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Adolescents are the only demographic segment for whom hard-won gains in HIV-related morbidity and mortality remain elusive. Investments to rapidly expand coverage with adolescent-responsive service delivery models have not kept pace with their preferences, desires, and needs. Yet, the demographics predict a youth bulge as the HIV exposed-infant platform is strengthened, and children living with HIV experience improved survival prospects. This event will explore the innovation landscape, examining key policy, programmatic, and technological innovations underway to address the challenge of Adolescent AIDS. Distinguished panelists will reflect on the tendency for innovations to remain at pilot scale, and will examine critical leadership, policy, systems, and financial attributes that have supported transformative scaling in a select few contexts, identifying critical themes that could inform the global Adolescent AIDS Response. Most importantly, Adolescents and Youth Advocates will reflect on opportunities to leverage their agency, voice and participation in strengthening delivery platforms for Adolescents.