Background: Increasing access to supplies and services for prevention, diagnosis and care of HIV/AIDS is a key aspect to reach 90-90-90 targets. Massive increases in the use of internet devices and availability of public data allow innovation on digital solutions offering useful data to citizens. The purpose of the program is to create a platform with geo-referenced information about condom delivery points, HIV testing, infectology centers among other health services and allows the collection of user feedback to improve quality of care.
Description: A responsive website was developed, specially focused on young people, originally for Argentina (#Dónde) and then also to 40 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (VAMOS). In addition to localizing health services, the platform encourages citizen participation to assess services'' quality. Users can add information and evaluate each service in order to identify opportunities for improvement. The information gathered is used to advocate in order to improve services and delivery. Through user involvement, collaboration with social organizations and the public sector, the tool is continuously updated and improved.
Lessons learned: The national platform had 15045 visits during the last year; regional platform had 2256 visits during the first three months; young people represent 61% of the users. 12 youth organizations are committed to its use and dissemination. User involvement is reflected in 177 reviews and comments received. This initiative contributes to achieving an Open Government Partnership goal. 11 requests for access to public information were made in order to obtain or update more than 15000 records in the database.
Conclusions/Next steps: Success in the use of technologies and data to improve access to rights is evidenced through platform creation and proper operation. This project is the result of collaboration between social organizations and the public sector. Plans for the future include updating the database and increasing the number of user reviews, thus becoming a reference and a means to identify and solve issues within health service settings. Additionally, developing a pilot project to measure service attendance after location within the platform. VAMOS regional platform is going to develop an online counseling tool to provide information in a comprehensive approach.

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