Background: Pact''s capacity development (CD) theory of change posits that organizational CD interventions improve internal systems, policies, processes, procedures, and networks, leading to increased organizational performance, translating into improved programmatic impact. Under LINKAGES?a USAID/PEPFAR-supported, FHI 360-led global mechanism that aims to reduce HIV transmission among key populations (KPs) and improve their enrollment and retention in care?Pact strengthens civil society organizations'' (CSOs) performance to help close leaks in the HIV cascade. Increased organizational performance is measured using an organizational performance index (OPI) tool.
The OPI measures the outcomes of CD efforts and helps adapt CD programming to tailor support to the needs of CSOs to allow for greater impact on organizational performance.
Methods: Between November 2014 and September 2017, OPI scoring was completed with 65 CSOs across 12 countries, with 28 completing follow-up scoring beyond baseline. OPI scores were analyzed in Excel using quantitative descriptive analyses, and t-tests.
Results: The average baseline OPI score was 2.13 out of 4.0 with no significant regional difference between Caribbean (2.18; n=4) and African (2.15, n=7) scores.
For CSOs with two rounds of OPI scores, the average second-round score (2.79) is 31% higher (p< 0.05) than the average baseline score (2.13). The average score by OPI domain increased significantly (p< 0.05) by the second round for all domains (efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, sustainability) and eight subdomains.
As additional OPIs are conducted, updated data can be presented at the conference.
Conclusions: OPI scores measure organizational performance of CSOs, which is critical to HIV service delivery to KP. Baseline OPI results are consistently low across LINKAGES regions (average of 2.13 out of 4), which suggests that CD support continues to be necessary to improve CSO performance for HIV service delivery.
During the time that CSOs received tailored CD support under LINKAGES, the OPI scores of those with two rounds of scores increased significantly. These results suggest that CD support plays a role in improving capacity and organizational performance of KP-serving organizations.
Following LINKAGES CD support, KP-serving CSOs are likely better placed to more effectively deliver HIV services to KPs than they would have been without Pact''s support.