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PLWHA have double the risk of dying by suicide than the rest of the population. Two per cent of PLWHA in a recent study of almost 90,000 people diagnosed with HIV in the UK died from suicide, twice that of the national average. PLWHA experience significant stigma and discrimination because of their status with these being major contributing factors to suicide risk.Throughout the world, indigenous peoples have some of the highest rates of suicide recorded, with Indigenous people living with HIV being at elevated risk of suicide due to the high rates of stigma, discrimination and racism they experience. High rates of mental health problems among indigenous people also place them at greater risk of suicide. As well, Indigenous peoples affected by HIV, TB, viral hepatitis and STIs have poor access to discrimination-free health and social services.

History - HIV-related challenges to health for indigenous peoples and their link with the risk of suicide
Denise Lambert, International Indigenous HIV and AIDS Community, Canada
Social Health Determinants, Colonisation and Mental Health
Marama Mullen aka Pala, International Indigenous HIV and AIDS Community, New Zealand
Indigenous, Transgender and Suicide
Phylesha Brown-Acton, INA (Maori, Indigenous & South Pacific) HIV/AIDS Foundation, New Zealand
WHO, UHC and Indigenous Peoples and Suicide
Andy Seale, WHO, Switzerland
2 Spirits and Takataapui (MSM) speaking about HIV, Suicide within Indigenous Peoples spaces
Trevor Stratton, International Indigenous HIV & AIDS Community, Canada
Suicide Prevention
Sean Hillier, Dept of Sociology, Yeates School of Graduate Studies Ryerson University, Canada
Earl Nowgesic, Canadian Institute of Health Research, Canada