experiencePoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE765 Ensuring equitable access to HIV/AIDS care in rural Africa to meet the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets: Achieving the second and third 90s through community based follow-upPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE766 Client and health worker perception to differentiated HIV care: A qualitative study from Kebbi State, North West NigeriaPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE767 Acceptability and preferences of two different community models of ART delivery in a high prevalence urban setting in Zambia, nested within the HPTN 071 (PopART) trialPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE768 High acceptance and satisfaction of differentiated antiretroviral therapy service delivery among men who have sex with men, transgender women and healthcare workers in ThailandPoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE769 Improving the identification of CAYPLHIV through index case testing across 14 districts in ZimbabwePoster ExhibitionE47
WEPEE770 Positive links: Mobile technology to improve retention in carePoster ExhibitionE48
WEPEE771 Mobile and tele-health: Scalable platforms for supporting efforts towards meeting the 90-90-90 targets in UgandaPoster ExhibitionE48
WEPEE772 Who understands viral load? Challenges for reaching the third 90 in South AfricaPoster ExhibitionE48
WEPEE773 Need-based care to improve linkage to HIV services for female sex workers in BotswanaPoster ExhibitionE48
WEPEE774 Cut-off score of readiness to start antiviral therapy for patients newly diagnosis with HIVPoster ExhibitionE48
WEPEE775 Retention on ART among HIV patients in Côte d'Ivoire and SwazilandPoster ExhibitionE48
WEPEE777 'I hope I never have to go to the adult clinic': Clinic experiences of South African adolescents living with HIVPoster ExhibitionE48
WEPEE778 The sex worker virtual currency: Incentivizing peer educators to expand peer mobilization among female sex workers in Kisumu County, KenyaPoster ExhibitionE48
WEPEE779 Linkage to care among HIV-infected female sex workers participating in project Shikamana in Iringa, Tanzania: A long and winding roadPoster ExhibitionE48